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Maharajas' Express Restaurant


The World’s Leading Luxury Train - Maharajas' Express treats its guests to delicious means amidst royal interiors of the two onboard restaurants – Mayur Mahal (Peacock Palace) & Rang Mahal (Palace of Colors).

The Dining Cars accommodates 42 guests. Servers in traditional attire are happy to serve Continental and traditional cuisine from corners of the country. The vibrant and lavish interiors add guests to the distinctive ambiance. The themed restaurants have rows of two & four seating arrangement alongside windows to gaze at the passing beauty of the landscape.

Mayur Mahal

A twin Golden Peacock Masterpiece welcomes the esteemed guests into the royal ambiance. There is a window side on both sides giving guests the choice to admire the alluring exteriors while sitting amidst lavishly styled interiors. Right opposite the entrance is another grand dining car entrance waiting to greet you called – Mayur Mahal.

Rang Mahal

As the name suggests there is a fresco painting that adds grandeur to the colors of the splendid seating place. Sides of each table are studded with lampshades highlight the overlooking fresco. There are seatings of two on one side and seatings of four on the other side while there is a panoramic window to look out on both sides.

The cooking & menu is the same in both Maharajas' Express restaurants so you aren’t missing out on any specials in the other restaurant. Both dining cars have ample place for waiters to serve other guests so movement does not interfere with your intriguing dining / lunching affair.

Less spicy food is available on request. Special foods are available on request for guests with special dietary requirements. Make a choice selection of wine for a fulfilling meal.

Savor the fine dine interest of a delightful passing trip exclusively on the Maharajas' Express.