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Spa and Lounge

Maharajas' Express Lounge and Bar Cars

Maharajas' Express is a luxury train from Indian Railways which takes you to the known and unknown terrains of the Indian subcontinent. While the breathtaking beauty of the country makes you speechless, the opulence and hospitality over this majestic train gives you a respite from the stressed life.

The best way you can re-live your good, old free days is getting high at the exotic bar and lounge of the train. The train comes with two bars, namely, Rajah Club and Safari Bar. Maharajas' Express Rajah Club is an en-suite bar which is equipped with game tables. When tired of playing games, relax on the soft and sophisticated arm chairs of the club.

The Maharajas' Express Safari Bar is a themed bar which is well stocked with Indian and foreign liquor brands. Enjoy the finest labels of liquor while enjoying the different colors of the changing lands through the panoramic windows of the train.

Is it a day end and you are longing for some personal time? Maharajas' Express has a large library and solo seating arrangement to help you out. These hand-picked books give you immemorial moments of solitude which you have never experienced before. There is also an arrangement of soothing music to enhance the serenity of the place.

If you want to impress your clients, arrange corporate meets on Maharajas' Express. There is an exclusive meeting area within the lounge car where you can arrange meetings, get together, parties and festivals. Last but not the least, both the bar and lounge have professional bartenders to cater to your needs with a smile on face.

So, no need to look for a disc or pub this vacation to enjoy and dance your heart out, travel on Maharajas' Express.

Lounge and Bar Cars

Lounge and Bar Cars