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Maharajas' Express History

In India, the era of luxury trains was started in 1982 with the introduction of the Palace on Wheels and it continued to many luxury trains. At last in 2010, the Maharajas' Express entry doubled the fame of Indian luxury trains to entire world redefining the word luxury with royalty. By travelling in Maharajas' Express we can explore the richness of India in the true spirit it was intended to.

The classy and grand interiors of Maharajas' Express equipped with fine luxury amenities match the world’s famous Orient Express of the West. To witness such a wonderful luxury train journey in India and to discover the opulence of Indian Royal Kings, the Maharajas' Express is the one and the best choice.

As like the name, the Maharajas' Express saloons or cabins are designed with the inspiration of India’s old royal cabins used by many Maharajas. Even railways not introduced in India but many Indian Maharajas are very interested in rail traveling.

That’s why the thought of personal carriages for royals was evolved in India. For the functioning of personal carriages, even separate track lines were also laid in their ruling states to enjoy traveling in royal carriages.

Maharaja of Vadodara and Maharaja of Gwalior are the right persons to talk about the royal carriages. Maharaja of Vadodara gifted a fully functioned toy train to his son and Maharaja of Gwalior used to keep a silver model train at the center of the banqueting table. With these best examples, we can understand how Indian Kings are fascinated with rail traveling and using personal carriages.

The way they used to design the carriages is just marvelous and splendid. Simply we can’t illustrate with some praising words. Such beautifully they shaped out the carriages with art decors, jewel works, carvings, mirror works, miniature paintings, and luxury elements. We can’t find even a single hand error mistake in their works. With that much perfection, royal carriages were designed in the past.

Actually, all these personal or royal carriages were used by royals for their visits to states, hunting trips, and personal uses. With this idea only, the thought of the luxury train was flashed. Maybe in some luxury trains, the touch of royal ambiance is fewer but the cabins of Maharajas' Express looks like original royal carriages. That’s the difference between Maharajas' Express and others.

With all efforts, Maharajas' Express replicated synonyms cabins of 18th and 19th centuries royal carriages. Everything equipped and adorned in the train makes everyone stun. The modern equipment and royal decors of the train really surprise everyone. Thus, Maharajas' Express wanted to create a royal atmosphere in it by reflecting past royal carriages and it done.

However, with Maharajas' Express you can enjoy an extraordinary journey experience like a King traveling on his own carriage. The train takes you to various tourist destinations for you to explore the true colours of India. Starting from luxurious palace to heritage sites; you can visit dozens of interesting tourism magnets in this country.