A Complete Guide on Pushkar Camel Fair

Pushkar does not have any responsible travel qualifications but it is a great way to experience some of the cultures of Spiritual India in Rajasthan. Pushkar Lake is around which the town is formed and is said to have been formed when a lotus flower fell from the hands of the Lord Brahma. It is also the only place in India where you can find many Brahma temples.

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Apart from the odd temple visit, it is a Hindu Pilgrimage Town and so alcohol is not allowed in Pushkar. Pushkar is famous for the Camel Fair which is conducted each year.

Dates of Pushkar Camel Fair

You must note the date of the famous Pushkar camel fair and this year it will be from 4th to 12th November 2019.

The fair is one of the most famous among large audience and attendees, so it is necessary for you to plan soon and get your tickets done to experience a colorful fair and get a glimpse of Indian culture and cuisine.

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Rituals at the Pushkar Fair


Many Hindus reach this place at the time of camel fair because they consider it as a holy pilgrimage. The fair is important because it falls every year from Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Purnima and it is 5 days rituals for Hindus.

Pushkar is a place of Lord Brahma and people all around the world to reach here to take a dip in the Pushkar Lake and pray to the lord. Pushkar only places where you get Lord Brahma temple. There are few rituals which people follow especially on two full moon days because it considered as highly auspicious.

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How The Pushkar Fair is Celebrated?


Pushkar is one of the most famous fairs celebrated in India. The festival about celebrates the Kartik Purnima. The fair is celebrated on full moon day and Indian lunar month falls between October and November. People who have faith in Lord Brahma take a dip in holy water in Pushkar Lake and celebrate the Fair.

Main Features of Pushkar Fair

Pushkar is Small Township in Rajasthan which is 11 km away from Ajmer. Pushkar is a holy place for Hindus and it is the only place where lord Brahman devotees get a chance to pray to their God. The Pushkar Safari is also famous for Camel Safari and various pilgrimage spot, exciting camel safaris and not to forget desert sand dunes.

Attractions at the Pushkar Fair


To join the Pushkar fair you have to reach the Brahma Temple Road and the National Highway 89. It is a huge place where thousands of people can easily accommodate and enjoy every bit of the festival. The fair is known as Camel Fair and it is the main attraction as well.

You can experience camels and all are dressed and decorated in the most beautiful manner possible. The fair is all about the virility of this amazing animal. Here you can enjoy various showcases like camel race, camel dance, shaving camels, beauty pageants and camel parades.

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Other than camel fair you can also enjoy

  • Several cultural performances of music and folk dance
  • You can also enjoy amazing and expert Snake Charmer at Pushkar Camel Fair
  • Enjoy the most delicious Rajasthani cuisine at Pushkar Camel Fair
  • You may find various people with huge Mustache and here you can get Mustache Competition at Pushkar Camel Fair

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Things to do in Pushkar Fair

1. Luxurious Camel Safari

camel-safariTake a ride on the beautiful creature of God and that is camel safari. Camel ride is one of the main features of the Pushkar Fair. You can experience the real Rajasthan with sand dunes and the desert terrain with camel safari.

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2. Tent Camping


If you need to come closer to Rajasthan culture and people you can take camping in some of the most exotic tents which are equipped with all the necessary amenities. The experience is worth the money because it gives you a real-life feeling and also way different from hotel rooms. Check for tents booking soon because it gets occupied real soon.

3. Thrilling Hot Air Balloon Ride

Make your Pushkar trip memorable and exciting with Hot Air Balloon Ride. This activity is for people with strong head and mind as you will at a thrilling height that gives you panoramic views of camel fair.

How to Reach Pushkar

To reach Pushkar from the train then you have to take a train ride to Ajmer because it is the nearest railway station to Pushkar. You can also take your personal vehicle to reach this amazing place Pushkar. Kishangarh is the airport nearby Pushkar where you will get frequent flights.

Today, the rule of Raja Maharajas is no longer found, but their lifestyle can be experienced and enjoyed in the royal journey of any luxury train in Rajasthan.

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These trains show the Raja-Maharajas empire lifestyle in every corner and take tourists back to the golden age of Rajasthan.

  1. Maharajas’ Express
  2. Palace On Wheels
  3. Deccan Odyssey 

Read here the complete details of Maharajas’ Express:

Where to Stay

At the time of Pushkar fair, it has been seen that prices will rise and it will pack-jam booking so plan your trip in advance. You can get luxurious tents to guesthouses to five star or heritage hotels and can also book for farm stays.

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Some popular and famous accommodation includes:

  • Ananta resort
  • Jagat Palace,
  • Bhanwar Singh Palace
  • Lohana Village Resort
  • Dera Masuda
  • Vela Resort and more

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Nearby Places To Visit While You Are In Pushkar

  • If you are visiting Pushkar Fair then you should also plan to visit nearby places which are famous and you must take a trip.
  • If you want to see mesmerizing view then do visit Pushkar Lake Banks
  • Mahadeva Temple is one of the famous places in Pushkar and people who have strong faith in lord shiva do visit this amazing temple. There are other temples also that you can visit like Brahma’s Temple, Varah Temple, Savitri Temple, and Rangji Temple.
  • Naga Pahar is another famous destination that you must plan to visit.
  • Rose Garden is a famous place that has various rose flower breed and that really look mesmerizing.

Things to do Near Rajasthan 

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Shopping at Pushkar

Rajasthan is a colorful place and you can get a lot of things to buy. If you are in Pushkar at want to buy a souvenir for your loved once then you should visit places like:

  • Pushkar fair which has various things to offers.
  • You can buy beautiful handicraft from the handicraft stores.
  • Sadar bazaar is another destination for the shopaholic.
  • Do visit Kedalganj Bazaar for the best shopping experience.

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