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What Are The Some Interesting Facts About The Palace on Wheels Train?

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  • 24 May 2023
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Some of the interesting facts about the Palace on Wheels train if you plan to explore India in luxury. The Palace on Wheels luxury train introduced luxury train travel and royal hospitality service onboard to the common travelers. The journey is a one time unique experience so that you can feel how the Kings and Queens lived. From the decorative exteriors to the carriage names to services and facilities to the fine upholstery and wall hangings / paintings inside everything you see is royal about the Palace on Wheels.

1.  Palace on Wheels Awards & Recognition

After the luxury train made the first maiden tour in early 1980's this pioneer of Indian luxury travel has won several coveted awards and nominations.

Here is the list of awards and recognition's of the train.

a) Palace on Wheels won the Pacific Area Travel Writers Association or PATWA Award under 'Tourist Train Of The Year' category in an ITB event held in Berlin, Germany in March 2018.

b) Palace on Wheels was voted as Fourth Best Luxury Train in the world by a global travel magazine's survey by Conde Nast.

c) In the year 2009 the Palace on Wheels train was once again voted Best in Asia.

d) The WTA or World Travel Awards is a prestigious recognition in world tourism around the globe. The Palace on Wheels was also nominated for this award.

e) Only 5 years after introduction the Palace on Wheels won first award by PATA or Pacific Asia Travel Association known as the PATA Gold Award.

In addition the luxury train gets coverage from major international TV channels including the BBC, Zee TV, MTV, National Geographic Channel and the Discovery Channel in various TV shows.

2.  Palace on Wheels Tour Destinations & Departures

In case you wish to tour India in luxury then these are the places that the Palace on Wheels train visits in 7 Nights / 8 days tour. These are sought after handpicked tourist destinations that still preserves the ancient monuments & palaces. It includes Jaipur, Udaipur – the City of Lakes, Jaisalmer – the Golden City, Chittorgarh, Bharatpur, Sawai Madhopur that houses Ranthambore National Park and Jodhpur – the Blue city of Rajasthan. The tour begins and ends at Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi and includes a visit to the timeless marble wonder – Taj Mahal.

The Palace on Wheels departures are scheduled on each Wednesday of every week during calendar months of September to April.

3.  Welcome Ceremony

The Palace on Wheels luxury tour begins with a musical welcome ceremony at the Safdarjung Railway Station in Delhi to welcome the guests onboard. You find men and women in colorful traditional attire and music performance with drum beats and trumpets. It is definitely a memorable time as guests are surprised with the warm and friendly staff who give a traditional welcome to guests. It includes a welcome kit, flowers garlands and wish them a memorable luxury journey.

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4.  Speed and Panoramic View of Outside the Train

The Palace on Wheels train chugs along slower than the other luxury express trains so that the guests can enjoy and capture the moments of the outside views. Moreover, there are big windows providing a panoramic view of the villages and landscapes.

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5.  Medical & Wheelchair Assistance

There is every comfort onboard the Palace on Wheels and they do not forget the safety and medical assistance requirements. In case the guest requires wheelchair assistance then prior intimation is required. There are also doctors situated at each destination the train is moving to in case of any medical requirement.

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6.  Palace on Wheels Service and Hospitality

India is a nation known for hospitality and the luxury train Palace on Wheels offers impeccable service. There are attendants called 'khidmatgars' to take care of any requirements around the clock if you need help onboard.

At the onboard dining cars too there is staff who are happy and offer to serve you new dishes at regular intervals. Off-board tours also have an English speaking guide for a team. They know the work and are helpful and hilarious at times. The service and care you get are not short of kingly hospitality.

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7.  Suites and Cabins or Carriage Interiors

The carriages take the names of fourteen regions of Rajput rule with twin bedded chambers (4) with ancient and royal aesthetics. They are also done to resemble region with ethnic and traditional Rajasthani decor. The wall to wall carpeting and color theme based the ambiance of princely states. Washrooms are equipped with running water hot / cold, toilets, shower, and necessary items.

You can select a suite or cabin based on your need if you're traveling alone or with friends and your budget. There is also a lounge and small pantry in each salon for guests to unwind.

Know More about Palace on Wheels:

8.  Restaurants and Dining Cars

The two lavish dining cars onboard the Palace on Wheels called Maharajah and Maharani meaning King and Queen respectively serve guests famous global cuisine and Indian cuisine. When you dine in any of these two restaurants you will feel like royalty. There is a clean place with vibrant yet soothing ambiance in royal decor and guests are served on silver platters.

Everything is royalty including the lighting with wall lamps, chandeliers, colorful paneling and ceiling. There are two and four seating so if you're with a friend or significant other and like to have a quiet time then go for two or for a hearty chat sit at the four seating. Both sides there is a window so that you can look out.

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9.  Dine at Premium Top Hotels

If you are thinking that you are going to eat all of your meals only in the lavish Palace on Wheels dining cars then you are thinking incorrectly. The guests go on off-board sightseeing tourist and this also includes visit to top heritage hotels in Udaipur.

So, they get to have lunch or dinner at these unique hotels that are part of a palace or within a structure. You would have a wonderful time enjoying your food in this amazing ambiance of such a hotel while on this tour.

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10.  Lounge Car and Beverages

The two bars on the train serve alcoholic and non – alcoholic beverages and an electric mix of cocktails. It serves the finest wines from around the globe and local brands. There are two lounges where you can sit relax and talk with other guests while playing a board game and relishing tasty snacks alongside your favourite drink.


11.  Off Board Sightseeing & Entertainment on Train

The off board sightseeing tours have guides and comfortable transportation is also arranged for guests. There are also mineral water bottles with other necessities arranged for the trip in A/C Coaches. Some tours have moderate to extensive walking or climbing so be comfortable in footwear and clothing.

If you want to stay back for any reason then inform the train staff or attendant and there is lot of entertainment for guests onboard when the train is traveling to the next destination. You may have to wake up early for an early wildlife safari and want to take rest onboard the train. You will find it interesting as it is different and there are other activities during these sightseeing tours.

If you have any doubt related to the online booking of Palace on Wheels train, read FAQ's here.

If the above facts are interesting then next you must experience this luxury tour onboard the Palace on Wheels. It is a week in luxury to visit top tourist destinations in India with your meals, sleep, and all other needs fulfilled in luxury and comfort. So, don't worry about these requirements and get on the luxury train to experience this wonderful 7N / 8D tour in India on the Palace on Wheels train.

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