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Spa and Lounge

Places on Wheel Spa and Loungee

Get access to world-class facilities on board this luxury train, with a spa and a laidback lounge designed for erstwhile royals within a chugging express train, running through the most iconic landmarks in India.

Sit and recharge yourself while you sip on some of the finest liquors at the Palace on Wheels lounge, or simply relax and untie those knots in your back as you get a special spa treatment at the train’s very own health spaa.

Sitting lounge

A room full of tasteful vintage furniture, wall hanging art, and beautiful flower pots with parallel open windows that offers a glimpse of the passing by villages and towns – the Palace on Wheels lounge is as good as it gets!

The perfect ambiance to sit down and relax guests can socialize with fellow passengers after a long day of touring and sightseeing, the lounge has everything. There are all the latest issues to magazines, books and board games to help you pass the time.

Spa Car

What could be better that getting a health spa done on the train while you’re moving towards your next destination on the itinerary?

The Palace on Wheels train offers just that to the guests, with a range of Ayurvedic health massages and other treatments. Treat yourself while the best therapists and practitioners to help you rejuvenate your senses at the Palace on Wheels Health Spa. The interiors are decorated in a royal theme with striking carpeting on the floors and calming colors all around to lend you that spa experience.

The Palace on Wheels train is a 5 Star hotel on wheels, complete with all the amenities such as a fully equipped lounge car and a health spa offering the best treatments. Even after a long day of sightseeing, you won’t feel drained as the Palace on Wheels has all the right tools to help you relax.