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General Information

Places on Wheel Information

Palace on Wheels was started on January 26, 1982. It was launched by the Indian Railways in association with Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) for the development of tourism in Rajasthan. The train service was refurbished and restarted in August 2009 with a new decor, itinerary and cuisine.

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General Information
Q. What is Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels is India’s the first luxury train and known for its itinerary covering iconic tourist attractions of India that teach about historic tales of the country.

Q. Where does Palace on Wheels operate?

A. The train operates in Rajasthan and Agra. It mostly covers the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan.

Q. How to book tickets for Palace on Wheels?

A. Palace on Wheels tickets can be booked via online through approved General Sales Agent (GSA) of RTDC. To book tickets, click here.

Q. Why is it called as Palace on Wheels?

A. All the carriages and equipment of the train sparkles in the glory of the royalty and legacy of erstwhile kingdoms portrays it like a moving Palace on Wwheels. That’s why it was remarked as the “Palace on Wheels”. Also, the carriages honored with the princely states of Rajasthan signifies it.

Q. Who owns the Palace on Wheels?

A. Under Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation (RTDC) and Indian Railways, Palace on Wheels is operating.

Q. Are children allowed in Palace on Wheels ?

A. Yes, children are allowed to travel and a child up to 12 years can be considered under children policy.

Q. Are pets allowed in Palace on Wheels?

A. No, pets are not allowed to travel on the train.

Q. What are the travel documents required for the travel?

A. After completion of payment, travel documents will be handed to everyone. They are very important to carry and Passport and visa also must carry.

Q. How early should I book tickets?

A. Always try to book before three months to make your place confirm. Because bookings on Palace on Wheels is very fast.

Q. How to pay for the tickets?

A. All Debit and Credit cards can be accepted and bank transfers too.

Q. Do I need visa to travel in Palace on Wheels?

A. For foreigners, Visa is must to enter into the country. But particularly we never ask for the details of Passport or visa on the train.

Q. Are there any regulations for dressing in the train?

A. No regulations, you can wear what you like according to your comfort and convenience.

Q. What type of dresses are recommended?

A. India is a tropical land, so try to wear thick woolen clothes in winters and at other times better to wear cotton clothes and linens. For safaris, try to wear light weighted clothes, sunglasses, shoes.

Train Fare
Q. What is the ticket price of Palace on Wheels in USD and INR?

A. Based on season and occupancy, ticket price varies.

  • During Peak Season :

    from minimum INR 2,73,000 & USD 4,550 to maximum INR 7,56,000 & USD 12,600 costs a ticket.

  • During Lean Season :

    from minimum INR 2,10,000 & USD 3,500 to maximum INR 7,56,000 & USD 12,600 costs a ticket.

For more details, click here.

Q. Are gratuities a part of the train fare?

A. Gratuities not includes in the train fare.

Q. What is the ticket cost for a child in Palace on Wheels?

A. Children who are below 12 years age costs 50% fare of an adult and for children below 5 years, 10% of the fare will be charged.

Q. Will the cost be altered in virtue of any celebrations?

A. Yes, during celebrations of Christmas and New Year additional 10% surcharge will be added to the ticket cost.

Q. Will there be a reduction in tariff if I cut short the train journey?

A. No refund or reduction will be processed in tariff if you cut short the journey.

Q. Are the meal included in the tariff?

A. Yes, meals are part of the tariff.

Q. Do I need to take any vaccination to travel in Palace on Wheels?

A. Not in specific. If you are a resident of Yellow Fever epidemic country better to get Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate.

Q. When does each trip start and end?

A. Always the itinerary starts on Wednesday evening and ends on the next Wednesday morning.

Q. Can I cancel the booked tickets? What is the cost of cancellation?

A. Yes, you can cancel the tickets. If you cancel before 90 days of departure date, 10% of ticket fare will be deducted. If you cancel before 30 to 89 days of departure date, 20% of ticket fare will be deducted. If you cancel within 29 days you don’t get a refund.

Q. Can I transfer the ticket to another person?

A. No, tickets can’t be transferred to another person.

Q. Is my tour insured?

A. Yes, your tour will be insured under the causes of terrorism, theft, natural disasters.

Q. Will Palace on Wheels cancel the booked tour?

A. If the minimum passenger threshold not reached means your booked tour can be canceled. In such cases, refund or new journey dates will be published. If due to natural calamities, the tour canceled means no refund will be issued.

Q. What are the top destinations covered by Palace on Wheels?

A. The Palace on Wheels runs only one itinerary, every destination of it is a marvel to discover. Check out the details of the itinerary to know more.

Q. Where does the itinerary start and end?

A. At the same Safdarjung railway station, the itinerary starts and ends.

Q. How long is the train journey?

Q. Is the itinerary open throughout the year?

Train History
Q. When was the first tour of Palace on Wheels started?

A. On the auspicious day of Republic Day, January 26 in the year 1982, the first tour of Palace on Wheels has taken place.

Q. What is the history of Palace on Wheels?

A. When India got Independence, the royal cabins of Rajputs, Gujarat, Hyderabad Nizams, and British Viceroys were seized not to use. Then, RTDC used these cabins to convert into a luxury train and it is the “Palace on Wheels”. The brilliant idea is a great success and it gained good fame throughout the world.

Coaches and Cabins
Q. How many coaches are there in Palace on Wheels?

A. Totally, 14 guest coaches were equipped to the train with two different types of accommodation.

Q. Does the name of coach make any difference?
A. Yes, the coaches of the Palace on Wheels were named after the princely states of Rajputana. In addition to this, the thematic colors in the coaches represent the attractions of the land.
Q. How many passengers can be accommodated in the coaches?
A. At a time, 82 passengers can be accommodated in the coaches.
Q. What are the amenities available inside the cabin?
A. Wi-Fi accessibility, safe locks, TV, DVD player, telephone services, classy furniture, high-end modern bathroom, and the remaining are the best-class available amenities of the train.
Q. What are the types of accommodations available in Palace on Wheels?
A. There are two types of Palace On Wheels cabins. One is Deluxe Cabin and the other is Super Deluxe cabin. You can choose single or double occupancy in them.
Q. How Much luggage is allowed inside the cabin?
A. Palace on Wheels allows the luggage as per the guidelines of international airlines.
Q. How is food served inside the train?
A. Two restaurants are available on the board of Palace on Wheels. Here you can have delicious food of Palace on Wheels.
Q. What type of cuisine is served in Palace on Wheels?
A. In Palace on Wheels, you can enjoy the savors of Indian, Continental, Chinese, Rajputana, and Mughlai cuisines.
Q. Does the train provide laundry services?
A. No, laundry services are not available onboard. At some particular destinations, you can have laundry services.
Q. Am I entitled to have a butler?
A. Yes, for every guest on Palace on Wheels will have a personal butler.
Q. Are there any facilities for physically challenged tourists?
A. Yes, if you inform at the time booking. The team will arrange the facilities like a wheelchair and others.
Q. Are there any medical facilities available?
A. Throughout the tour, paramedical services are available. At any instance, they will be available to serve.
Q. Is there internet facility in the train?
A. Yes, 24 hours Wi-Fi facility is available on the train. But connection may be not stable because sometimes it runs through remote areas. At some major cities, you can enjoy fast network.
Lounge and Bar
Q. Is smoking allowed in the train?
A. No, smoking is not allowed in train. As per Indian law, no one is permitted to smoke in public places.
Q. Who will be served drinks in Palace on Wheels?
A. People who are 21 years old or above only will be served with alcoholic drinks.
Q. What are the facilities available in the lounge room?
A. The Palace on Wheels equips a good environment lounge room with mini-library, board games, TV for entertainment, and more. At lounge room, guests can enjoy the best time on the board.
Q. What type of therapies are available in the Spa?
A. The spa of Palace on Wheels offers Ayurvedic therapies. Your body and soul get rejuvenates with the available therapies in the Palace on Wheels.
Q. Is the Spa session covered in the tariff of the train ticket?
A. No, spa session doesn’t include in the tariff of train ticket.
Pre and Post Tour Accommodation
Q. When should I reach India for Palace on Wheels tour?
A. Always try to reach departure destination before one night of your tour. It will be helpful to make your journey smooth to the station on time.
Q. Are the hotel accommodations covered in the tariff?
A. No, pre and post accommodation hotel booking will not be covered under tariff.
Q. Are the fly-in and fly-out tickets included in the fare?
A. No, pre and post flight tickets are not part of the fare.