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11 Most Beautiful Islands in the World

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  • 17 May 2023
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Tired and stressed by the black smoke and the honking horns of metros? Escape to any of the awe inspiring islands of the world.

1. Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

Formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago, Galapagos Islands is a chain of 19 islands. Located at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Galapagos is rich in flora and fauna.

Interesting Activities

Enjoy a thrilling trip to Galapagos cruising through the deep blue waters of Pacific and when you land amidst the enthralling beauty of the island you can enjoy.

  • Scuba drive to watch close the whale sharks, manta rays, sunfish, hammerhead sharks.
  • Spend some romantic time with your beloved on a gigantic and lavish cruise over the Pacific.
  • Spend the vacation on a live-abroad boat which takes you through all the islands and also is well equipped to spend a relaxing holiday.
  • Visit Archipelago, the national park of the island. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site where you can found Land Iguanas, Marine Iguanas, Giant Tortoise, 15 different species of small birds which are popularly known as the Darwin finches.

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2. Cayman Islands

When you are seeking for an infinite source of entertainment and enjoyment, be at the Cayman Islands of this Caribbean Territory. The island has three parts, the Little Cayman, the Grand Cayman and the Cayman Brac.

Interesting Activities

One vacation is not enough to enjoy the charm of the Cayman Island. Here you can

  • Bike through the sturdy roads.
  • Fish the local varieties at the deep blue lakes.
  • Hike to unravel the mysteries of nature.
  • Horse ride through the dense jungles.
  • Spend a romantic evening with your beloved at the beaches.

3. Seychelles

Does marine life allures you? Spend the vacation at one of the most celestial beauties of the world be at Seychelles.

Interesting Activities

Seychelles is at the Indian Ocean and popular for its pink sand beaches. Here you can

  • Swim through the natural aquarium of Indian Ocean, making friends with different species of fish, dolphins and whales.
  • Walk along the granite roads of Victoria, embracing the local life, buying crafts and relishing authentic Seychelles cuisines.
  • Spend some intimate moments with your sweetheart on the PraslinIsland, as Seychelles bulbul and black parrots chill around you.
  • Explore the red coral reefs or visit the National Park of Praslinto checkout some of the best palm forests of the world.

4. Mallorca, Spain

Nestled between Spain and the Mediterranean Sea, this island is alluring to the nature thirsty eyes. Sun filled beaches, far distant mountains and calm hill stations make Mallorca.

Interesting Activities

Life is synonymous to nature at this awe inspiring island of Spain.

  • Hike or cycle through the limestone spires.
  • Pray at the uphill monasteries or relax under a open night sky to forget all worries.
  • Pedal through the small villages to know the true natural life and be a part of it for sometime by participating in their local festivals.
  • Fill your hearty with authentic Mediterranean dishes like suckling pig spit roast, fresh fish and locally made wine.

5. St. Mary’s Island, Karnataka, India

Popularly known as the Coconut Island, St. Mary’s is considered to be the first place in India where Vasco Da Gamaentered.

This off sea coast island is carpeted with white sand beaches, rock monoliths and rich flora and fauna.


Interesting Activities

Embrace nature at St. Mary’s and get ready to

  • Wet your feet with the deep blue waters of the Arabian Sea.
  • Watch the sky play with colours during sunrise and sunset over the crystalline rocks.
  • Sit in silence to watch beautiful birds roam around you, twittering and dancing to their own tune.
  • Shop your heart out buying aromatic spices, wooden handicrafts and traditional jewellery.

6. Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, the island of sublime beauty transforms your vacation into a soulful journey to nature.

Interesting Activities

Enjoy a plethora of activities at Phuket.

  • Boat through the PhangNga Bay, where limestone cliffs have emerged through the emerald green waters.
  • Soak in the warmth of the sun over the white, sandy beaches of Phuket.
  • Enjoy authentic Thai SPA massages at the secluded coves of the island.
  • Try out local snacks at the night markets of Phuket, illuminated with colourful lights; bargain to get souvenirs at cheap rates.

7. Maui Island, Hawaii

Just at the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Maui Island is a dream destination for nature lovers. The 30 miles wide beaches let you be as wild and gay as you want, while the pools and waterfalls, let you replenish your love for life with their cool, fresh waters.

Interesting Activities

Do whatever you dreamt in a vacation at Maui.

  • Just walk hand in hand with your loved ones to the Lao Valley State Park, relishing local delicacies on the way eateries and listening to the ripples of water and tweets of birds from the nearby forests.
  • Boost your adrenaline riding through the hairpin like road of the Hana Highway; known for its serpentine turns, 600 whiteknucksand 50 bridges.
  • Play around the black, white and red beaches of Maui, swim, snorkel or sunbathe.
  • Windsurf at the Kanaha Beach Park to shore high in the deep blue sky or picnic with family at the available picnic tables.

8. Anguilla, British Overseas Territory

Known as the destination for the jet set, Anguilla is one of the best Caribbean Islands. Covered with palm trees and scrubs, a drive to Anguilla is going back to natural life.

Interesting Activities

Anguilla Islands is a soulful destination which restores your life and health with activities like

  • Bask in the soft rays of the sun over the white sand beaches as the turquoise blue water kisses your feet.
  • Disappear from the crowd under the shadows of palms, to be just yourself.
  • Dine and drink to fill your heart at the wooden shacks, devoid of opulence and grandeur.
  • Party hard at Anguilla's Carnival, dancing whole night and laughing your heart out.

9. Whitsunday Islands, Australia

Deep rainforests, white sand beaches and lots of hiking trails are some of the perfect words to describe Whitsunday Islands of Australia.

Interesting Activities

Live life to the fullest at the Whitsunday Islands.

  • Spend secluded moments at the beaches, which seems to be just yours with almost no crowd all around.
  • Enjoy a balcony view of the ocean or go for a sunrise walk along the sandy beaches.
  • Shore high in the sky to watch the Great Barrier Reef from the top.
  • Drive through the town to unravel some of the hidden gems of Whitsunday life.

10. St. Lucia

Located at the Eastern Caribbean Island, St. Lucia is a plush tourist destination. While at one end of the island is dotted with volcanic beaches, the other end exhibits lush green rainforests and sparkling waterfalls.

Interesting Activities

Either relax and rejuvenate at the pleasing atmosphere or

  • Deep dive at the world famous reefs.
  • Stroll through the rainforest canopy listening to the chirps of numerous birds.
  • Enjoy scuba diving, kayaking, sea trekking or snorkelling at the deep blue waters encircling the island
  • Climb the Gros Pito Mountains or horse ride along the sea coast.

11. Cochin Island

Cochin, located at the coast of the Arabian Sea is epitome of sublime beauty. Situated in God's Own Country, Kerala, this is a perfect abode for people seeking solitude.

Interesting Activities

While it is tough to leave the beautiful sea coast, still if you can manage do not miss the following.

  • A tour to the backwaters is a must when at Cochin. The lagoons with crystalline waters is a place to breathe in some fresh air and wash away all stress and tension building within.
  • Staying on the houseboats is a must activity when at Cochin. It is an immemorial experience to float through the placid waters, passing the green paddy fields, watching the chirping birds dance from one place to the other and floating lilies guiding your way.
  • Walking is an experience at Cochin. Join a private walking tour through the old Jewish colony, looking at the glass tinted houses, buying antiques and praying at the synagogue.

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So, do not waste time planning, get set on an unbelieving journey to any of the above mentioned islands of the world.

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