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Top 10 Rainiest Places On Earth

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  • 17 May 2023
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Are you regularly searching the internet to get the best option to stay cool this summer? Why not visit any of these rainiest places of earth? Yes, the cool drops of rain is the best option to beat the heat this summer. Are you regularly searching the internet to get the best option to stay cool this summer? Why not visit any of these rainiest places of earth? Yes, the cool drops of rain is the best option to beat the heat this summer.

Let us checkout 10 of the best rainy places from around the world.

1. Emei Shan, China- 8,169 mm

Located at a surprising height of 5,787 feet above sea level and enveloped with evergreen tall trees, you can listen to the soft sound of rain throughout the year.


  • Reach the hill top to view the pristine shrines, namely, Baoguo Temple and Wannian Temple.
  • Watch the snowy beauty of the west and the plush greenery of the plains from the Qingyin Pavilion and the Golden Summit. The serenity of the place is enhanced with the Buddhist chanting, music, architecture, grottos and paintings treasured in the mountain.
  • Mt. Emei was recognized as a cultural and natural heritage by UNESCO in 1996.

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2. Puu Kukui, Hawaii- 9,293 mm

The natural beauty of Maui is enhanced with the existence of Puu Kukui. Enjoy the ripples of water at this “hills of enlightenment.”


  • This evergreen watershed is rich in flora and fauna. The Puu Kukui watershed preserve is a treasure house of almost 300 species of rare plants, which include koa and ohi.
  • Hiking is one of the favorite activities of the tourists here. Walk through then 10,000 years old vegetative growth, splashing your face with the cool waters of the perennial streams occasionally.
  • Tourists can also join hands with the protectors of the Preserve to fence the place, remove unnecessary plants and re-plant coconut trees to stabilize the soil.

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3. Mount Waialeale, Hawaii- 9,763 mm

This is the second wettest place on earth and hence enthralls the tourists with its plush greenery and fresh air. Located just at the heart of the Kukuiula Island, this mountain looks mysterious as always shadowed by rain clouds.


  • The isle is an incredible spot with several rare trees and waterfalls. The Guardian Falls is one of the infamous falls of Kukuiula Island.
  • Tourists come here to enjoy a breathtaking hike through dense forests and natural waterfalls.
  • Another attraction of the place is the Blue Hole, which is formed by the waterfalls running down the walls of the mountain, giving it the name of “Weeping Wall.”
  • Tourists can also challenge the natural rapids of the waterfalls and the Grand Canyon of the Pacific through boating.

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4. Agumbe, Karnataka- 7,691 mm

This quaint paradise of Karnataka boasts of getting the second highest rainfall in India. For this reason, Agumbe is often termed as the Cherrapunji of South India.

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  • Encircled with rich flora and fauna, Agumbe is home to some rare plants like Garcinia, Myristica, Listsaea, Eugenia and Ficus.
  • The hill station is lively and melodious with the presence of several natural waterfalls like Kunchikal Falls, Barkana Falls, Onake Abbi Falls and Jogigundi Falls.
  • Trekking is a must at Agumbe to witness the surreal beauty of the rain forest and the sublime beauty of sunset. The sunset point even offers a clear view of the Arabian Sea and the countryside around Agumbe.

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5. Big Bog, Hawaii- 10,272 mm

Based at the edge of the Haleakala National Park, at an elevation of 5,400 feet, Big Bog is the wettest place in United States.


  • An immemorial ride on a helicopter to reach to the heart of Big Bog. This ride is also a visual retreat as the plush greenery of the Maui Island lies below as you sail high in the sky.
  • Tourists can even take a 2 days hiking trip to reach Big Bog. This trip is taken through the sprawling green forests of the region watching miniature spruce, tamarack trees, unique ferns and even carnivorous plants.

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6. Debundscha, Cameroon- 10,299 mm

This hamlet of peace is located at the Southwestern terrain of Cameroon. The place experiences one of the five highest amount of rainfalls in the world.


  • Mount Cameroons is one of the prime attraction of the region. This is an active volcano with tropical rain forest at its feet and a cool windy weather at its peak.
  • Kribi is a beach resort where tourists can relax and rejuvenate. Just sit and listen to the ripples of the joyous Lobe Waterfalls or walk as far as Bipindi and Lolodorf to meet and greet the Pygmees.
  • Wada National Park is a spread of 1700 square kilometres and a natural shelter to African Lions, elephants, endangered species of Kordofan Giraffes, Kob antelopes and red fronted gazelles.

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7. San Antonio De Ureca, Equatorial Guinea- 10,450 mm

This is the wettest place of Africa and is known for its exotic beaches and grand eco-diversity.


  • The beaches of San Antonio is the best place to watch the endangered species of sea turtles which are all over the place during the dry season, these come ashore to lay eggs.
  • The dense forests are great for hiking as you walk through the lush greenery, the chirps of numerous birds greet you to San Antonio.
  • The low rise snacks and the mud roads are idle to walk hand in hand with your ones, far from the maddening crowd.

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8. Cropp River, New Zealand- 11,516 mm

Indulge in a natural luxury this summer at the banks of the Cropp River of New Zealand. Rain me rain forests contribute to the awe inspiring beauty of the place.


  • Also known as “Wet Coat,” people visit Cropp River to get a visual treat of the majestic rain forests of the place.
  • Explore the massive wetland and get to know how farmers manage dairy farming, beef and sheep farming amidst so much rain.
  • Walk over the carpet of mosses and ferns which feels like a sponge. The lush green ferns, bushes of coprosmas, five finger trees fill the foliage of Cropp River.

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9. Amboli, Maharashtra- 7,500 mm

With a pleasant weather and loads of rainfall, Amboli is a perfect weekend destination.


  • Enjoy a breathtaking view of the gushing waters of the Amboli Waterfalls
  • Witness the beauty of the surroundings from the Shirgaonkar Point.
  • Escape the noise and stress of Cory life by trekking through the peaks of Durg and Dhakoba.
  • Embrace spirituality by worshiping at the cave temples of HiranyaKeshi.

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10. Tutunendo, Colombia- 11,770 mms

The pristine waters, the pure air and the joyful environment are some of the factors for which tourists are attracted to Tutunendo.


  • Bathe in the hot springs to soak in natural bliss.
  • Glide through the deep river waters touching the mangroves.
  • Spend some moments of solitude amidst sand and jungle at the Guachalito Beach.
  • Witness the open sky playing with colours during sunrise at the El Valle.
  • Stroll through the Choco plantations at the Utria National Park. This is the botanical garden of the Pacific Ocean and a safe shelter for the endangered Olive Ridley sea turtles.

So treat your eyes with the spellbinding beauty of nature and this summer and let your hair dance in the pleasant air visiting any of these beautiful places of the world.

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