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Top 10 Most Colorful Markets in Rajasthan

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  • 22 May 2023
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One of the tourist friendly destinations of India, Rajasthan is famous for its grandiose forts, extravagant palaces, vibrant culture and mouthwatering cuisines. But this land of kings has another gorgeous reason to be the most popular destination not only in India but also in Asia.

Colorful arts and craft, traditional jewelry, history captured in frame, hand woven sari have made Rajasthan's local markets more attractive & beautiful. This drop dead gorgeous items will not let you move your eyes from them.

The street markets of Rajasthan give you the traditional feel of the state. These markets offer best quality products and most importantly in a budget price.

So, here are the top 10 colorful markets of Rajasthan which you should not avoid during your trip to Rajasthan.

Pink City the shopping Paradise

Jaipur the pink city of India is the ultimate destination of all the shopaholics around the country. This amazing city is best known for its souvenirs, jewelry, garments and carpets.

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The two most popular markets of this city are:

1. Johari Bazar: The Land of Jewels

If you are a jewelry lover and looking for fabulous collection, visit the Johari bazar of Jaipur. Visitors can select from a wide range of traditional jewelry, most of which are decorated with precious & semi-precious stones.This bazar is famous for Kundan and Meenakari styles.

Apart from the expensive jewels, tourist can also check some reasonable handmade accessories.It is always advisable for the buyers to go for the jewelries which come with a warranty. Among the other items, handmade sarees and lehengas, which are traditional Rajasthani apparels, are also very popular.


This market remains open from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm everyday.

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2. Bapu Bazar: The Ultimate Shoppers Stop

Located near the Johari bazar, Bapu bazar has all the important items of your shopping list. Famous for leather mojari (Rajasthani traditional footwear), Rajasthani textiles, colorful sari, lehenga and perfumes, this market is enveloped with beautiful pink buildings, sprinkling the real magic of Pink City.These products are available at a reasonable price, so don’t worry about your pocket.


Travelers can explore this market on all weekdays between 11 am to 8 pm.

Other than these two markets, Tripolia bazar, Chandpol bazar and Kishanpol bazar of Jaipur are also renowned for their quality products.

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Shopping in the heritage city Jodhpur

Home of many temples and museums, this Blue City of Jodhpur offers a wide range of product to fulfill your shopping wishes. The two charming markets that can be explored are

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3. Clock Tower Market : Flavours of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is world famous for its delicious cuisines and therefore visitors now have a chance to take back those magical ingredients with them.These exotic spices, available at the Clock Market of Jodhpur are aromatic and fresh. Antique items, handicraft and dyed clothes are also available in this market. Take a local guide before visiting this market as it is easier to bargain in local language!

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The market remains open from 10 am to 8 pm every day.


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4. Nai Sarak : The colorful market

Colorful turbans, leather goods, sari made and painted with hand are specialty of this market. The market also exhibits the famous bandhani art of Jodhpur. Made with soft and colorful material,these dye clothes will make you a part of the vibrant culture of Rajasthan. The best thing about this market is that each of these products are being sold by its own artist. There is no middle man which makes this place a very pocket friendly market.


Open from 9 am to 7 pm this market can be visited throughout the week.

Along with the above listed markets, tourists can also visit Mochi Bazar & Sojati Gate Market. Mochi means cobblers and as the name suggests, this market is famous for traditional footwear. These footwear are known as Jodhpuri juttis or mojaris. Besides this fashionable shoe for men, sherwanis, achkans and lacquer bangles also can be found here. On the other side, Sojati Gate offers a wide range of handicrafts, jewelry and fabrics.

Shopping in the Venice of East

One of the most romantic destinations of Rajasthan, Udaipur will give you enough chances to impress your partner with your shopping skills. Apart from the charismatic landscape, this city offers some of the amazing pocket friendly markets which are impeccable for any kind of shopping.

5. Bada Bazar of Udaipur

Don’t get confused we are not talking about Kolkata, this is the Bada Bazar of Udaipur. From an air-conditioned showroom to a footpath stall, this place has all the shopping options for its visitors. While visiting this amazing market do carry a big shopping bag because you won’t be able to select which one to choose and which one to leave.

The unique collection, vivid colors, good quality and the reasonable price will amaze you to fill your shopping bags. From traditional dresses to shoes, antiques to dyed clothes, leather goods to traditional jewelry the range of the available product of this market is huge.


The market is open from 8 am to 9 pm on all days of the week.

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6. Decors of the Hathi Pol Bazar

For an unparalleled experience visit the unique Hathi Pol Bazar. Located near the City Palace, this market is renowned for Rajasthani paintings, miniature paintings, colorful folk toys, smiling puppets, embroidered leather shoes and other souvenirs. If you are coming by car, park it inside the palace complex only. As the market is dominated by the local people, a little bargaining skill can be helpful for you.


This market is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day except Sunday.

Chetak circle and Shilpgram are the other famous markets of Udaipur. Chetak circle is mainly known for traditional jewelry boxes, salutation cards and precious stones whereas Shilpgram offers items like pottery, clothing and other hand made items.

Craftsmanship of the Golden city Jaisalmer

The gateway to the Thar is well known for camel ride, soothing sunset and the magical folk music. While enjoying these features, travelers can also explore a few shopping destinations of this golden city.

7. Sadar Bazar: The prime market of Jaisalmer

Ample variety, quality of product and wholesale pricing are the main features which attracts visitors to this market. From unique designed jewelry to beautiful wooden items, handicraft shawls to mirror work embroidered garments, it offers a wide range of product for the buyers.

This Rajasthani items have made this market very popular among the tourists. Don’t forget to try mojari made of camel leather and silver ornaments as these two are the specialty of Sadar Bazar.


This market is open throughout the week between 10 am to 6 pm.

Manak Chowk, Pansari Bazar and Bhatia Bazar are the other noticeable markets of Jaisalmer.

Bikaner one of the oldest shopping hub of Rajasthan

World famous for its Bikaneri bhujia, Bikaner has one of the oldest market of Rajasthan. Beside those ancient marvels this fortified city offers some incredible Rajasthani handicrafts which cannot be found anywhere else.

8. Mahatma Gandhi Road: The street market

This street market is full of glittering shops filled with glittery bangles, glass embroidered lehengas and sparkling mojari. This items will surly draw your attention and provoke you to buy them. Travelers can also treat their taste buds with some amazing Rajasthani snacks item.Sweets, bhujia and papads available in this market will make your shopping more interesting.


This market remains open every day between 9 am to 7 pm.

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9. Kote Gate: age old market of Bikaner

Located at the entrance of Bikaner, this age old market is surrounded with ancient architectural structure. This market is filled with variety of shops offering traditional accessories like open toed shoes for men, Rajasthani paintings, khadi kurtas and other handicrafts. The uniqueness of Kote Gate lies in its Kundan jewelry. Renowned for design and quality, these jewelry items attracts a large number of tourist here.


The market is open from 8 am to 7 pm on all week days.

Near to Kote Gate there is another market, Station Road market which is known for selling leather jackets, leather jootis and leather chairs.

Shopping in the holy city Pushkar

The holy city of Pushkar has also a few shopping markets which exhibits the tradition of Rajasthan. Popular for serene bathing ghats and camel fair, Pushkar is famous for beautiful idols of Gods and Goddesses, cloths, bangles and home decorative items.

10. Sarafa Bazar: The biggest market of Pushkar

Women has a special craze for this vibrant market as this place offers some of the best designed gorgeous Indian ethnic wear. It also offers exclusive bangles, silver jewelry and mojari.

The other two known markets are Kedalganj market and Sadar Bazar. These two markets also exhibit a wide range of Rajasthani products like marble statues, leather items and puppets.

So, why wait? Make your shopping list and visit Rajasthan in the upcoming vacation.

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