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Jaisalmer - The Golden City

What could be interesting about a region filled with desert sand? Yes, Jaisalmer is the heart of Thar Desert. This does not mean that this is a bland land. The land is a mirage to the culture of the bygone era. The majestic camouflaging Golden Fort of Jaisalmer stands a living fort filled with ancient architecture, culture, lifestyle, and spirituality. The twisting lanes of this exotic fort are still inhabited by local ethnic groups. Are you looking forward to getting out of commercialism? Sam sand dunes are the best place to enjoy raw nature. The camel safari, camping, traditional cultural activities, and many more activities await you in the desert.

Thriving since the 12th century, this land has been a part of many famous trade routes connecting India with Persia, Egypt, Africa, and others. This city gained its wealth via taxes levied on merchants, caravans, and others. Although Jaisalmer has a rich Rajput reflection, it has been under the influence of different cultures and reigns. Today, the modern Jaisalmer is still a cultural link of ancient empires of the region.

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Highlights Of Jaisalmer In Luxury Train Tour

  • Sightseeing inside the city covering important structures of the Jaisalmer Fort, like Patwonki Haveli, Gadsisar Lake, Nathmal Ji kiHavelies and others.

  • Camel ride in the sand dunes.

  • Cultural programs along with authentic Jaisalmer dinner at heritage hotel, Hotel Gaurbandh Palace.

Specialty of Jaisalmer

  • Architecture

    The iconic structure of the land is the Golden Fort, also called as the Sonar Kila. This yellow sandstone structure is almost invisible during the daytime, making it hard for the advancing enemies to locate the target. The fort is located on a small levitation, which gives a strategic advantage for the towers to attack the enemies before the enemies even know where to watch. This fort has ancient Rajasthani architecture.

    It holds many attractions like Jain temples, mansions, Jawahar Palace, Suraj Pol, Hawa Pol, and others. These structures are famous for intricate designs, carving in the ceiling, glass painting, mural painting, and others.

  • Spiritual Heritage

    Jaisalmer is generally a Hinduism - Jainism infused land. You can find 15th-century Jain temples here. The temples are mostly built in Rajput architecture. The main attraction among tourists is the Tanot Mata temple, which gets its fame from mysterious being safe from 3000 Pakistani missiles that destroyed everything around it. The temple even has a museum with all the bombs, which fell inside the temple and were not exploded.

  • Sand Dunes

    This is a desert dune region where you can enjoy camel safari, dune dashing and an Arabian Nights styled vacation. Do not consider it as just a colossal dump of sand. The beauty of this region is best enjoy from the back of the camel. Tourists prefer to camp in the desert, enjoy cultural celebrations and traditional dinner. During full moon night, many romantic camps will be erected inside the desert for romantic moonlit dinner.

  • Cuisine

    Vegetation in this desert region is a questionable element. However, Jaisalmer cuisine is colorful, nourishing and delightful. The region is famous for spices and a very limited number of produce. Thus, the dishes of Jaisalmer are usually dry and very spicy. The food is cooked in light oil and focuses more on meat. Top dishes to try here are bhanon aloo, kadaipakora, kersangr, murgh-e-subz and others. Jaisalmer is famous for bhang. Bhang is a cannabis flavored drink, which is legal in this region.

  • Festivals

    The iconic celebration of this land is the desert festival. Apart from this, you can find numerous cultural local celebrations like Teej, Diwali, Holi, and others. Most of the local festivals take place between October and March, the winter season and thus, it would be easier for the tourists to visit and take part in these festivals. The festivals are the best way to enjoy the culture, ancient tradition, local attire and unique delicacies of the land.

    Do you know that the desert festival of Jaisalmer is famous for camel races, camel beauty content, camel dance competition, camel polo match, turban tying contest, mustache competition, gymnast performances and so on?

  • Culture

    The culture of the land is closely linked with nature. The region is filled with different religious population and the socio-cultural diversity bring more beauty to the land. Silver is the main element used for decoration in this region.

    You can find many silver-based jewelry and craftworks among the locals. Snake charming was an important occupation of the locals, in the past. Kalbeliya dance was the traditional dance of the snake charmer community and it is one of the ancient dance forms, which is still in use here. The dresses used for this dance has artistic creativity. Ghoomar and Kathputli dances are the other forms of dances to enjoy here. Kathputli dance includes puppets in the performances.

  • Shopping

    Silver and camel are important elements of this land. In terms of souvenirs, you can find articles made with camel skin and bones, silver jewelry, embroidered leather articles, carpets, paintings, wooden items, puppets and so on. Stick with the local markets to find interesting souvenirs.

Climate Of The Land

Jaisalmer is hot, dry and arid due to its proximity to the great Thar Desert. The land experiences extreme temperatures throughout the year. Summer days can reach a maximum of 50 degrees C, easily. The nights of winter can fall down to -6 degree C. Winter evenings and mornings are very comfortable to explore the land. Thus, the Palace on Wheels chooses winter and early summer for trips.

No matter when you visit this place, choose to wear light cotton clothing. The sun rays are very harsh that expose skin can be damaged if exposed for several hours. Thus, cover your body and wear sunscreen as much as possible.