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Relish the Royal Cuisine of Mewar On-board the Maharajas Express

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  • 08 Mar 2023
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Mewari cuisine are mostly simple, rural and very delicious. The Mewari cuisines are prepared using fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. The flavor of the royal cuisine depends on the technique of its cooking and the freshness of the ingredients.

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Being a lake region, Mewar includes diet such as corn, fishes from fresh water and millet. The imperial cuisines of Mewar include some popular dishes such as Steamed and Stuffed Bhindi, Mewari Lauki, Steamed Keema, Chicken Biryani and Phirni. The desserts of Mewar majorly include Milk and dry fruits.

The delicious Mawa kachori is a kind of pastry made of wheat and stuffed with Khoya, almond, Pistachio, saffron-cardamom, and honey. A legendary dish called Paniyachurio is made using crushed maize bread with jaggery and hot clarified butter that makes it digestive. To give a royal touch to the desserts of Mewar, ghee and dry fruits are also added to them.

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Mewari ‘Rotis’ are prepared using a traditional technique. The technique includes rolling the rotis on upturned earthen pots, over the fire. The traditional way of cooking includes coal as the fuel that enhances the flavors, while diffusing a special aroma. Therefore, the dishes display royalty though served in clay pots which also adds a traditional touch to them, while increasing the flavor.

These cuisines are fat and oil free and are considered delicious and healthy. The pleasant aroma of these dishes brings back several memories of past including heritage, warrior traditions, hunting and ceremonies.

You can explore the relishing cuisines of Mewar through the Maharajas Express as it passes through the gastronomic cities of this region. The on-board Chefs of this luxury train prepare the delicacies following the traditional method. These royal cuisines are prepared regularly in the kitchen of Maharajas Express train, satisfying the taste of the guests.

The thematic restaurants of Maharajas Express - Mayur Mahal (Peacock Restaurant) and Rang Mahal (Haveli Restaurant) serve sumptuous food, being inspired by the Mewari cuisine. The authentically crafted main course includes Methi aur Bajre ki Poori, Panchmel Dal, Gatte ka Pulao, Gatte ki Sabzi, Kadi Pakora, Paneer Laung Lata, Bharwan Paneer Kofta Curry, Kalmi Vada, Handi Gosht, Sookha Maans, Bhuna Gosht, Mewar ka Murg and Laal Maans.

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Dining in this luxury train in India gives an ultimate experience of lavishness to its guests. These restaurants, therefore, cater to the preferences of every traveler as they serve vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Indian and continental food. We are sure that you will enjoy the royal meal during your royal journey of Maharajas Express that offers relaxed ambiance, modern facilities and impeccable service on the go.

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