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How Many Coaches are there in Maharajas Express?

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  • 23 May 2023
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The name itself, Maharajas Express signifies it's an abode of royalty and luxuriousness. It is also one of the best-known luxury trains in India for its lavish coaches and things available on the train. Every coach and amenities equipped in them makes everyone stun. Such a classy and wonderful coaches were equipped to Maharajas Express.

Let’s have a look what includes in the coaches of Maharajas Express.

What to explore in the coaches of Maharajas Express?

The Maharajas' Express train equips 14 guest carriages which were named after the precious stones. The 14 coaches divided into four different types of cabins namely Deluxe Cabin, Junior Suite, Suite, and Presidential Suite. The interiors of the coaches looks very fine and attractive with grand paintings and designs. As per your requirement and cost of living you can choose any one among them.

But every cabin will be arranged with all basic luxurious elements and facilities. If anyone wants to experience the extreme level of grandiosity and opulence means, you have to choose the best of them. So here we explained in detail about every cabin of Maharajas Express train.

1. Deluxe Cabin

Maharajas Express deluxe cabin named after precious gemstones Hakik (Agate), Firoza (Torquoise), Katela (Amethyst), Beruz (Aquamarine), and Pitoniya (Bloodstone) equips 20 Deluxe Cabins. Among the 20 cabins, 12 are twin bedded sharing and 8 are double bedded sharing. So, you can choose any one of them, but only 2 members will be allotted to a cabin. Every cabin will be equipped with high range luxury amenities and facilities as like what you have at your residence.

Some Information on Maharajas Express:

Amenities and Facilities

The best-class facilities avail on the train are fully circulating air-conditioning, WiFi facility, Live Television to access all channels, DVD player & LCD screen for entertainment, personal safe locks, luggage hold underneath the bed, and en-suite bathrooms with all modern facilities of shower with running hot and cold water, basin, W.C, bathrobe, and luxury toiletries. In addition to all this, a personal assistant will also be allotted to every cabin to manage all your favors required throughout the journey.

Moreover, the great security system was also equipped with electronic smoke detection and CCTV. And International telephone facility will also available on the train to communicate without bounds. As usual complimentary snacks, tea, coffee, etc will at your desk at any time.
Deluxe cabins of Maharajas Express equips these facilities and amenities to enjoy on train.

2. Junior Suite

A little bit more spacious and luxurious compares to Deluxe cabin. For Junior Suites 6 coaches were allotted and they are Moti (Pearl), Panna (Emerald), Manik (Ruby), Gomed (Hessonite), Moonga (Coral), and Pukhraj (Sapphire). Total 18 Junior Suites will available on the train. Among 18 cabins, 12 are twin bedded and 6 are double bedded and as usual 2 members per cabin. Apart from luxury facilities, interiors of this type of cabin with beautiful designs and paintings look very attractive and royal.

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Amenities and Facilities

Available facilities and amenities in Junior Suites are almost equal to the Deluxe cabins. Every Junior Suite will be managed with an air-conditioning facility, WiFi, Live Television, LCD screen and DVD player, wardrobes to keep your belongings, personal safe locks, luggage hold underneath the bed, and the availability of international telephone facility. Bathrooms with all luxury elements such as bathrobe, a wide range of toiletries, shower with running hot & cold water etc will be equipped.

Your security also well-looked with fire extinguisher, CCTV cameras and RFID door locks technology. For Junior Suites also a personal assistant will be allotted to do all your requests. And also complimentary snacks, tea, coffee, will be served to you by your personal assistant at any time.

These are the facilities and amenities available in Junior Suites. When we compare, almost Deluxe cabins and Junior Suites are same but the difference is just space of the cabins.

3. Suite

Suite cabin is the most lavish one available on Maharajas Express with beautiful furnishings, luxurious facilities, and royal look interiors. Simply, a Suite cabin is equal to two times of Junior Suite, such a huge and imperial cabin it is. Two coaches of the train will equip this type of cabins and the coaches are Heera (Diamond) and Neelam (Blue Sapphire). Overall, 4 suites only will available on the train with double bedded sharing and the capacity is 2 members per suite.

Amenities and Facilities

The facilities and amenities of Maharajas Express Suites are everything fabulous and mind-blowing with utmost luxury elements and regal touch. The best things of Suite are a separate spacious living room and bedroom. It will really like a home for guests with all facilities such as personalized air-conditioning facility, WiFi availability, Live Television, DVD player and LCD, luggage hold underneath the bed, personal safe locks, and writing table with two chairs. Bathrooms will be equipped with bathtub, bathrobe, shower with running hot & cold water, and toiletries. Like this, a suite on Maharajas Express is like a real home.

Furthermore, international telephone facility, mini-bar to refresh and fire extinguisher, CCTV cameras, and RFID door locks for security purpose etc are the other important facilities. A personal assistant will also be allotted to your cabin to help you in all matters. Finally, complimentary snacks, mineral water, tea, and coffee will reach you at any time if you want.

Overall, Suites of Maharajas Express are worthy cabins to experience utmost luxury elements and things to explore.

4. Presidential Suite

It’s like the superior of Maharajas Express with unbelievable interiors and royal ambiance. It's sure everyone will be struck in wonder when they visit it. The Presidential Suite is a high-end choice on Maharajas Express to experience the erstwhile royals style of living. The coach was named as Navratna (Nine Precious Stones) to depict the grandiosity and opulence of the Suite. Only one Presidential Suite will available on the train with double and twin bed sharing and the capacity is 4 members.

Amenities and Facilities

When it comes to the facilities and amenities of Presidential Suite everything will be marvelous and fantastic to enjoy it. The major aspects of the Suite are two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a mini-bar, and living area.

And remaining facilities available are Live Television, air-conditioning facility, WiFi, wardrobes, safe locks, luggage hold underneath the bed, international telephone facility, DVD player, writing table with two chairs, and all safety measurements. Bathrooms will be equipped with all contemporary elements such as bathtubs, bathrobes, shower running with hot & cold water, and toiletries. Everything will be equipped similarly as like as your double bedroom flat.

Some more additional facilities for Presidential Suite guests are a separate language speaking guide and a luxury car for off-train excursions. And also a personal assistant will be arranged to the suite to follow your requests and needs. In a word, if you choose this suite you will be like the king of Maharajas Express.

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All the four different cabins of Maharajas Express will be equipped and organized in this way. According to your worth, you can choose any one of them and book the Maharajas Express train online. But one thing is, in any luxury train you can't find like this extreme royal and luxurious cabins.

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