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7 Nights / 8 Days

Hidden Treasures of Gujarat (Deccan Odyssey)

Journey Route Mumbai - Vadodara - Palitana - Sasan Gir - Somnath- Little Rann of Kutch - Modhera - Patan - Nashik - Mumbai

The trip on the Deccan Odyssey does full justice to the Gujarat based Hidden Treasures trip, which is a experience that only comes “once in a lifetime”. You can enjoy the luxurious train journey for 7 nights and 8 days and visit some amazing destinations all over Gujarat.

The staff that work on the Deccan Odyssey are famous for the spectacular hospitality along with the finest menu selection. This trip just has it all, including opulent luxury, wildlife, nature, culture and history in a single package.


Day 1 : Mumbai

Welcome onboard the Deccan Odyssey train.

Hop on the Deccan Odyssey and the guests will start to arrive around 15:30 at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to finish the registration and other formalities for check-in to start the royal journey.

Enjoy a welcome drink and later all of the guests would be shown to their cabins. Make sure that you get comfortable in the amazing cabins.

Dinner will be on the train as it heads for Vadodra.

Overnight stay on the Deccan Odyssey train.

Day 2 : Vadodara

On the second day, after a leisurely breakfast the train would arrive at Vadodra. This city is the Gaekwads capital and it is settled along the River Viswamirtri, which is a seasonal river. When you are done eating breakfast you will leave to enjoy Champaner, which is a city from the pre-Mughal Islamic era in India that has a living cultural, archaeological and historic heritage.

You would then head to Pavagadh Archaeological Park and after this, you would visit the Jama Masjid, which was built in 1531 and it is called the Great Mosque.

You would then drive back to the city of Vadodra where you can enjoy lunch on the Deccan Odyssey.

After lunch you would go to visit the nearby Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum and it was originally built to be the school used for the children of the Maharaja. The museum is full of rich displays of paintings done by various European masters and Raja Ravi Verma.

After this, those who love tea would be able to visit Laxmi Vilas Palace for high-tea. Durbar Hall has intricately designed mosaics on the wall, stained glass windows from Belgium and a mosaic floor. You can view the amazing collection of Fellici terracotta, marble and bronze statues and old armory.

After this you can enjoy some delicacies and delectable dishes served up from the Royal Kitchen while enjoying some folk performances before returning to the Deccan Odyssey.

Return back to the comforts of luxury train.

Dinner will be served aboard the train as it heads for Palitana.

Stay Overnight onboard the train.

Day 3 : Palitana

Enjoy the landscape that is passing by while you have your breakfast and the third day is set aside for exploring the city of Palitana. This is one of the largest complexes, which is majorly known for the brilliant cluster of the Jain temples that are constructed from marble. You can visit the popular temples, which are some of 900 temples, which are set on the hilltop.

After this you would go back to the train for a delicious lunch while it heads towards Sansan Gir, which is the home for the Asiatic Lion.

In the afternoon, you can enjoy some activities or watch a movie or even learn how to play carom, which is a popular game in India. You can also opt for a rejuvenating massage in the onboard spa.

Dinner will be served aboard the train.

Overnight stay at Deccan Odyssey.

Day 4 : Sasan Gir - Somnath

After breakfast you will be taken to the Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary where a guide will take you for a morning game drive in the forest. You might be able to see the Asiatic lion, which is endangered.

After this, you will be visit Gateway Hotel and experience a tribal dance while having your lunch. Next, you would head to the Somnath Temple, which is a site that is highly-revered and is blessed to have just one of the Jyotirlingas from Lord Shiva. This holy shrine was built in the 4th century A.D. before it was destroyed, broken into and restored numerous times and is thought to be disheveled most often.

Later, you would return to the train and have a drink to relax.

Dinner and overnight stay will be onboard the train while it travels towards Little Rann of Kutch.

Day 5 : Little Rann of Kutch

On the fifth day you will have breakfast onboard the train before it arrives at Viramgam Railway Station where you will disembark to head to a specific shop.

After this, you will be head for a jeep safari in Little Rann of Kutch. You will also visit the Wild Ass Sanctuary, which is the location that many endangered species call home, such as the Indian wild ass, avifaunas, jackal, jungle cat and desert fox.

Post lunch, you will also enjoy a village safari where you can meet various communities, such as Agarias, the saltpanners and more. The saltpanners will be busy with the work of drying the salt out and the Dasada and Mirs will be making beaded bangles. You can also visit the Rabari tribe homes where you can learn about their daily lives along with the local school.

After this you would return back to the Deccan Odyssey and enjoy dinner onboard while it heads for Patan.

Overnight stay on the Deccan Odyssey Train.

Day 6 : Modhera - Patan

The train will arrive at Patan in the morning and in the medieval times the city was called Gujarat’s capital city.

After a leisurely breakfast, you will get off the train and drive to Modhera to see the Sun Temple, which is devoted to the Sun god. It was created by the Solanki dynasty in the 11th century. There are intricate carvings in the shrine’s complex and a tank that has 108 shrines as well.

Later, you will visit the Rank ki Vav, which is a step well that has hundreds of beautiful and delicate statues and carvings on the walls, including those of Hindu goddess and gods like Vishnu, Shiva and Parvati.

You will also visit Patola House, which is where the traditional style craft making of Patola silk sarees from the Salvi family takes place. After this, you will arrive back to the train for some lunch and the rest of the day would be leisurely time as the train heads for Nashik.

Dinner and stay overnight would also be aboard the train.

Day 7 : Nashik

The train would enter Nashik, which is a holy city, while you are enjoying your breakfast. Nashik is also known as India’s wine capital and you can visit Pandu Leni, which is one of the ancient Buddhist and Jain cave temples in the country.

You will later visit the Grover Zampa vineyards and here you can learn about the Indian producing facilities for some of the best wine. You will be able to walk through the wines and enjoy some wine with the lunch that will be served at the vineyards.

After this, you will visit the Godavari Ghat, which is where the life, death and birth worship ceremonies are performed.

You will drive back to the train where it will return back to Mumbai.

Dinner is served and stay overnight onboard the train.

Day 8 : Mumbai (Departure)

On the eighth and final day of the Hidden Treasures of Gujarat tour you will enjoy the last hearty breakfast on the train and get off at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station in Mumbai.

Reaching Mumbai marks the end of your luxurious journey.

Bid farewell to Deccan Odyssey.


Hidden Treasures of Gujarat Fare : For International Travellers Only

Room Type Single Occupancy Twin / Double Occupancy Occupancy 02 Children (in a separate Cabin)
Deluxe Cabin USD 6,734 USD 9,660 USD 7,248
Presidential Suite USD 14,584 USD 14,584 USD 7,248

Hidden Treasures of Gujarat Fare : For Indian Nationals Only

Room Type Single Occupancy Twin / Double Occupancy Occupancy 02 Children (in a separate Cabin)
Deluxe Cabin INR 4,71,380 INR 6,76,200 INR 5,07,360
Presidential Suite INR 10,20,880 INR 10,20,880 INR 5,07,360