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RTDC for selling luxury train of Palace on Wheels

Palace On Wheels Restaurants

Dining has always been a luxury affair for the royal families of Rajasthan. As Palace on Wheels train tries to bring back the regal lifestyle of the Rajput monarchy the dining cars of this train are perfectly decoded to resemble dining halls of palaces. The dining experience at Palace on Wheels is no less than that of a 5 star hotel.

Palace on Wheels has 2 restaurants, namely, Maharajah and Maharani. Lavishly decorated and offering a platter of lip smacking cuisines, regality drips from every part of these royal restaurants.

The features which make Palace on Wheels so royal are :

  • Special seating arrangement so that every guest can get a vivid view of the changing landscape while dining.
  • Spacious seating arrangement so that every guest can dine comfortable and there is no suffocation.
  • The attendants are dressed in traditional Indian attire which gives the feel of dining at a palace.
  • The food is cooked by some of the best chefs of the country, who bring to your table all the mouth melting delicacies of Rajasthani and Marwari style.
  • There is also availability of Thai, continental and international cuisines.
  • Guests can also ask for customised food preparations with less spices or salt.
  • Food is served on imported crockery and drinks in fine quality glasses which come with delicate carvings.
Maharajah Restaurant

Maharajah or the King is a premium dining car of Palace on Wheels. Luxurious fabrics drape the windows while the floor is covered with soft carpets. The exquisite pieces of chandeliers creates an aesthetic ambience to this dining hall.

Maharani Restaurant

The warm lights from the vintage lamps creates an inviting atmosphere at this dining car. The wooden panels of this dining car are made from fine quality mahogany while the colourful mirror work on the walls gives a colourful vibrance to the dining car. The glass tainted windows gives a magical view of the desert land.

The dining halls of Palace on Wheels is a treat just not to the taste buds but also to the eyes and senses. This half a mile long luxury train is just not a way to travel but a new lifestyle.

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