The Deccan Odyssey Train Tour
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Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

Mumbai – Nashik - Ellora Caves - Ajanta Caves - Kolhapur - Goa - Ratnagiri – Mumbai
( 07 Nights / 08 Days )

Want to experience the luxurious train journey embarking on the Deccan Odyssey Train? The itinerary has a comprehensive plan for you comprising of 8 days and 7 nights. It inculcates the most alluring tourist destination in the state of Maharashtra. It also includes the land of sea, sand and sun-Goa. Hospitality, affluence, state-of-the-art amenities! You name it and the Deccan Odyssey luxury train will provide you with!

And, this is not it. The journey encompasses the most amazing experience with delicious cuisine served in the train along with a plethora of interesting activities, to enjoy the ride!

Detail Itinerary

Day 01 : Mumbai
mumbai tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

The travelers are required to assemble at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus at 1530 hours. In here you will be required to pursue the check-in formalities. You will be greeted by the staff in the royal Indian manner. After which you will be served the refreshing drink. Then, you are escorted to your respective cabins. The train then leaves for the city of Nashik.

You will be provided dinner on the train.

Overnight Stay onboard the Deccan Odyssey.

Day 02 : Nashik
nashik tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

On day 2, the train will reach its first destination, Nashik. Nashik is a pious city. It is also known as the Wine Capital of the Country. You will be served breakfast, followed by a visit to the beautiful Godavari Ghat. At the ghat many ceremonies continue to take place throughout the day, which you can witness. There are many markets along the Ghat which includes fresh vegetables, cow dung cakes, lentils and seafood.

This will be followed by a drive to the Grover Zampa Vineyards. They are known for ace wine producing facilities. You will be provided in here with the knowledge of making of the wine with the traditional method.

You will be served lunch in the vineyards, where you can enjoy the wine of your choice as well.

Dinner will be served on-board. By night recline in the train as it leaves for the city of Aurangabad.

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Day 03 : Aurangabad – Ellora Caves
aurangabad tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

On day 3, you will be experiencing the splendor of the city of Aurangabad. It is an industrial city, nestled in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The city was coined, this name to pay tribute to the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The tourist attractions including Bibi-ka-Makbara, City’s 52 gates and Daulatabad Fort are amazing and alluring.

Have breakfast on the train. You will be awestruck with the magnificent Ellora Caves. Ellora Caves is also the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 12 Buddhists, 5 Jain and 17 Hindu caves make the Ellora. There is a beautiful shrine of Lord Shiva in here. The Kailasa temple dates back to 757-783 CE. It reflects the Dravidian style of architecture.

You will be driven to the Deccan Odyssey to enjoy a delectable lunch as the train crosses the pastoral landscape of Maharashtra. In the evening you will be served cocktails in your cabins. This is followed by dinner on board by night as the train rolls towards the city of Jalgaon.

Day 04 : Jalgaon- Ajanta Caves
jalgaon tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

On Day 4, the Deccan Odyssey will reach the Jalgaon station. You will be served breakfast, after which you will be driven to the Ajanta Caves. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The caves are an epitome of architectural splendor. The caves are ornate with the paintings and sculptures of Buddha. The amalgamation of Hindu and Buddhist faith is easily witnessed in here.

Post the sightseeing you will be required to return back to the luxurious train, for a scrumptious lunch. The train will proceed towards the city of Kolhapur. The day is left for you to watch a movie, enjoy carom (an Indian board game) or rejuvenate yourself at the spa.

You will be served dinner on-board. Recline in your cabin by night to refresh yourself for the next day.

Day 05 : Kolhapur
kolhapur tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

The journey of day 5 starts in the city of Kolhapur. You are bound to be amazed by the scenic view as you reach the city. It is a city which is an epitome of rich, ancient, mythical and cultural past. You will be served an early lunch, after which you will leave for visiting the tourist attractions in the city of Kolhapur.

The New Palace Museum, fabricated in the 19th century, is renowned for its architecture. It houses memorials of the kings which ruled in the city. Hence, make sure to visit this. The Town Hall Museum is another must visit attraction. The neo-Gothic style associated with a pyramidal metal roof comprises of the exquisite architecture of the place. Do not obliterate to take a walk in the bustling markets of the city. You can definitely purchase the renowned Kolhapuri chappals from here. Relish the evening tea with a folk dance performance of Lavanya Sandhya.

This is followed by a visit to the Mahalaxmi shrine. The shrine dates back to 1300 years and is dedicated to Goddess Shakti. You will also be able to witness the traditional martial art performance, Mardani Khel in the city.

Dinner will be served on-board in the train. This is followed by your journey to Goa!

Day 06 : Goa
goa tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

The train reaches Goa, on the 6th day. The attractions, the architecture and the way of living of the inhabitants reflect the impact of the Portuguese culture.

After enjoying a hearty breakfast, you are driven to the Fontainhas. It is the abode to establishments which are an epitome of the Portuguese style architecture. The pathways and intricately designed red and blue buildings make it a cherished memory. Take a walk and enjoy the beauty. You will proceed to Ribandar, the former capital of the state. Here you will witness historical churches and the reminiscent of the St. Augustine Tower. Then you are driven to Sahakari spice farm for the delectable Goan feast. The feast has the most unique and delicious blend of Indian origin with Portuguese touch. You will also get to taste the Goan drink Feni. It is a liquor made from cashew.

Post lunch you will witness a Goan folk performance. Pursue a visit to a plantation followed by visiting a historical Portuguese establishment to avail a glimpse of the culture and tradition of Goa. Return to Deccan Odyssey proceeding towards Ratnagiri.

On the way to the city of Ratnagiri, you will pass through the captivating railway route, Konkan. Sahayadri hill on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, make the route one of the most beautiful scenic and panoramic view.

Dinner is served on-board. At night recline in your cabins of the luxurious train.

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Day 07 : Ratnagiri
ratnagiri tour by Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

Day 7 marks the entry to the city of Ratnagiri. It is renowned for its fertile valleys. It bears the finest jackfruits, bananas, rice, coconuts, cashew nuts and mangoes.

You will be served breakfast after which proceed to the Ganpatipule shrine. It is said that the deity appeared from the land and the shrine is 400 years old. Ganapatipule derived its name from two terms, Ganas (army) and pule (sand dunes).

After this, proceed to the beach. Here you can relax and rejuvenate. The lunch will be served on-board. Take a rest, on the train. Later, visit the mango and cashew farms. A long walk will avail you the knowledge pertaining to the plantation procedure. You can explore Wadas in the town or visit the vibrant markets of the city.

Dinner will be served in the train. By night recline in your cabin as the train proceeds to the city of Mumbai.

Day 08 : Mumbai (Departure)
Maharashtra Splendor (The Deccan Odyssey Train )

On this final day of the tour, you are served breakfast. After, a delicious breakfast you detrain at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station. Bid farewell to the luxury train Deccan Odyssey, as reaching Mumbai marks the end of your Maharashtra Splendor tour..

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Maharashtra Splendor Schedule 2018 - 2019

Month Departure Dates
Jan 2018 20
Feb 2018 10,24
Mar 2018 17
Apr 2018 14,28
Sep 2018 29
Nov 2018 3,24
Dec 2018 22,29
Jan 2019 19
Feb 2019 9,23
Mar 2019 16
Apr 2019 13,27

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Maharashtra Splendor Tariff 2018 - 2019
(7 Nights / 8 Days)

Room Type Single Occupancy Twin / Double Occupancy Occupancy 02 Children
(in a separate Cabin)
Deluxe Cabin USD 6,100 USD 8,750 USD 6,565
Junior Suite USD 13,210 USD 13,210 USD 6,565
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