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What is Maharajas' Express Train?

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  • 23 May 2023
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If you heard about this top notch luxury train name on television then you would have thought What is Maharajas' Express train? Here you will read and learn about this six time World Travel Awards WTA award winner train super equipped to deliver regal luxury travel experience to travelers.

Step on the luxury train with royal interiors, impeccable hospitality and everything regal including the daily basic needs. The week long luxury tour provides visitors to India to see the royal opulence of the rich heritage of our country.

IRCTC expanded Indian Railways Catering And Tourism Corporation unveiled this royalty on wheels with red carpeting themed with Royal Indian Heritage. The lavish luxury train has reinvented an unparalleled Luxury Travel experience in India undertakes various tours in luxury. The guests get a chance to explore the brilliant architecture and historic monuments and magnificent palaces of ancient Incredible India in luxury and value for money.

We will dive deep into the essence of The Maharajas Express Luxury Train In India.

The Train

There are fourteen carriages to accommodate the guests with Presidential Suite, Suites, Deluxe Cabins and Junior Suites. The Presidential Suite gets the name of ‘Navratna’ which is nine gemstones.

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More Details of Maharajas Express

Here are some of the names of the guest carriages with their meaning in English:

  1. Manik - Ruby
  2. Moonga - Red Coral
  3. Panna - Emerald
  4. Feroza - Turquoise
  5. Moti - Pearl
  6. Pukhraj - Yellow Sapphire
  7. Heera - Diamond
  8. Neelam - Blue Sapphire
  9. Katela – Amethyst

Common areas are equipped with facilities like Wi-Fi internet, DVD players, safe box, mineral water, games, pantry etc. to entertain the guests. There is also a lounge known as Rajah Club for guests to relax during the tour while the train is traveling to another destination.

There are two lavish dining cars with amazing luxury ambiance. These two onboard restaurants that serve multi cuisine are known as Mayur Mahal Restaurant that means Peacock Palace and Rang Mahal restaurant that means Palace of Colours.

Guests can also check out the souvenir onboard shop to pick up some mementos of the memorable luxury tour. There is also a direct dial facility, electricity with chargers available onboard. Washrooms are equipped with hairdryers, shower, running hot water by geysers and hygiene is maintained in all areas of the train. 

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Destinations Covered

The luxury train provides various tours approximately a week long journey covering top tourist destinations in India including the Golden Triangle Circuit. This is the train that helps a visitor to India to explore the most diverse destinations. It rolls from Mumbai– the commercial hub of the country through the ancient caves of Ellora some of them dating back to fifth century AD.

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It also covers some of the most popular tourist destinations in India including Jaipur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Ranthambore, Agra and Delhi. These places house significant historical ancient monuments and palaces belonging to the ancient Royal Indian Heritage. There are other princely routes of Western Southern India including the ruins of Hampi and the beaches of Goa toured by the luxury train depending on the journey you select. If you want to find Top 5 Beaches in India click here.

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Dining Cars & Bar

The luxury train has two magnificent onboard restaurants known as Mayur Mahal that means Peacock Palace and Rang Mahal that means Palace of Colours. Both the restaurants serve same multi cuisine and have similar seating arrangement by the window-side.

The romantic couples in luxury or those who would like to have a private chat can occupy the side for two whereas if you would like to have a hearty chat with group of friends or co-passengers then such guests can occupy the table to seat four.

A total of 42 guests can comfortably dine or lunch at each onboard restaurant at once. There are also special meals facility for the guests with special dietary requirements such as gluten free, etc. on prior request or confirm at the time of booking tickets on the Maharajas Express Train.

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1.  Mayur Mahal

There is a golden ensemble icon at the corner of the onboard dining car of the luxury train. The ambiance is soothing but still has vibrant decor and furnishings that add to the royalty.

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2.  Rang Mahal

There is a colorful fresco on the ceiling of the onboard dining car and this adds regal look and vibrancy of the rainbow to this restaurant known as Palace of Colors.

Bar & Lounge

Guests can indulge in a variety of beverages at the Safari Bar including cocktails and the best of the best international labels at the Safari Bar of the Maharajas Express Train. This has a themed ambiance of a Royal Safari that has a stock of the finest wine & spirits from all over the world.

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Rajah Club

There is an onboard comfortable lounge for guests to play, relax alone or have a chatting time with friends or co-passengers of the Maharajas Express Train. The lounge with the en-suite bar has game tables, luxury armchairs and comfortable couches to relax while reading a magazine in a quiet and peaceful ambiance.

Experience life onboard the World's Leading Luxury Train – Maharajas Express with the finest interiors and top of the class hospitality and facilities touring top destinations in India. To know more or if you require help to book tickets see How to Book Tickets for a Luxury Trip on Maharajas Express Train.

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