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India's Top Luxury Trains For Honeymoon Feel Like Royal King And Queen

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  • 24 May 2023
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Luxury trains have the ability to add beauty to every element of your vacation. Do you love fine dining? With luxury trains, you can take the dining experience to the next level. Does a good boutique hotel sound romantic to you? With luxury train cabins and suites, you can put those boutique hotel rooms to shame.

If luxury train could turn a simple train vacation into a grand celebration, think what it could do to your honeymoon.

Honeymoon is the start of your new life. Every couple wants the best for their honeymoon, to impress their new partner. Are you looking for the right destination for Honeymoon in India? Here are the some of the best destination in India :

Do you want to take your honeymoon to the next level? It is time to rely on luxury trains. Here are the top Indian luxury trains to enjoy your honeymoon with. Is train, a convenient way to enjoy honeymoon?

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Maharajas’ Express

This is one of the irresistibly exotic and romantic trains in the world. The train has different types of itineraries for short and long honeymoon vacations; simple and adventurous vacations and so on. The best honeymoon itinerary for almost all kinds of travelers is the ‘Heritage of India’.

Are you confused about whether or not to choose Rajasthan for your honeymoon? Well, even the Royal couple of Bhutan visited Rajasthan for their honeymoon (source).

You need not stick with ‘Heritage of India’ alone. You can choose the itinerary of your choice and sit back to enjoy the pampering. Starting from relaxing signature massages to blanket-talk as you gaze out of the panoramic window, Maharajas’ Express Train takes your honeymoon to the next level. Check out Maharajas Express Fare.

Top itineraries for honeymoon with Maharajas’ Express are

Check here Route map of Maharajas' Express Train

For more itineraries of Maharajas’ Express and booking details, visit

Do you want to know more check out

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Deccan Odyssey


Among the various reigns of ancient India, the kingdom that is famous for extravagant living is the Maratha Kingdom. If you are looking for the speck of royalty in every activity, this is the right train. Starting from the décor to the state-of-the-art facilities, you are in for a pampering vacation.

With six different itineraries, you can choose the right style of honeymoon that your partner deserves. Starting from cultural programs to adventure activities, every day is unique with Deccan Odyssey.

You can sometimes spot celebrity couples taking their time-off with a trip in Deccan Odyssey. Yes, celebrities choose Deccan Odyssey as it is one of Asia’s leading luxury trains (source).

Top itineraries for honeymoon with Deccan Odyssey are

For more details about Deccan Odyssey fare and booking details, visit

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Palace on Wheels

Do you like role-playing? Well, here is the right one for your honeymoon. How about trying to be the kings and queens of yesteryear of tropical India. Palace on Wheels will help you with that.

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As the name indicates, it is literally the palace running on train wheels. The iconic itinerary of the train focuses on recreating the train journeys of royal heirs of the past. Starting from romantic dinner on the sand dunes under moon light to exploring Taj Mahal in broad day light, every activity is indulged with romance.

On the other hand, inside the train, you get to enjoy lavishing facilities, pampering amenities and on-the-heels butler for your every need.

Palace on Wheels is not just for honeymoon. Do you want a royal wedding? Does destination wedding sound so last-year? How about a luxury train wedding. Palace on Wheels allows tourists to book the entire train for wedding. They even cater to your special wedding needs and rituals (source). Here you will check the fare of Palace on Wheels and its booking details.

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International Luxury Trains for Honeymoon

Are you planning to visit an international destination for honeymoon? Here are the top luxury trains around the world for a cherishing honeymoon.

  1. Cape town to Pretoria - The Blue Train
  2. Jose Cuervo Train (Mexico)
  3. Belmond Royal Scotsman (Scotland)
  4. Pride of Africa – Rovos Rail

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