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Maharajas’ Express General Information

Maharajas’ Express is a luxury train in India. You would have heard a lot about this train and the list of destinations that you would be visiting in this train tour. Here are some basic information and details about the train. This will help you in your planning and packing.


Cabins or the guest cabins are divided into four categories based on the level of luxury. There is one presidential suite, four suites, 18 junior suites and 20 deluxe cabins. They accommodate 88 passengers in one journey. The cabins can be chosen between double and twin cabin based on the type of bed you want. Each cabin can accommodate two passengers except for the presidential suite which can hold four passengers.

Bar and dining

There are two restaurants namely the Mayur and Rang Mahal. They serve top class world cuisines with exclusive cutlery and tableware. You can find Indian, continental, Mewari and Chinese cuisines here. A large collection of beers, wine and spirits are available in the bar. The drinks other than the house brands are not covered under the cost of transportation. Food on board is covered under the cost of the ticket. The bar is called Safari bar and it has world class brands and the bartender service will match that of a five star hotel.

Lounge car

The lounge car is called as the observatory car or Maharajas club. It is a car where many arm chairs are available for the passengers to relax and talk with their friends while watching sceneries through the panoramic windows. Many table games are also available here. There is a library and a personal bar. A souvenir shop is present in this car where you can buy memorabilia.

Maharajas transport

As you know, the Maharajas Express takes you to various destinations. The train stops at a new destination every day morning. The passengers will be escorted to other transportation for reaching tourist attractions in each place. The passengers of suites and presidential suite are accommodated in a car and the rest are accommodated in a deluxe cabin. Each vehicle is provided with a complimentary kit that contains tissue, shoe upper, candies, coolers and others.

Hotel accommodation

Prior and post hotel accommodation is not a part of train ticket. You need to make your own arrangements for staying before and after the train travel in the city. Accommodations are available in the official site or you can arrange your own accommodations.

Domestic and international flights

Based on the itinerary, the train either starts from Mumbai or Delhi. Both the cities have international airport that connects most of the important cities with India. The cities are also well connected with each other with rail, road and air transportation. Your flight ticket or other transportation that would help you reach the train is not a part of the train ticket. You need to book your own tickets or you can arrange your tickets from any travel agencies.

Personal travel insurance

We recommend you to take up any authentic personal travel insurance. You have an electronic safe, fire safety and other safety measures inside Maharajas’ Express. Yet, it is better to take a personal insurance to safeguard against any mishaps. The train is insured against natural calamities like earthquake, theft, fire and flood. Under an umbrella insurance cover, the passengers are also covered.

Post and pre tour

You can choose to explore India before and after the train tour. You can choose any tour packages from our site or make your own arrangements for the same.

Smoking policy

Smoking is strictly prohibited in the train. According to Indian law, smoking is prohibited in all public places including shopping malls, hotel, restaurant, public transportations and others.

Child policy

A child below the age of five can travel without any cost. A child below the age of 12 will be charged 50% of the ticket. Only two can travel in one cabin and your children or child will be accommodated in another cabin. The cabins are not interconnected except in the presidential suite where four people can travel in the same suite. Taxes are additionally charged along with the ticket cost.


Internet is available to all passengers throughout the train journey. The internet signal varies from time to time based on the destination.


You can choose to stay in India after your travel in Maharajas’ Express. You can choose any travel package from our site or use your resources to explore India.

Inclusion and exclusion

There are five different tours provided by Maharajas’ Express. They include your accommodation in train, food, guide, house brand beverages, butler service, sightseeing tickets and local transportation. Taxes, insurance, calls, camera tickets, alcohol beverages outside the train, arrival ticket and accommodation, departure ticket and accommodation and gratuities are not included in the ticket.

Baggage allowance

Carry luggage as per international airline specifications. Soft topped luggage is recommended as it would take less space than others.

Special diet

Do you want any special diet during your travel? The menu changes from time to time. If you required any special dietary meal for any medical reason, you need to mention it during the time of booking. Information regarding your medical condition should also be provided. Carry medicines as per your requirement. Carry dust allergy medicine with you during safaris. Staffs will be able to provide your requested meal during your travel.


Porters will be assigned to you while boarding and leaving the train. They will assist you with your luggage.


Each carriage will be assigned a butler who will be at your service 24/7.

Wheelchair access

There are no disabled person accesses or facilities in the train, unfortunately. It is recommended that a person with restricted mobility should always be accompanied by a normal passenger.


Electricity is available throughout the train journey. International adapters are also available in the train. The normal voltage is 110/220 volts.


Most of the tourist attractions would need long distance walking or long time standing. Pack comfortable shoes with you. Rough surfaces and unpaved walks are common in India.


You would be accompanied by an English speaking professional tourist guide. If needed, you can request any special language guide during the time of booking.

Credit cards

All credit cards, Amex, Visa and Master cards are acceptable in the train. Surcharges will be applied for all transactions made with cards. Cards might not be acceptable in all Indian shops and restaurants outside the train. Have some ready Indian cash in hand.


All international tourists should hold a valid travel visa or related documents. The visa you hold should be approved by Indian embassy. If your visa expires during your travel, you would be deported immediately. Having Maharajas’ Express ticket does not replace visa. There should be two months gap between any two tourist visa stay of 180 or 90 days. If you need to visit again with lesser gap, you need to get special permission from Head of Mission.

Travel documents

After complete payment, you would be provided with the travel document from Maharajas’ Express. Always have the documents in hand. These documents would be given with name, two weeks before journey. Have a scanned copy and photocopy of the document with you always. Your confirmation document should be presented when requested inside the train.

Travel and clothing accessories

You need to pack in regards to the climatic condition of India.

  • During summer, lightweight linen and cotton are recommended
  • Pack lightweight and heavy woollen sweaters, shawls and thick dresses during winter
  • Have a pair of earth shaded light dress for safari. Avoid bright colours during wildlife excursion.
  • Casuals, semi-casuals and nightwear are allowed in the train.
  • Carry comfortable footwear, cap, sunscreen and other essentials with you.

Indian currency and exchange

Exchange rate of Indian currency changes from time to time. You can get services related to currency change from the guest relations manager on board.

One Indian rupee equals 100 paisa

Currency notes are available for denominations like 5, 10, 20, 50, 500 and 2000. Coins are available for 1, 2, 5 and 10 rupees.

Bed spread and bath linen

Bed spread, bath linen and towels are replaced everyday according to the hygiene standard of the train. If required, you can request a change during any time. Please co-operate with the staffs during change.

Hot water

Hot water is available in all cabins. You need to start the geyser 20 minutes prior to get hot water.


Each cabin has an electronic safe where you can keep all your valuables including travel documents, cash, passport and others. It is advised to insure all your valuables before travel. The Maharajas’ Express authorities are not responsible for loss of any valuables.

Hair dryers

Each cabin is provided with a hair dryer.

Off train excursion

More than 70% of the tourist attractions that you would be visiting would need long walks on uneven surface or long time standing. If you have any injury or disability, you need to inform the authorities during the time of booking. If a passenger’s physical condition can cause delay to the whole group or other problems, his participation would be detained in that particular excursion. The Maharajas’ Express authorities have the right to do so when need occurs. No refund or compensation will be provided for the same.

Luggage allowance

There is sufficient luggage storage facility in the train. You can store your luggage under the bed or in a separate cabin. Always lock your bags. Your personal belongings are your responsibilities. The space under a twin bed is 915 x 690 x 330 mm and space under a double bed is 1370 x 940 x 330 mm.

Telephone calls

Telephones are provided in every cabin. Each call charges are additional and are not included in your train ticket.

Train manager

A train manager will be travelling with you. You can approach him with any problem, request, query or suggestion. He will be available 24/7.

Placement of train

After de-boarding, the train will be sent for filling fuel and water. If you are planning to stay on-board or return early from your excursion, talk to your train manager to learn about the placement of train and availability.


The Maharajas’ Express expect passengers to

  • Be punctual and board the train on time. Train shall not wait for any passenger or no alternative transportation will be provided.
  • If you are skipping an excursion or if you are visiting a relative, you should inform the train manager.
  • You are expected to avoid any problems to the schedule or to other passengers. Else, you would be requested to deport without any refund. The Maharajas’ Express authorities have the right to do so.


An experienced crew will travel with you and will be under your service throughout the day. The crew is the best asset of Maharajas’ Express. Each crew member who deals with the passengers are well versed in English thus, communication will not be a problem.


A paramedic is available on board for any medical emergency.


India does not have any medical prerequisites for travel. But, in case of your country being in the list of yellow fever endemic countries, you should have a certification of yellow fever vaccination. The prerequisite can change from time to time.


Laundry services are available during certain destinations. Talk to your butler about the time and other requirements.

Cell phones

Cell phones are allowed during your train travel and during your visits to attractions. But, it is requested to keep your phone in vibration mode to avoid disturbance. The reception of your mobile will not be strong when the train is in travel. You will get a good coverage when the train is stopped.

Minimum passenger requirement

There are five journeys offered by Maharajas’ Express. Each journey will have a minimum passenger requirement. If there is a drop in the booking number, the travel schedule will be cancelled and you would either be given a new date for travel or complete refund. An indication will be provided 30 days in prior to the travel in such conditions.

Special events

For any special events or unique excursion, an additional charge will be imposed and you would be requested to pay off during departure.


The Maharajas’ Express can be chartered to companies, agencies or individuals for marriages, meetings or other events upon request.

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