Palace on Wheels Vs Maharajas Express Train Comparison

Palace on Wheels and Maharajas’ Express are two luxury trains that are common among tourists visiting India. Are you in the dilemma of choosing between Maharajas’ Express and Palace on Wheels?

This article will put light on the difference between the Maharaja’s Express and Palace on Wheels. First of all, both are luxury trains, both are controlled by Indian Railways and both the trains are famous for its destinations, service and amenities.


The Palace on Wheels provide only one itinerary since its maiden run. Maharajas Express provides five different itineraries covering numerous destinations than the Palace on Wheels. In the past, Maharajas’ Express offered only five itineraries. The Maharajas Express has taken initiative in providing new itineraries every now and then.

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Palace on Wheels train focuses on Rajasthan, Delhi, Agra and surrounding areas only. This covers only a portion of the Central and Northwestern India. The Maharajas’ Express has numerous itineraries that cover several parts of the Central and Northwestern India and, the South India.

Latest design

The Palace on Wheels was introduced in 1982 and the latest train style was adopted in 1991. On the other hand, Maharajas’ Express was introduced in 2010 only. This ensures the Maharajas’ Express to have better and latest amenities than the Palace on Wheels. The decor of Maharajas’ Express is more modernized than Palace on Wheels.

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Maharajas’ Express is the costliest train in Asia and one of the costliest trains in the world. When compared to Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels is a cost effective option. Three nights and four days trip of Maharajas’ Express costs around $3,850 but, the seven nights and eight days trip of Palace on Wheels costs only $4,550.

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When it comes to standard level of luxury, both the trains provide seven-star hotel styled comfort. When comparing between the two, the Maharajas’ Express has the highest luxury level. The Maharajas’ Express is the most luxurious train in the world. The Maharajas Express restaurants serve meal on a gold lined plate and precious stones studded glassware.

Mayur Mahal – Maharajas Express

Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal – Maharajas Express

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Better Amenities

The Maharajas’ Express is one kilometer long. The train has an in-built generator and water filtration plant. Numerous other amenities are available with Maharajas’ Express. Palace on Wheels on the other hand have basic amenities that one can expect in a luxury train of India.

Maharani Restaurant – Palace on Wheels

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Number of Tourists

Palace on Wheels can hold 104 passengers in 14 coaches. Maharajas’ Express also has 14 coaches for the guests but it can accommodate only 84 tourists. The size of the cabins are larger in Maharajas’ Express than Palace on Wheels. The size of the restaurant is also larger in Maharajas’ Express than Palace on Wheels.

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Presidential Suites

Maharajas’ Express is the first train to introduce Presidential Suite, which covers one whole carriage. The suite has an attached living room with royal upholstery. Such a prestigious suit is not available in Palace on Wheels.


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Are you still confused with choosing between Maharajas’ Express and Palace on Wheels? Learn about the itineraries and the options available during your vacation period. Check out the amenities that are especially available in each of the train. The level of comfort and luxury is guaranteed in both the trains. Any avid traveler would recommend traveling in both the train at least once in your lifetime. After all, experience matters than words.

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