Maharajas' Express Train

One can experience a magnificent luxury tour in ancient palace style on the Maharajas Express. The journey is sure to enchant you as the luxury carriages carry you through the most scenic places. It offers seven various travel circuits to help you see historic monuments and structures. The royal tours on Heritage of India, Gems of India, Indian Panorama, Indian Splendor, Treasures of India, The Southern Sojourn and The Southern Jewels make you experience the royal ambience on the tour. These tours throw light on the rich ancient heritage which is seen around various places throughout India even today.

The journey helps you visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites, pass through wildlife parks, taste royal culture of ancient rulers in India in the historical monuments and palaces. There are also traditional folk dances and performances to entertain you at some of the destinations. While traditional warmth greets you at arrival, royal hospitality sees you through the rest of this palatial journey. Each carriage is designed in such a vibrant way to give you the feel of being in a palace.

There are 23 total carriages to treat you to royal luxury. It not only caters to your basic needs in full royalty and traditional hospitality but keeps you from boredom. You can have you quiet evening time or relax with a book in the peaceful lounge. What’s more is that you can shop from the onboard souvenir store. Pamper your senses with the health/beauty spa treatment onboard. You can taste the wide spread lip smacking cuisine from fine dine cutlery in dining cars. Chill out at the bar where you are served beverages and spirits of international brands.

The large windows help you view the journey as the Train cruises through sub-urban landscapes. Travelling on the Indian luxury Train is like a journey to the bygone era. The luxury train has won several noted awards including back-to-back award from the year 2012 to 2015. “The World's Leading Luxury Train” was awarded to The Maharajas Express at the World Travel Awards. As your journey ends here, you get a farewell cheerful goodbye while you carry on the luxurious experience in your memories forever.