Famous Destinations to Visit in South India During Summer

After the cool months that start the calendar year, the hot and sweaty and sometimes dry and humid summers is simply too hot! Weather forecast says that temperatures can go up to 49 degrees down south.

So, here are some of the most famous tourist destinations in South India that you can visit in summer where you can cool down when the temperatures are soaring high.

1. Ooty, Tamil Nadu

This hill station down south is one of the most sought after by tourists especially during summers as it has pleasant weather. Temperatures dip as low as 15 degrees during winter, so in summers it does not get over 23 degrees. So, this makes this beautiful hill station an ideal place to tour during the hot summer months.

Another interesting water activity to indulge in is the boat rides on the waters. So, this is another way to beat the heat during summer. Make sure to taste chocolate that is made locally and enjoy camping & trekking that is equally fun. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday at a resort away from busy city life in the back drop of picturesque landscape.


2. Lakkidi, Kerala

Lakkidi is known for its turns almost at 180 degrees and nine of them is like getting through a championship. Then you get to the starting point of the well known tourist destination called ‘Wayanad’. You can climb down the steep Western Ghats to get a misty view of the picturesque scenery from 700 meters high.

Lakkidi View Point is the most famous height from where tourists can get a vivid view of the total valley. The hill slopes and the water streams that pass between provides cool feel in summer. There is a tragic story to learn abut the Ficus tree about how this route through the forest was known. But for that, you would want to go there and listen and see it directly.

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Lakkidi, Kerala

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3. Munnar, Kerala

Overlooking the picturesque Western Ghats, this beautiful town of tea plantations over vast verdure with sky high waterfalls is the most cool place to visit in South India during summers. A simple walk by the dizzying heights of hill slope tea estates right up to the tallest peak in Kerala – Anamudi, it is a lovely place.

Even the Mattupetty damn is a watery place to visit if you are feeling hot and humid during summer. There are professionals picking tea so, maybe you can try your luck! Also, indulge in colloquially made chocolate while enjoying the mist of the early mornings to keep you cool.

Munnar, Kerala

4. Coorg, Karnataka

This suburb set in the backdrop of the scenic Western Ghats is locally called Scotland of the East. It gives a country – side view of a village with the small hamlets scattered here and there. Enjoy the view from Brahmagiri Peak where it is great to go mountaineering too as this is famous among the high mountains that are surrounded by heavy clouds.

Explore wildlife at the Dubare Elephant Camp, and enjoy the aroma of coffee as you walk through the verdure of coffee plantations. The most happening thing to do during summers is to picnic by the scenic waterfalls. You can keep cool and have a wonderful family holiday at the same time.


5. Alleppey, Kerala

This is a famous tourism spot in Kerala. While it is famous for houseboat rides , there are also water sports too. Known as the “Land of the Backwaters of Kerala” the watery paths through the thriving mangroves is a great experience while you take a boat ride. The picturesque beauty of the tranquil backwaters along with the call of nature gives a soothing effect to any traveler’s soul.

The World’s Leading Luxury Train award winner (2013) Maharajas Express too takes a trip to give guests the houseboat experience at the beautiful backwaters of Kerala – Alleppey.

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6. Nandi Hills, Karnataka

As the name suggests it comes from the ‘Nandi’ Bull god that is seen at the entrance of the famous temple there – Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple. The region is well known for coffee estates and spice plantations on the mountain sides. Take a breath of fresh mountain side air filled with the aroma of spices or fresh coffee.

Take part in interesting activities to beat the summer heat in this pleasant region like paragliding, mountain cycling, nature walk & the best part – watching nature The constant climate temperatures makes this one ideal place that is worth visiting just to unwind during the hot summers in Karnataka.

Nandi Hills

7. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu

This is a heaven like water place in South India that you do not feel like leaving after visiting there. It is called ‘Forest Gift’ and has five entrances or water trails to the main water body. Visiting the famous waterfalls and taking a boat ride in the flowing water from the rocks is a great way to unravel nature.

You can stay cool in the hottest summer days and be wet at all times. In addition to the spectacular water trails and verdant of greenery this place has to offer visitors, there is a famous phenomenon that visitors often look out for. When the sun’s rays falls in the correct direction, you would be standing right under a rainbow!


8. Idukki, Kerala

This is one of the most beautiful places on earth or you may think if you reached heaven! This region is a water damn capital with so many sceneries around the huge water damns. You can plan to enjoy an evening or a morning out at one of these watery places to keep cool in summer. Around the damns, there are forestry regions of greenery and ornamental wood because of the constant watering.

Visit any of the innumerable gorgeous waterfalls where you can go picnicking, backpacking, camping, trekking, or any outing that you can think of. This ideal summer hill station is cozily nestled within the beauty of the Western Ghats.

Idukki, Kerala

9. Gokarna, Karnataka

This beautiful place situated 11 kilometers from Bangalore make a great summer destination. It is not only for the Gokarna Beach that is not with many crowds like other popular beaches, but for other reasons too. The Gokarna Beach has a religious significance and is majorly for the pilgrims who come there to take a holy dip. It is a custom for visitors to take a holy bath.

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The finest luxury train of South India Golden Chariot takes gussets to the sleepy town that has a hippy following while it is situated near a conservative community. Its beautiful sunsets, vast beaches, rough cliffs and mainly, its solitude makes this place an ideal tourist summer place to visit.

Gokarna, Karnataka

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10. Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

This is a lesser known yet most amazing tourist summer destinations down South. Famous for the vast coffee plantations and the country’s first tribal – grown organic coffee, this makes an amazing getaway from the hustle bustle of everyday life. Set in the village backdrop and known for hills and deep valleys it is not only a windy getaway for summer heat.

There are famous waterfalls to make you feel cool – Chaparai Waterfalls & Tamilanda Waterfalls, the most famous of them. The Padmapuram Botanical Gardens is an amazing way to spend an evening in the midst of nature. You can also go camping & trekking to make it an adventure holiday too!

Araku Valley, Andhra Pradesh

With the above top tourist places to visit in South India, you do not have to worry about the oncoming summer weather this year. Keep cool during the scorching heat this summer!

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