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History of Maharajas' Express Train

Maharajas’ Express is a World's leading luxury train that was introduced in 1982. The main purpose of this train was to promote tourism in Rajasthan. Its fitness and beauty can be compared to the Orient Express of West. Maharajas’ Express has redefined the field of luxury train. By travelling in Maharajas’ Express we can explore the richness of India in the true spirit it was intended to.

It is one of the most luxurious and costly train in the world. The saloon in Maharajas’ Express are inspired from various ancient saloons used by kings of ancient India. When trains were introduced in India, kings of India developed an interest in travelling in it. They built their own rails and designed their trains. This hobby went on from heir to heir. One of the kings of India, Maharaja of Vadoraja went to the extent of building a fully functional toy train. Maharaja of Gwalior had a silver model train.

In the era of royal dynasties in India, when kings travelled in train, their saloons were decorated in a luxurious way and they were provided all services that were possible on the rail. They used the train for visiting other states, hunting and for relaxation journey. Many saloons were masterpieces of beauty, culture and style. Some were decorated with inlays, carvings, jewel works and unique styled mirrors. It takes a lot more than just a few words with many adjectives to explain the beauty of those saloons.

Maharajas’ Express has tried and succeeded to some extent to recreate those saloons for you and me. Each cabin is a redesign of those royal saloons that were used only by royal people. The quaint styled decor and a five star hotel styled service inside the train would give you nostalgia of being a king. The journey experience of Maharajas’ Express can be compared with that of the Orient Express of West. Every amenity and service that money can buy and is practically possible to be provided in a train travel is available in this train. Name a service and you would be having it in Maharajas’ Express. If you want to enjoy a world class journey, this is the right train.

The train takes you to various tourist destinations for you to explore the true colours of India. Starting from luxurious palace to heritage sites; you can visit dozens of interesting tourism magnets in this country.

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