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General Information

Deccan Odyssey Information

Luxury trains just do not take you to your desired destination but also ensures that the journey is fascinating to stay in your memories forever. Let us peep into the train and know the necessary facts which you need to decide your future travels with Deccan Odyssey.

Below are the latest details about Deccan Odyssey information that will help you in your planning and packing.

General Information

Q. What is the Deccan Odyssey?

A. Deccan Odyssey is a remarkable luxury train of India which covers most of the tourist attractions of India in a glance with its best itinerary packages. It is like a 5-star hotel on wheels

Q. Where does the Deccan Odyssey operate?

A. Deccan Odyssey is not accustomed to a region or place. It was operating in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, and the Golden Triangle Circuit.

Q. How to book tickets for Deccan Odyssey

A. Deccan Odyssey tickets can be booked via online through Orient Rail Journeys. To book tickets, click here.

Q. Why it is called as Deccan Odyssey

A. The origin of the train is Maharashtra which is a greater extent of Deccan Plateau and also it covers major tourist attractions in Western Ghats, Deccan Plateau, and Konkan region. Due to the reason, it is called “Deccan Odyssey”.

Q. Who operates the Deccan Odyssey

A. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) and Indian Railways are the owners. But now it is operating under Cox & Kings India.

Q. Who owns the Palace on Wheels?

A. In total, the train carries 21 cars. 11 cars for 40 Deluxe cabins, 2 cars for 4 Presidential suites, 1 for the specially-equipped cabin, 2 for restaurants, 1 for a bar, 1 for conference car, 1 for spa car, 1 for staff, and 2 for power cars.

Q. Are pets allowed in Deccan Odyssey?

A. No, Pets are not allowed to train.

Q. Is Deccan Odyssey only for foreigners?

A. Not at all, it is for all globally.

Q. Is Deccan Odyssey not for Indians?

A. No, anyone can be the part of Deccan Odyssey’s journey without basis of country or place.

Q. What are the travel documents required for the travel?

A. After your payment successfully completed, you will get travel documents. These documents must be with you whenever we request you and also visa and passport are the must.

Q. How early should I book tickets?

A. Better to book before three months to get confirm your cabin sure. If you are late chances are less to get the cabin.

Q. How to pay for the tickets?

A. All major Debit and Credit cards are acceptable. So, through card payments, you can complete your payment at your fingertips.

Q. Do I need a visa to travel in Deccan Odyssey?

A. Without a visa, foreigners are not allowed into the country. So it needs to carry. In the case of Indians, no need to carry.

Q. Are there any regulations for dressing in the train?

A. No, as per your wish you can wear accordingly.

Q. What type of dresses are recommended?

A. India is a tropical land so, in winters better to wear thick woolen clothes and in remaining times cotton and linens are the best. During safaris, better to wear light clothes.

Q. Can I book my ticket online?

A. Yes, you can book through online it is the easiest and reliable mode.

Q. Are any source of entertainment available onboard of the train?

A. There is no dearth for entertainment. You can enjoy watching television in your cabins, good mini-library to be a bookworm, spa & bar for relaxing, gym for exercises, and indoor games facility.


Q. What are the journeys that Deccan Odyssey Offers?

A. It offers six journeys. They are Indian Odyssey, Maharashtra Splendor, Indian Sojourn, Jewels of the Deccan, Hidden Treasures of Gujarat and Maharashtra Wild Trail.

Q. What is the duration of the journeys?

A. 8 days and 7 nights itineraries for each journey.

Q. Where do the itineraries start and end?

A. In total six itineraries available, 5 itineraries starts and ends In Mumbai, 1 Itinerary starts from Mumbai and ends In Delhi.

Q. What are the top destinations covered by Deccan Odyssey?

A. The prior destinations to cover are Jaipur, Nasik, Kolhapur, Udaipur, Kutch, Ajanta caves, Mumbai, Sawai Madhopur, and Agra.

Q. Can the Deccan Odyssey be chartered?

A. Yes, if you are requested Charter will be available.

Q. Can the Deccan Odyssey be chartered on a scheduled departure?

A. Yes, based on some terms and conditions, the Deccan Odyssey be chartered on a scheduled departure.

Train Fare
Q. What is the ticket price of Deccan Odyssey in USD and INR?
A. On the basis of cabins and occupancy, the ticket price varies. The prices starts from least of USD 6,734 & INR 4,71,380 to the maximum of USD 14,584 & INR 10,20,880. For more details, click here.
Q. What is the ticket cost for a child in Deccan Odyssey?
A.No charge for a child below 5 years and for children above 12 years 50% of the adult fare will be charged.
Q. Will the cost be altered in virtue of any celebrations?
A. Yes, a little amount of surcharge can be applied in the time of celebrations.
Q. Are gratuities a part of the train fare?
A. No, gratuities are not part of the fare.
Q. Will there be a reduction in tariff if I cut short the train journey?
A. No reduction or refund can’t be claimed if you cut short the journey.
Q. Are the meal included in the tariff?
A. Yes, meals are part of the tariff.
Q. When does each trip start and end?
A. Not in particular, according to the updated departure dates it will be decided.
Q. What is the Tariff Policy?
A.The tariff you pay while booking the train includes the transportation cost, accommodation and dining which are made during the journey.
Q. What are services that are included in the tariff?
A. Accommodation, wines, valet service, meals, still camera fees, guides for off-train excursions, entry fees, are the inclusions of the tariff.
Q. Are guides available for Journey?
A. Yes, guides will be available. They can communicate with ease as per your language.
Q. Do I need to take any vaccination to travel in Deccan Odyssey?
A. Not necessary. If you are from the Yellow Fever epidemic country it is better to carry Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificate.
Q. Can I cancel the booked tickets? What is the cost of cancellation ?
A. Yes, you can cancel Deccan Odyssey Ticket whenever you want. If you cancel before 60 days of departure, 20% of the fare will be deducted. If you cancel before 45 to 59 days of departure, 50% of the fare will be deducted. If you cancel before 29 days no refund will be provided.
Q. Can I transfer the ticket to another person?
A. No, it is not possible to transfer the ticket to others.
Q. Is my tour insured?
A. Yes, under insurance of terrorism, theft, fire, and natural disasters your tour was securely insured.
Q. Will Deccan Odyssey cancel the booked tour?
A. Yes, if in case the minimum passenger count is not reached tour will be aborted. In such cases, refund or new journey dates will be issued.
Train History
Q. When was the first tour of Deccan Odyssey started?
A. On 16th January 2004, the first tour of Deccan Odyssey was started.
Q. What is the history of Deccan Odyssey?
A. In the year 2001, Indian Railways and MTDC signed MOU to launch the Deccan Odyssey and it came into reality by starting its work in ICF (Integral Coach Factory). Finally, in the year 2003, the total outlook of the train came out with stunning makeovers. At last, from 2004 it railed to serve people.
Coaches and Cabins
Q. How many coaches are there in Deccan Odyssey?
A. 12 coaches are equipped to the Deccan Odyssey with two different types of accommodation.
Q. Does the name of coaches make any difference?
A. Yes, each coach of the Deccan Odyssey was named after famous regions of Maharashtra. The interiors of the cabins reflect the importance of the places.
Q. How many passengers can be accommodated in the coaches?
A. 88 passengers can be accommodated in the coaches for a tour.
Q. What are the amenities available inside the cabin?
A. Each cabin was equipped with the full air-conditioning system, Wi-Fi facility, personal safe, telephone services, TV, DVD players, channel music, and a modern attached bathroom.
Q. What are the types of accommodations available in Deccan Odyssey?
A.Two types of accommodation and they are Deluxe Cabins and Presidential Suites.
Q. Is Telephone available in the cabin?
A.A telephone is available in each cabin. Each call is an additional charge and is not included in your train ticket.
Q. How much luggage is allowed inside the cabin?
A. The cabins have space for keeping luggage but as the space is limited so it is best if the tourists adhere to the international baggage standards. Bring luggage in soft-topped bags to create more space.
Q. Do you provide room service on-board the Deccan Odyssey?
A. Full room service is available only in the Presidential Suite. Guests of deluxe cabin have to go Deccan Odyssey restaurants for dining. Tea / coffee can be served in all the cabins.
Q. How is food served inside the train?
A. Peshwa I and Peshwa II are the two restaurants of Deccan Odyssey for serving food.
Q. What type of cuisine is served in Deccan Odyssey?
A. The two restaurants of Deccan Odyssey serves Indian, Oriental, and Continental delicacies.
Q. Does the train provide laundry services?
A. Yes, laundry services are available onboard but extra charge costs.
Q. Am I entitled to have a butler?
A. Yes, for everyone who travels in Deccan Odyssey will have a butler to take care of you in entire journey.
Q. Are there any facilities for physically challenged tourists?
A. Yes, but you have to inform at the time booking. Then, you will be given a wheelchair or any other facilities required.
Q. Are there any medical facilities available?
A. At any time medical assistance will be delivered to the guests. Throughout the trip, this facility will available.
Q. Is train fully air-conditioned?
A. Yes, the train is fully air-conditioned.
Q. Is there an internet facility on the train?
A. Wi-Fi facility is available on the train. But connection may be sometimes weaker. At major cities of your tour, you can access to good connectivity speed.
Q. How many restaurants are available onboard the Deccan Odyssey?
A. Two restaurants are available on the board of Deccan Odyssey.
Q. Do we need to reserve a table before any meal on-board?
A. The seats are available in the restaurants and the bar is first come first serve basis. There is no need to reserve the table in the bar and restaurant as well.
Q. Is Deccan Odyssey provides any special dietary requirements?
A. Do you want any special diet during journey? The menu changes from time to time. If you required any special dietary meal for any medical reason, you will need to mention it at the time of booking.
Q. Do you have the facilities for foreign exchange on-board the Deccan Odyssey?
A. Yes, foreign exchange facility is available on the train at certain destinations.
Bar and Lounge
Q. Are the drinks complimentary on-board the Deccan Odyssey?
A. Complimentary juices, water, and soft beverages will be supplied but beverage drinks are not complimentary. You have to pay additional for them.
Q. Is smoking allowed in the train?
A. No, smoking is not allowed in the train. As per the regulations of Indian Law, smoking in public places is prohibited.
Q. Who will be served drinks in Deccan Odyssey?
A. 21 years old or above only will be served with alcoholic drinks in the train.
Q. What are the facilities available in the lounge room?
A. In the lounge room, you can have a very good time enjoying the scenic beauties outside of the train, reading books, and entertainment with the available board games.
Q. Are spa facilities available onboard of the Deccan Odyssey?
A. Yes, Spa facilities are available on-board of the Deccan Odyssey.
Q. What type of therapies is available in the Spa?
A. In Deccan Odyssey’s spa, Indian ancient Ayurveda therapies are available. It takes you into a peaceful world. With the available spa sessions in Deccan Odyssey, your mind gets a refresh.
Q. Is the Spa session covered in the tariff of the train ticket?
A. No, spa session is not the inclusion of tariff.
Pre and Post Tour Accommodation
Q. What are the modes of transport provided for sightseeing on the Deccan Odyssey?
A. A private luxury car with a guide will be arranged to the guests of Presidential Suites and for guests of deluxe cabins, a deluxe coach with a guide will be provided.
Q. Can we stay on board if we wish to skip any sightseeing trip?
A. Yes, you can happily enjoy the time on board by skipping any sightseeing trip if you want. The team will serve you whatever you want in this time.
Q. When should I reach India for Deccan Odyssey tour?
A.Try to be there before one night of your departure date. It makes you plan a fresh journey to the station to embark Deccan Odyssey.
Q. Are the hotel accommodations covered in the tariff?
A. No, any pre and post accommodations are not part of the tariff.
Q. Are the fly-in and fly-out tickets included in the fare?
A. No, pre and post flight tickets will not cover in the fare.
Q. Is there any Tour cancellation policy available?
A. As per Deccan Odyssey policy a minimum number of guests are required to start the trip. If the minimum number of passengers is not reached the trip can either be cancelled or rescheduled. In case it is cancelled, 10% refund is made to the guests.