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Dining and Bar

Palace On Wheels Dining and Bars

The Palace on Wheels is the most iconic luxury train in the country, offering decadent experiences to the passengers where they can relive the life of kings and queens like in the past. The train is well-equipped with world class facilities on-board like two great multi-cuisine luxury restaurants and royal dining and bar on Palace On Wheels that houses some of the finest liquors of the world.

Live the life of Nawabs, Maharajas, Viceroys and Sultans with all the perks of the 21st century at the Palace on Wheels - luxury trains.

Dining Cars – The Maharajah and The Maharani

The train comes with two extravagant restaurants on-board, aptly named as "The Maharajah" and "The Maharani". One can taste popular international menus as well as sample some of the finest traditional Indian dishes like Rajasthani, Marwari and north Indian.

The Palace on Wheels restaurants are decked up in a regal ambiance with luxurious red and gold and turquoise and gold carpeting in "The Maharajah" and "The Maharani" respectively. They greet the guests with large attractive chandeliers, rich mahogany panels, classy fabric laid on the tables, ambient lighting of wall lamps, topped with delicate glass carvings and shining silverware and cutlery to complete a royal dining experience.

The rich fabrics showcase traditional prints, inspired from the era bygone that the train so beautifully recreates in its own unique style.

Both restaurants have a similar layout and offer both two-seater and four-seater, seating arrangements. Each table is placed beside a large window offering beautiful views on each side while the train chugs through the beautiful Indian country-side plush with greenery and dotted with small and charming villages. Both the restaurants at the Palace on Wheels come with 5 Star dining experiences and a celebrated menu from the best chefs and staffs in the country.

The most popular cuisines served on board include – Mughal, traditional India, Mewar style dishes, and continental dishes. Chinese and western cuisines are also available on-board the Palace on Wheels train.

One of the best thing about eating on-board the train is that the chefs often prepare specials based on the procurement of rare and popular items upon reaching different destinations, the menus keep on changing regularly and is full of surprises, even for the most fussy eaters.

Royal bar on-board

The bar features a laid back ambiance perfect for unwinding after a long day of touring the destinations, where guests can enjoy some of the finest collection of alcohol as well as non-alcoholic beverages.

Both domestic and international brands populate the large glistening liquor cabinets. Fresh snacks are available to munch on as you enjoy a sip of the high-life on a real-life Palace on Wheels!

Comfortable seating, ambient lighting and perfect music playing on-demand make up for an evening of celebration fit for kings and queens. Experience the luxury dining and bar at the Palace on Wheels train, which would be a journey of a lifetime!