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Bikaner - The Camel Country

Right from the north eastern region till down south, this flowing beauty is filled with sand dunes. It is said that a disaffiliated Rathore Prince, Rao Bikaji built up this beautiful city. There are several forts and palaces made of red sandstone. Home to the world’s largest breeding farms and camel research this city of camels has the world’s best riding camels. There is also a unique Rats Temple at Deshnok.

Major Attractions of Bikaner:

  • Laxmi Niwas Palace:

    This present day luxury hotel was the palatial residence of Maharaja Ganga Singh, the then king of Bikaner. It has an architectural design of Indo-Saracenic pattern.

  • Junagarh Fort :

    This majestic fort is definitely a treat to your eyes. There are palaces inside the fort made of marble and red sandstone. There is impeccable beauty in all its palaces including the high balconies, grand courtyards, palatial windows and rare kiosks. Apart from its beauty, this fort holds the unique record that it was never captured.

  • Rampuria Haveli :

    This is one of the most famous havelis of Bikaner. Built from red sandstone and adorned with pretty flora around the casements. These closely placed aristocratic homes display intricate wood carvings, latticed windows, decorated divankhanas, etc. There is touch of Victorian style, Mughal and Rajput theme in the drawing rooms.

  • National Camel Research Centre :

    This is one of the largest camel breeding place and the largest camel research center in the whole world. This unique research center dedicated to camels spread over 2,000 acres is distinct in the whole of Asia. Presently this semi arid ground is under the management of the Government of India.

  • Deshnok Karni Mata Temple :

    This temple located in Deshnok where rats roam free and breed in abundance is famous all over the world. There is a marble and precious stone structure with a decorated image of Karni Mata. Her sisters and sisters of Avad Mata are beside her. The image is decorated with beautiful garlands and ‘mukut.’

Best Time to Visit Bikaner

This is one of the tourist spots that can be visited anytime of the year. It is advisable to avoid visiting in summer due to soaring temperatures. However, as camels are the highlights of this town, it would be fun to visit this place during the month of January as there is a famous camel festival held here.

How to Reach Bikaner

  • By Air

    The closest airport is the Jodhpur Airport which is 250 km far.

  • By Road

    From there take a government or private intercity buses depending on your pocket. Hiring a taxi is another way to reach Bikaner from here.

  • By Train

    By rail the Lalgarh Railway Station and Bikaner Junction connects trains to major cities in India. Both the stations are 6 Kilometers away from each other. Bikaner has a well-connected rail system which is linked to the most of the Indian cities like Delhi, Jodhpur, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram and other cities. Apart from these trains, you can explore Bikaner in the other way through luxury train such as Maharajas Express.

Journeys of Maharajas Express Train:

Shopping in Bikaner :

There are several products to shop around for like colorful lehengas, vibrant bangles, etc along KEM line. Bikaner is famous for a few usable products listed below.

  • Bikaner Bhujiya :

    Do not forget to taste the lip smacking Bikaner Bhujiya offered before you purchase. Taste great bhujjia at Lalji's and Chandmal Bhujiyawala at Khajanchi market. There is also Chappan Bhog in Rani Bazaar offers lip smacking bhujjia.

  • Kundan Jewellery :

    If you have heard about Kundan jewellery Bikaner is the place it is manufactured. This little known town of Rajasthan is popular for its artificial and original Kundan Jewellery. There are several households that involve in some process of Kundan Jewellery making.

  • Camel Leather :

    It is not surprising to find camel leather here as there is the world’s largest camel research center and breeding place in Bikaner. Camel leather products especially shoes are smooth and extremely soft. Locally termed ‘mojri’ they are very affordable. Available in various colors along KEM road your feet feel cushiony and comfortable in them.

  • Nokha Razai :

    Close to Bikaner there is town famous for tie-dye Razai prints in Nokha. These are light but keep you very warm. Best place to shop around is the Labuji ka Katla for single fibre or double Nokha.