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General Information

Golden Chariot Information

By going through the below mentioned points, you will be able to plan your trip by the Golden Chariot. You get all the important information relating to the Guest cabin, dess code, inclusion and exclusion in tariff, travel document, spa and bar facility and many more.

Guest Cabins

The Golden Chariot train has a sum of 44 cabins accessible, classified based on occupancy. There are 26 twin bed cabins, 17 double bed cabins and also 1 disabled cabin for physically challenged passengers. A total of 88 passengers can travel on each journey. Each cabin is equipped with modern facilities such as live TV, air conditioning, Wi-Fi internet and en suite bathrooms.

Dining / Restaurants car

The dining car is elegantly designed and furnished. There are two restaurants in the Golden Chariot namely Ruchi and Nala in the dining car. With humble severing staff and perfect chefs, the restaurant serves multi-cuisine both veg and non-veg food based on preference.

Bar & Lounge car

The bar and lounge in Golden Chariot are decorated and inspired by Mysore palace in the 20th century. Its name is Maidra which means drinks. The bar is stocked with fine sprites, beer, and wines.

Business Car

The Golden Chariot has a conference car for business purposes accommodated with high tech audio, internet, LCD television, printers and fax and video facilities. It has a seating capacity of 30 people.

Spa facility

The train has a well-equipped gym for fitness and a relaxing spa for wellness named Nirvana. The spa gives passengers rejuvenating experience from traveling exhaustion.

Pre & Post Tour Accommodation

The train does not provide any pre and post accommodation, but it is advised to passengers to avail themselves post and pre-accommodation because the journey of 7 days and 8 nights long can be very tiring.

International & Domestic Flights

The Golden Chariot does not provide any flight commute in its ticket fare. But we can surely assist passengers with the fare, timing, and booking. The journey of the Golden Chariot starts from Bangaluru which has well connected domestic as well as an international airport.

Travel Insurance

The Golden Chariot supports a full insurance cover for sudden events like fire, earthquake and terrorist attack. The passengers are requested to carry their insurance documents regarding accidents, illness, luggage loss, death, and cancelation.

Travel Documents

The passengers have to present Visa, passport, identity proof along with the confirmation slip with them at the time of departure.

Dress Code

The guests are requested to wear smart casual clothes and comfortable walking shoe all the time and passengers from Splendor of the south has to carry swimsuits to enjoy beaches in Kerala.

Baggage Allowance

It is advisable to carry luggage as per airline rules because of limited storage capacity on the train. Luggage storage space is also provided under beds and in luggage hold area.

Special Dietary Requirements

Traveling with allergies can be very hard. The Golden Chariot has taken care of it. While filling the booking request form the guests are asked to mention if they have any special dietary requirements.

Porter Service

The Golden Chariot keeps the guest's convenience in mind at every point. They provide porter to carry your luggage at boarding and getting off-board.

Butler Service

The train provides fluently speaking butler to service every passenger and take their special requests.

Wheelchair Access/Disabled Passengers

The Golden Chariot provides accommodation to Disabled passengers. They have one cabin specially designed for disabled passengers along with the facility for wheelchairs, crèches and a personal attendant.


India has a rich heritage and historic values. There is a story in everything and Golden Chariot provides their passengers an English speaking guide throughout the whole journey to help them acknowledging incredible India.

Transportation during off-train Excursions

Train provides the off train transportation. The passengers are transferred in fully air-conditioned buses.

Laundry Services

The Golden Chariot kept keeping clean in mind and this is why guests are provided with laundry services to avail them neat and clean clothes.

Inclusion in Tariff

The Golden Chariot tariff includes accommodation on board, the meals, the sightseeing trips, and the entrance fees (while entering monuments, parks, palaces, and other sightseeing locations).

Exclusion in Tariff

The Golden Chariot tariff does not includes phone calls, and camera fees in the sightseeing locations, SPA car, and Business car facilities, liquor as well as laundry

Telephone Calls

The passengers are provided with calling facilities international as well as domestic. Every cabin has a telephone.


The guests are advised to keep all their prescription medicine to cover for the trip. The Golden Chariot asks for the Yellow Fever Vaccination certificates too make sure if they are the natives of Yellow Fever endemic countries.

Smoking Policy

Smoking in public places is prohibited in India. So, guests are advised to not smoke during the journey for the betterment of other passengers.


The Golden Chariot provides 110/120 volts sockets and international adaptors to lighten up the whole train.

Train Staff

The train staffs include chefs, butlers, waiters and also others. The staffs who communicate with the tourists know English quite well. The custom service and the hospitality of the staff members of the Golden Chariot are incomparable. The crew members also make sure that they not only meet the expectations of their clients but also raise to a higher level of experience.

Passenger requirement limit

The Golden Chariot asks for a reasonable amount of passengers to run, in case the criteria has not met the train is postponed to another date or the amount refund will be provided to the guest.

General Information Geolden Chariot

What is the Geolden Chariot?

A.  Geolden Chariot is a remarkable luxury train of India which covers most of the tourist attractions of India in a glance with its best itinerary packages. It is like a 5-star hotel on wheels