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Vande Metro Rail Trial runs to begin in July 2024

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  • 02 May 2024
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Indian Railways is getting ready to launch the nation’s first Vande Metro train, after the huge success of the semi-high-speed Vande Bharat Trains. The Vande Metro trial runs to begin in July 2024 and it is a main step towards offering the best transportation services to the public at the earliest.


This revolutionizing transportation project has been stated by a senior official and he says “This Vande metro train will run to enhance urban mobility and more connectivity for millions of travelers. The train will bring a notable reduction in travel time and a smoother journey experience across India”

The testing will start in another couple of months," said the official. Along with having automatic doors and a high comfort quotient, it will have many such features not available in currently running metro trains. The details of its additional features along with pictures will be shared with people very soon.”

According to Railways sources, it will have a unique coach configuration where four coaches will constitute one unit, and a minimum of 12 coaches will make one Vande Metro. Initially, the Railways will launch a minimum of 12 Vande Metro coaches and will increase coaches up to 16 as per the demand on the route. These trials will focus on metropolitan cities, satellite cities, and large urban centres and will operate on the existing tracks of the Indian Railways system. 

What is Vande Metro?

The Vande Metro is another version of the Vande Bharat Express. It focuses on improving suburban travel in India. Passengers can experience a fast shuttle-like experience at an affordable cost. The Vande Metro is designed based on the latest technology, allowing for high acceleration and deceleration. This will enable it to cover more stoppages in less time. 

This network will connect 124 cities within a distance of about 100-250 kilometers. People can feel the convenience of traveling between cities and within cities. Each train can reach speeds of up to 130 km/h (81 mph). Every coach includes 100 seats and has space for 180 standing passengers. Furthermore, it can accommodate 280 passengers. 

These coaches will have features like automatic plug doors, touch-free doors, and wheelchair-accessible lavatories, a passenger talkback system, fire and smoke detectors, and a collision prevention system called Kavach. These trains have been fabricated to increase passenger comfort, safety, and convenience for travellers throughout their journey in India.

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Cities Coverage 

As per the Indian railway authority, the Vande Metro train will cover many major cities across India to improve urban connectivity and transportation efficiency in these areas. The train will cover some main cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, and Pune. As these cities are busy with economic activities and cultural diversities are suitable for advanced metro infrastructure like the Vande Metro. The train is going to run on the some of the main routes like Delhi to Rewari, Agra to Mathura, Lucknow to Kanpur, Bhubaneshwar to Balsore, and Tirupati to Chennai. Some the specific routes from these list may change due to ongoing development.

The Vande Metro provides a quick and smooth traveling experience for millions of travelers by connecting these cities and their surroundings. This transport system helps to support sustainable urban growth and enables pressure on existing transport systems.

The prototype for the Vande Metro is currently being developed by the Rail Coach Factory (RCF) in Kapurthala, Punjab. Trials for the Vande Metro are set to begin in July 2024, with special plans 

The positive impact of the Vande Metro on urban transportation in India

  • The Vande Metro gives a trustworthy choice to cars as it reduces traffic jams and makes road travel easier 
  • The Vande Metro reduces emissions, cleans the air, and promotes sustainable city growth by promoting mass transportation.
  • It makes public transport more inclusive by improving access for everyone, regardless of age or ability.
  • The Vande Metro attracts investments, stimulates the economy, and generates jobs in the construction, maintenance, and service industries.


The announcement of trial runs for the Vande Metro in July 2024 has been considered a important step forward in India's urban transportation scene. Its success will depend on cooperation between government agencies, private partners, urban planners, and the community. The Vande Metro can lead to modern, greener, and liveable cities in India by overcoming challenges, adopting innovations, and focusing on commuters' needs.

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