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15 Best Christmas Markets in the World to Explore for Shopping

December is the month of joy and festival. Yes! It is Christmas that makes this month very special. People around the world celebrate and enjoy this festive season irrespective of the caste and religion.

  • Christmas : Simplified form of "Christ's Mass".
  • Date : Wednesday, 25 December 2019
  • Celebrations : Giving Gift, family and other social gatherings, symbolic decoration, feasts etc.
  • Also called : Noël, Nativity, Xmas

Why Christmas is Celebrated in December?

Christmas is derived from “Mass of Christ” and is celebrated on 25th December worldwide. This festival is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ, the savior. Christians believe that Jesus was crucified and gave his life for them and came back to life.

Although there is no mention of Christ being born on 25th December exactly in the Bible or any holy book. First when Christmas was celebrated on 25th December was in 336 in a period of Roman Emperor Constantine; he was the first Christian Emperor.

According to legend and folklore, Mary, Jesus’s mother was foretold that she is going to have a very special baby on 25th March and nine months according to this is 25th December.

In most of the places prepared for Christmas, the celebration starts form the month of November itself. People will be busy in purchasing Christmas gifts, decoration items, cards, sweets, etc for their loved ones. Even the vendors utilize this opportunity to sell their products.

So let us know about 15 best Authentic Christmas Markets in the World.

1. Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market, England

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas Market

Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market is in England and it is one of the largest Christmas markets in the World. Here you will have a wonderful experience of all types of fun. One of the major attractions is the ride on an ornate carousel. The entire market will be decorated with lights and you can enjoy the traditional Christmas songs. Moreover you can have delicious roasted almonds, schnitzels, bratwursts etc.

What to buy: This is a great place to buy all kinds of goods for all ages of people. This is one of the most important places to visit if your Christmas shopping is pending and even if you just want to enjoy the jolly people. Your whilst can start with exquisite handcrafted wooden decoration, delicate glass baubles, toys, and beautiful jewelry.

Celebration dates : 7th November – 23rd December

Timings: 10am- 9pm

2. Zagreb Advent Christmas Market, Europe

Zagreb Advent is in Zagreb of Croatia, Europe. This beautiful and huge market is listed among one of the beautiful Christmas markets in the world. Each and every corner of the city will be decorated during the Christmas season. You can find many gifts shops, street food stalls, crafts shops and many more. There will be a lot of rides and fun activities for the kids as well.

What to buy: With the existence of this wonderful market you don’t have to be worried about being somebody’s secret Santa anymore. Love, Ana is full of pretty things to brighten up the Christmas hamper you are going to get someone, from beanbags to beautiful lamps you can get any household item. Wooden toys and little souvenirs can be found at the Dolac market. Locally produced, hand-made items you can find on take me home and decorate your house with Ljevak's.

Celebration dates : 30th November – 7th January 2020

Timings: 6pm-10pm

3. Christmas village Belvedere Palace, Austria

Christmas village Belvedere Palace

Christmas village Belvedere Palace in Vienna, Austria is a must visit the place during Christmas. An evening walk around this wonderful city gives you a lot of stunning views and an amazing experience. The mouth watering smell of street foods and the beautifully decorated stalls will literally attract you to the shops.

What to buy: There are more than 70 booths selling traditional handicraft and other hand made decoration and gifts. Karlsplatzsells all kind of art stuff for kids, Spittelberg has unique culinary gifts will give you many ideas for beautiful gifts.

Celebration dates : 22nd November – 26th December

Timings: 11am-9pm

4. Stellenbosch Slow Market, Christmas Market South Africa

Stellenbosch Slow Market in South Africa is one of the popular local markets. This market is open throughout the year but the annual Christmas fest is the best and apt time to visit this market. Here you can purchase so many local home decor items, organic chocolate for kids, German Christmas biscuits, cakes and puddings especially made for Christmas celebrations, gift items for your loved ones and special wine for adults and many more.

What to buy: The range of authentic gifts are overflowing in the market. You can find Sterling steel jewelry, home décor, homemade clothing and a lot of tasty delights to gift to your favorite people.

Celebration dates : 6th to 7th December

Timings: 9am- 10pm

5. Christkindlmarket Chicago, Christmas Market, USA

Christkindlmarket Chicago

Christkindlmarket in Chicago, Illinois, USA is a fantastic Christmas market which is a traditional German-style Christkindlemarket. The major attraction of this market is the unique tradition Stammtisch.

Stammtisch means a special table gathering with your family and friends. You can book for this in advance and enjoy special German food and drinks with them.

What to buy there: There are lots of options for you to buy there from last-minute gifts to pre-planned surprises. Galleries and boutique filled with beautiful Christmas décor is very alluring. There is a Hat shop to warm everyone’s heart with a beautiful collection. Posy Handpicked Goods named shop is filled with luxurious body oils, scrub, handmade jewelry, and home décor.

Celebration dates : 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd December 2019

Timings: Friday: 11:00am- 7:30pm
Saturday: 10:00am-- 7:30pm
Sunday: 10:00am- 3:00pm

6. Manchester Christmas Market, England

Manchester Christmas market in Manchester, England will be prepared to welcome the Christmas from the month of November onwards. This is a favorite place for foodies. The street will be filled with the aroma of traditional food items and it is the perfect place for night parties with your friends.

Moreover, you can purchase gifts and different items from the beautifully decorated stalls.

What to buy: This beautiful festive market has everything in store for you. You can buy jewellery, handcrafted leather bags, crafts, bonsai tree, kitchenware and French soaps. These are sold from local and European producers.

Celebration dates : 9th November – 22nd December

Timings: 10am- 9pm

7. Toronto Christmas Market, Canada

Toronto Christmas Market

Toronto Christmas market is one of the beautiful Christmas markets in Canada. During Christmas season local vendors, art and craftspeople, food makers etc gather in this market and sell their products. You can have sip of mulled wine, purchase handicraft items and enjoy the shopping with your family and friends.

What to buy: shopping for gifts and home décor can be done here right. Beautiful handcrafted items are going to win you all over and you will be compelled to buy them. Soaps, oils, scented items can be found just around the corner and are the best thing to get.

Celebration dates : 14th November – 22nd December

Timings: 12pm-9pm

8. Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas wonderland, Singapore

Gardens by the Bay’s Christmas wonderland in Singapore is the must see place where you can meet Santa clause, enjoy carols, carnival games, fun rides and many more in this magical land. This massive wonderland will be illuminated with lights and other decorative items which will be a stunning view for adults as well as kids.

Gardens by the bay have this year Asia’s tallest luminary Christmas tree that is 21 metre tall. So don’t miss all these things.

What to buy: Santa’s workshop is one place to stop if you are looking to be someone’s Santa this year. Beautiful handcrafted wooden toys and décor will be home taken worthy. You can find clothes and much more to gift.

Celebration dates : 29th November – 26th December

Timings: 9am- 9pm

9. The Christmas Village in Philadelphia, Christmas Market, Philadelphia

Christmas Village in Philadelphia

The Christmas village in Philadelphia is an annual outdoor Christmas market event in Love Park. More than 70 vendor booths that consist of gifts, craft and decoration items special European food and beverages such as bratwursts, crepes, lebkuchen, stollen, gluhwein etc makes your visit unforgettable.

What to buy: This beautiful Christmas Village offers a lot of original gift idea for people with Christmas heart. You can buy ornament, fashion and beauty products, glassware, toys and authentic wine from wine tasting cellar.

Celebration dates : November 28th – December 24th

Timings: 11am- 8pm

10. Basler Weihnachtsmarkt, Christmas Market, Switzerland

Basler Weihnchtsmarkt in Basel, Switzerland is another perfect place for your Christmas shopping and fun. Basel Christmas market is the biggest and best Christmas markets in the world. It attracts many people from nearby Germany to the worldwide. There are three main Christmas markets in Basel out of which the largest is on Barfusserplatz where you can find about 140 stalls that sells Christmas related items, including gifts, decoration items and food.

What to buy: This oldest Switzerland market has a lot in store for you from global handicraft to classic Christmas décor, you can buy wooden toys, paper stars and scented candles. You can also go for sweet smelling delights or jewelleries.

Celebration dates : 28th November – 23rd December

Timings: 11am- 8:30pm

11. Enchant Christmas St. Petersburg, USA

Enchant Christmas St. Petersburg

Enchant Christmas St. Petersburg; USA is the world’s largest Christmas light maze which is based on Enchant’s storybook “The Great Search”. It is open at the Tropicana field. One of the major things you can do here is gliding along the light adorned ice skating trail. Apart from this more than 40 local artisans and vendors make your each and every moment special and amazing.

What to buy: This exquisite Christmas maze will let your stockings filled with most wonderful gifts ever known by you. The market has a lot of stalls for décor, handmade gifts, amber and silver jewellery and many more toys. It also allows guests to make their own ornament at workshop to add sentiment to the gift.

Celebration dates : 22nd November – 29th November

Timings: 5pm- 11pm

12. Liseberg Christmas Market, Gothenburg of Sweden

Liseberg Christmas Market is located in Gothenburg of Sweden. This large amusement park is decorated with large number of lights, about five million twinkling light and 700 Christmas trees. There are over 70 stalls that sell everything from the arts, crafts, food and beverages. It will be a pleasant winter treat for your family and friends.

What to buy: This is the warmest market known in name of Christmas gifts. You can find anything here from candies to glassware.. Market has beautiful traditional handicrafts, wooden toys, jewelleries in medival age style. There is nothing gold like old.

Celebration dates : 15th November – 30th December

Timings: 3pm- 7pm

13. The Downtown Holiday Market, Christmas Market, USA

Downtown Holiday Market

The Charming Downtown Holiday Market in Washington DC, USA provides a unique experience of shopping and enjoyment for the visitors. Beautifully decorated stalls run by the local artisans, crafters and boutique vendors sell different gift items, jewelry, textiles and many more. Along with the shopping you can enjoy live Jazz, Christmas Carol and Blues music.

What to buy: This annual Christmas market has bright ideas for your Christmas shopping. Top priorities you can set is taking as much as possible from here, you can find funky shirts, handmade jewellery, soaps, paintings, art crafts and many more things.

Celebration dates : November 22nd – December 23rd

Timings: 12pm- 8pm

14. The Big Design Market, Australia

The Big Design Market is located in Melbourne Australia. This Christmas market takes you to the world of unique Christmas gifts, home appliances, textiles, jewelry and special delicious food items. The main highlights of this market are Chocolate milk, Neapolitan pizza and gourmet donuts.

What to buy: This three-day market held in Melbourne has a lot in for you. You can enjoy games and gourmet food and shop for designer showbags.

Celebration dates : 6th December – 8th December

Timings: 10am-9pm

15. Franschhoek Village Christmas Market, South Africa

Franschhoek Village Christmas Market is one of the best and most popular Christmas markets in the world. It is in Franschhoek, South Africa. Here you can enjoy mouth-watering traditional food and wine. This simple and beautiful market sells the goods in affordable rate for all kind of people.

So everyone gets something for them, what they wish to buy, within their budget.

What to buy: This market is held in board daylight in Cape winelands. The purpose here is to shop for everything needed. The market displays beautiful home décor, shoe and clothes, pottery and handcrafted jewellery etc.

Celebration dates : 21st December – 23rd December

Timings: 9am-3pm

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