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Jaisalmer - The Golden City

This city of old havelis and several forts is located near the Pakistan border. This is also very close to the famous Thar Desert. This Golden City has breathtaking sites each with a historical story to tell. Close to the 12th Century Rawal Jaiswal built this magnificent Fort City that got its name after him.

Major Attractions of Jaisalmer:

  • Jaisalmer Fort:

    This is the most famous tourist attraction of Jaisalmer. This magnificent fort also is a great place for hotels, ancient havelis and shops too. The fort is also called Sonar Qila which means ‘Golden Fort.’

  • Desert National Park:

    Rajasthan’s State bird, the massive but almost extinct Great Indian Bustard can be spotted here. Several exotic Himalayan species and like Imperial Eagle and Eurasian Griffon Vultures and Saker Falcon migrate during winters. You can also see black buck, chinkara and desert fox amidst rocks, sand dunes and thick salt lake base.

  • Government Museum:

    This amazing museum has several artifacts including well preserved statutes dating back to 7th & 9th century AD. There is spectacular rock cut crockery and see traditional household items used back then. The highlight is the Rajasthan’s State Bird –Godawan display.

  • Gadisar Lake:

    This sandy desert place was scarce for water. Maharawal Gadsi Singh built this lake. Now, the Gadisar Lakenamed after this king is also a pilgrimage site as much as a tourist attraction.

  • Mandir Palace:

    The top of the tower of this ‘Badal Mahal’ or ‘Cloud Palace’ is made to resemble a ‘Tazia’. The magnificent building consists of five stories with each having a balcony that is intricately carved out.

  • Jaisalmer’s Jain Temples:

    The famous Dilwara patterned Yellow Sandstone Jain temples date back to12th and 15th century. The Jain temples are dedicated to Jain Hermits Rikhabdevji and Shambhavdevji who taught about attaining ‘Nirvana.’ These sculpted carvings & architecture lie within the Jaisalmer Fort.

Best Time to Visit Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is situated in a desert arid land. The weather conditions are extreme with scorching day time and freezing nights. It rains lightly during monsoons which makes it the best time to visit Jaisalmer. Visiting during July to September also less crowded like in tourist season.

How to Reach Jaisalmer

  • By Air

    Only when visitors are short of time they catch a flight to Jaisalmer as it is a military airport supporting chartered flights. Rarely used by travelers, the preferred closest airport is in Jodhpur with connecting domestic flights to major cities across the country.

  • By Train

    There is a well connected rail network with famous express trains -Jodhpur Jaisalmer Express, Lalgarh Jaisalmer Special, Howrah Jaisalmer Express and Delhi Jaisalmer Express.

    You can also reach Jaisalmer by famous luxury train such as Palace on Wheels train.

  • By Road

    There are private taxis on hire to reach Jaisalmer which is 5-6 hours journey. You can also book bus ticket to here once in Jaipur.

Shopping in Jaisalmer :

There is lot of shopping to do in Jaisalmer which is every tourist’s shopping paradise. For artifacts, carpets, Sadder Bazaar is the best. Shop at ‘Sonar on ka Baas for best silver/ gold jeweler and semi precious stones. For mirror works, leather items and silks embroideries Bhatia Bazaar is the place. One of the oldest shopping places is the Pansari Bazaar. Other great shopping places include Manak Chowk and Seema Gram.