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How to Enjoy Food in Maharajas Express Restaurants

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  • 24 May 2023
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Food, it is an important aspect in everyone life. Particularly, India is well-known for different delicious food varieties which are derived from the past centuries back. That’s why everyone likes to taste Indian food. By remembering this point, Maharajas Express train equipped two restaurants with a number of available specials and they are “Mayur Mahal” and “Rang Mahal”.

Now we are going to know how to enjoy the food in Maharajas Express restaurants.

What to know about the restaurants of Maharajas Express

Maharajas Express equips two restaurants. Apart from available cuisines, the mind-blowing decors of two restaurants leave you in surprise. Why because the restaurants reflect very grandeur and royal output. According to the names assigned to the restaurants, the interiors were designed.

“Mayur Mahal” restaurant in peacock color grandiosity and “Rang Mahal” Restaurant in complete red aura handmade designs keeps everyone stays in amaze. All these things create a royal ambiance to the restaurants.

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Some information on Maharajas Express:

How to Enjoy Food in these Restaurants

Having food in Maharajas Express restaurants will be like a royal treat. The two restaurants equip two chaired tables and four chaired tables. So, as per your wish, you can select which one suits best for you. You can enjoy the best savors of Maharajas Express restaurants by enjoying the regal interior decors. Its sure everyone feels that they may be really in a grand palace restaurant. Such a perfect elegant decors were adorned to the restaurants.

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From morning breakfast to the night dinner, at anytime Maharajas Express restaurants welcomes its guests. Different styles of cuisines will be available onboard that maybe vegetarian specials or non-vegetarian specials.

And the famous menu specials are Mewar Cuisines, Rajasthani cuisines, Punjabi specials and International specials. Overall, enjoying the delicious food varieties of Maharajas Express surrounded by royal decors, registers an unforgettable moment in your life.

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Types of Cuisines served in Maharajas Express

A unique specialty of Maharajas Express restaurants is different styles of meals according to the travelers comfort.

Here is the list of different styles meals are mentioned.

Ovo Lacto Veg Meal: This type of meals includes dairy products, plant ingredients, and egg but fish, meat, will not be added.

Lactose-Free Meal: Those who want to avoid lactose, this one is the best.

Vegan Meal: Vegan Meal means 100% vegetarian or plant ingredients will only include.

Jain Meal: It is one of the best vegetarian meal types which includes potatoes, onion, beets, carrots, and garlic.

Gluten Free Meal: By choosing this type of meal, you can remove bread, grains, cookies, cereals, pasta, cookies, etc from your meal.

Kosher Meal: This meal follows the law of Jewish dietary. So the ingredients prescribed in that law only will use in this type of meal.

Completely Guide on What Kinds of Cuisines are Available on Maharajas Express on board?

These are the various specials of meals available onboard the train. But among all these, Jain Meal is the must-try specials. Moreover, Mewar cuisines, Rajasthani dishes and other International cuisines are also best to try cuisines in Maharajas Express restaurants.

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