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Palace On Wheels FAQ's

How many Saloons in Luxury train The Palace on Wheels ?
There are 14 tastefully theme based decorated saloons on board Palace on Wheels in which 82 passengers can be accommodate in one Departure.
What are the Major destinations that covered by the Palace on Wheels ?
Palace on Wheels covers the most important destinations in India that includes Delhi, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bharatpur and Agra.
What is the booking procedure for Palace on Wheels ?
The online booking facility is available for Palace on Wheels which helps you to book your Luxury train tour to Rajasthan in just visit here -
What is the mode of payment is available for the booking?
We accept the payment using all major credit cards like American Express, Visa, Master Card, Discover Cards etc. You can also do the bank transfer and the bank account details will be provided on request.
How soon should I book ?
We recommend the guest to make the bookings as soon as you plan to travel. As there might be chances to sold out the departure, So, we suggest to book as soonest to avoid last minute disappointment of the cabin availability.
Are there different types of cabins (Suites, standard rooms etc.) ?
There is no different category of cabins in the Palace on Wheels train, only the Single and Double occupancy cabins in the train are of the same dimension and attached toilet / bathroom facility is available in every cabin.
Is the passport / visa required for travel to The Luxury train Palace on wheels ?
Yes the Valid passport and valid visa is required to travel on Palace on Wheels with passport validity lasting to at least 6 months beyond the returning date from India.
When should I plan to arrive in Delhi to board the train ?
It is advisable to arrive in Delhi at least a day or two before the train departure date to void any inconvenience.
Is there a dress code on board?
No, there is no any specific dress code for the guests onboard. The guest can carry the smart casuals and comfortable clothing to wear onboard.
What clothing is recommended ?
  • Carry clothing as per the average local temperatures. Apparels made of leather are advised to be avoid during the trip.

  • Items like sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are required to ensure protection from the afternoon sun.

  • For sightseeing, sneakers and comfortable clothes are recommended.

  • While visiting temples, make sure you wear clothes that cover your legs and shoulders. Also make sure that you remove your shoes before entering the temple premises. For females it is customary to have a scarf to cover their head while praying.

  • During December and January, it is advised to carry heavy jackets and warm hats.

What kind of food is served on the train ?
Onboard the guest may choose from Chinese, American, Continental and Rajasthani cuisines onboard. If you have any special dietary requirement or food allergy, communicate the same with onboard train manager or chef at the commencement of the journey.
Is there a laundry / dry cleaning service on the train ?
Yes, on an additional charge, laundry / dry cleaning service is available for the guests onboard. And the same would be delivered on next day / destination.
Is the train accessible to wheelchairs / physical challenges ?
Yes, the train cabin is accessible for the wheel chair. It is suggested to inform at the time of booking if any wheel chair services required, to void inconvenience during the trip and sightseeing tour.
Is there bottled water available in each room ?
Mineral bottled water available in each room. And ask your room attendant for complimentary bottled mineral water throughout the trip.
What expenses will I have during the trip ?
The Palace on Wheel luxury train travel is inclusive of all cost. Thus, you need not to pay any charge for meals, tea / coffee / water, monument entrance, sightseeing, and accommodation. Additional charges are only applicable on the purchase of wine, soft-drink, alcohol, or juices. Facilities and services like additional toiletries, laundry services, camera fees at monuments, etc., also require additional charges.
How can I exchange currency ? Are ATM machines available during the trip ?
You can exchange currency at banks and authorized money exchangers. There are ATMs available in the cities so it is suggested to withdraw the money as per your requirement during the visit.
Are doctors available at all times ?
Yes, Doctors are available in each destination. Do let your attendant know about your requirement of any medical assistance.
Is there an emergency contact number ?
Yes, all important emergency contact numbers are mentioned on your travel voucher.
May I bring my own wine / alcohol aboard the train ?
No, carrying any sort of liquor onboard is not permitted. There is a bar onboard that stocks wines, alcohols and other liquors to meet the tastes and preferences of the guests.
Is Internet connectivity available on board ?
Yes, high-speed internet connectivity is available for the guests onboard.
Are my valuables secure inside the train ?
Yes, proper and modern security arrangements are made onboard for the security of guests and their belongings. Every cabin is also equipped with electronic lockers for storing valuable items.
How much luggage I can carry while travelling on Palace on Wheels ?
The guests are advised and requested to carry luggage according to the guidelines prescribed under international airline standards.
Is there any arrangement for on board entertainment?
Yes, there are various indoor games such as Chinese Checker, Crossword Puzzle, Chess, Carom Board, and Cards are available onboard. Along with this, each saloon also has a lounge for guests to interact, relax, make friends, get together and play games.