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10 Unforgettable Safari Experiences in the World

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  • 17 May 2023
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Nature is beautiful, varied and full of surprises. From the different species of animals to exotic range of flowers, medicinal plants and large trees,the following places are beat to enjoy a safari ride through the natural bounties on earth.Nature is beautiful, varied and full of surprises.

From the different species of animals to exotic range of flowers, medicinal plants and large trees, the following places are beat to enjoy a safari ride through the natural bounties on earth.

1. Kenya

This East African nation is blessed with nature. There are dense forests and mountains as long as your eyes can see, while the air is filled with the beats of drums and local music played by the Masai tribes.

Amboseli National Park is one of the smallest wildlife sanctuaries, covering just 392 square kilometres. With the backdrop of the snow capped mountains of Kilimanjaro and footsteps of 50 different kinds of mammals and almost 400 types of avaian species soaring high right above you creates a mesmerizing jungle ambiance. Lions, cheetah, rhinos and elephants are to name a few.

Masai Mara is the most popular wildlife reserve of Kenya. Located at the banks of River Mara, this sanctuary is known as a migration land for millions of zebra and gazelle. The royal lions of Africa rule this forest while tourists can enjoy scenes where ostriches are seen running, rhinos moodily strolling through the forest and leopards hidden behind rocks.

2. India

With it’s diverse landscape, avid flora and fauna, India is a natural abode.

Ranthambore National Park is a top most choice for safari rides as Royal Bengal tigers stroll here in their own mood. The sprawling greenery of Ranthambore attracts almost 272 avian species, which include hornbills, Malik Talao, parakeets, cuckoos, Asian palm swift, crakes, doves and many more.

The Gir National Park is a must visit if you want to view the Asiatic lions as it is the only natural habitat for these kings of the jungle. Asiatic wild ass, hyenas, Gir foxes, brown fish owl, Pygmy woodpecker, brown fish owl and black bucks are the other attractions of this national park.

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3.  Tanzania

This country is a hotspot for adventure lovers. Stroll through the dense jungles of Tanzania, camp, go for safari rides, trek and hike to get close to nature.

The 7 days camping safari of Tanzania takes you to the northern part of the country, where Tarangire National Park, Lake Natron, Serengeti National Park and Ngorongoro Crater awaits with loads of game drives.

The 5 days campaign takes the tourists to Lake Manyara National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area and Serengeti National Park. These parks are known for flamingos and water fowls.


4. South Africa

Encircled by deep blue oceans, with the backdrop of a chain of mountains and shadowed with dense tropical forests, South Africa is rich in flora and fauna.

Kruger National Park is considered to be the best safari destinations of the country. The jungle is ruled by the Big 5 of Africa, namely, elephants, rhinos, lions, leopards and buffaloes.

Take a road trip through the Garden route till the Eastern Cape, where shales are seen lazily swimming in the deep waters, drinking the best wines of Cape Town and relish delectable local cuisines.

5. Brazil

This country is another natural wonder, dotted with Amazonian rain forests and Pantanal.

The remote ranches, wetlands and jungles are the hidden lands of jaguars. Ride on horses through these mysterious terrains to witness the wildlife of Amazon.

A magical myriad of natural unravels in front of your eyes as you boat or canoe through the serpentine rivers of Brazil. Pink dolphins, macaws, caimans, uakari, sloth bears and howler monkeys are the special attractions of the Amazonian forests.

6. Thailand

No, Thailand is just not about exotic SPA treatments and shopping, it is also about feeling the soothing touch of nature.

At the Elephant Hills Camp of Khao Sok tourists can spend time taking care oflarge Asiatic elephants, bathing them and playing with the baby elephants. Tired after a long day haul? Just sit back and bask in the exquisite natural beauty of the place.

The floating camp of Cheow Larn Lake is the best way to embrace the rustic lifestyle of Thailand. Ride on traditional long tailed Thai boats or trek through the rain forest to feel nature.


7. Botswana

Nestled at the heart of Africa, a big part of the country comprises of the Kalahari Desert. The Okavango Delta is a unique part of the country as this wetland lies at the middle of the desert.

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The Chobe and Linyanti Game Reserves are known for the elephants. The grasslands of Kalahari and the Makgadikgadi Saltpans are filled with the joyous chirps of almost 580 avian species. This is an awe inspiring natural ground with 75 types of mammals and 80 types of fish.

Visit the Duma Tau Camp of Linyanti to enjoy opulence amidst natural bliss. Enjoy the natural richness blended with modern living style at this camp. Zebras, giraffes, elephants are seen leading a natural life near the camp.


8. Egypt

The country of pyramids and deserts is also a paradise for safari lovers.

The Siwa oasis desert safari takes you to the fascinating land of the Siwans. Chitchat with the locals, who still prefer to speak in Arabic, women are cladded in their traditional apparels and adorn themselves with heavy silver jewellery. Tourists can bring back beautiful handicrafts from this lush oasis.

Bahariya camping takes you to the white desert where Bedouin and tribes from the Neil Valley reside, Witness the limestone formations, pray at the Temple of Alexander or listen to the ripples of the hot springs and the salt lake.


9. Malawi

The natural beauty of Malawi is quite different from that of the other deserts and forests of the world.

The Liwonde National Park of Malawi is warmly decorated with the soft glow of the setting sun and bathed with the sprinkles of placid waters of local lakes. Antelopes, butterflies, warthogs, crocodiles are just a few of the large variety of wildlife living at the woods of Malawi.

Majete and Nkhotakota wildlife reserves of the country guarantee sightseeing of the big five, which include lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos and buffalos. Sit and relax at the balconies of the wooden resorts of Majete while the hippos, sable antelopes, small tortoises stroll in front of you and racket tailed rollers soar high in the sky.


10. Australia

Safari rides are one of the best ways to discover Australia. Ride off road on luxury vehicles to witness the off beat natural beauty of this country. Be it bird watching, wildlife watching or basking in the spellbinding beauty of the Australian terrains, the safari rides here are immemorial.

Spend six days at the Kakadu and Arnhem Land to watch frogs hop on the black soil flood plains, pythons and fresh water turtles crawl through the river mangroves and water birds (forest kingfishers, egrets, ibis, herons, whistling kites, brown falcons, green Pygmy geese, cormorants) at the mirrored waters.

The 3 day safari ride to the Flinders Ranges of South Australia is characterized by dry creeks, waterholes and rocky outcrops. The Ringneck, Mulga, Redrumped and elegant parrots, wedge tailed eagles, brown goshawks and rufous whistlers green you to this pleasant land.


So, spent sometime in the lapsing of nature this holiday, experience a safari ride at any of the above mentioned places on earth.

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