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Things That Will Surprise You On Palace on Wheels Journey This Year

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  • 16 Oct 2023
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There is one thing special regarding travelling by train and seeing a new country passing by the passenger’s window whereas passengers having a cup of coffee or wine. Even higher once the landscape is the unbelievable Republic of India, a country packed with a distinctive design, and beautiful scenery.

Throughout the eight days journey on Palace On Wheels train, people can tend to see the simplest of Rajasthan and can visit the majestic Taj Mahal. People tend to explore this intriguing part of the Republic of India soft by royal service, non-public tours, beautiful employee and delicious food.

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This one week journey has so many things that surprise passengers well. The following are some of the best things that will surprise passengers on Palace On Wheels Journeys India.

Things That Included In Palace On Wheels Package

The Palace On Wheels train tour is an all-embracing trip, thus from the instant passengers board on the train, they don’t need to worry concerning something anymore.

Lodgings, food facilities onboard, tours, entrance fees to touristic attractions, transfers from the train stations to the attraction sites and back, lunch or dinner within the cities, people may be visiting and a fanatical pantry man which will watch out the people throughout the complete trip are enclosed in the Palace On Wheels package.

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What extremely stands out the proven fact that people don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning a way to visit the cities or attractions. As soon as people board on the train they will receive a Palace On Wheels pin, and they need to keep it with them at all times, this can be the price ticket they will have to be compelled to show at the places they will visit in Rajasthan. They ought not to queue, get paper tickets, or book something before beforehand, simply show their Palace On Wheels pin and also the doors on open for them.

On top of that, the passengers will have a guide from the train and a local guide will be with them all the time, and they do speak good English. If passengers wish a rest room break, some water or food, just ask them, and they can sort it out for you.

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It is a trouble-free experience, passengers simply have to be compelled to bring their garments and leave the rest for Palace On Wheels team to look after. They even grasp the time that passengers get up, and also rouse calls can come back in the course of freshly brewed coffee or tea served in their cabin. It took them one or two days' time to accustom so much attention and care.

Know more about this train:

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Palace On Wheels Routes and Tours

The Palace On Wheels is the best part of the trip. Comparison to alternative luxury trains of India, Palace On Wheels has the most effective itinerary for travelers who are visiting India or Rajasthan for the first time.

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It covers the illustrious Golden Triangle (Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra) and adds a few alternative places that are worth visiting in Rajasthan but are unnoticed by the travelers because of the lack of their time or for being exhausting to achieve.

Because the travelers are on a luxury train tour they will do a great deal in one week. If travelers had to surpass regular trains, bus or maybe flying to the cities, they would not be ready to as several places in eight days.

Check here Palace On Wheels Train Route

Because the train mostly travels in the dark, every morning they wake up at completely different destinations and they ought not to worry regarding checking in and out of the hotels. The Palace On Wheels itinerary is a time-saving choice for those who wish to visualize a great deal in a week.

The cities and sceneries visited throughout the Palace On Wheels tour are invariably identical throughout the year, sometimes the order of places visited May amendment in line with the weather, traffic of due to some festivals that may be happening throughout the trip.

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Palace On Wheels Itinerary Details

Palace On Wheels Day 1 Tour - Delhi

Palace on Wheels first-day tour starts in national capital i.e., Delhi at the Safdarjung Railway. Great sounds of tones, perfuming flowers and plenty of smiles can welcome travelers at the station.

After completion of checking the tourists are escorted to their cabins and at 6:30 PM the train departs. Dinner is served on board with a tiny ceremony talking regarding the history of the train and the way the trip is going to be organized.

Palace On Wheels Day 2 Tour - Jaipur

Jaipur - also known as the pink city, founded in 1727 and also the former capital of kachwaha rulers, Jaipur nowadays may be a versatile tourist destination. This capital town of Rajasthan boasts of an expensive historical past that is delineated in its forts, palaces Havelis and its vibrant bazaars.

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Palace On Wheels Day 3 Tour - Sawai Madhopur/ Chittorgarh

Sawai Madhopur is a stunning town of Rajasthan that is very widespread for housing the world-renowned Ranthambore parkland. One more attraction in this city is the UNESCO world heritage site of historic Ranthambore fort. It has been a planned town that was supported by Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh 1 of Jaipur.

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Chittorgarh : Popular for the valor and romance of its erstwhile royalty, Chittorgarh was the previous capital of the Sisodia kinship group of Mewar. Placed on the blanks of the rivers Gambhiri and Berach, this town has splendid forts, ruined castles, and superb royal structures. Chittorgarh includes a total of seven large entries.

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Palace On Wheels Day 4 Tour - Udaipur

Udaipur is well known as the City of Lakes and also the romantic town of Rajasthan awing to the picturesque setting, Rajputana palaces, and lakes. The erstwhile capital of the Mewar kingdom, Udaipur was founded by Maharaja Udai Singh II in 1553. This town boasts of countless traveler attractions.

Luxury Train tour Package to Udaipur :

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Palace On Wheels Day 5 Tour - Jaisalmer

Nicknamed as Golden city the city of Jaisalmer is extremely well-known for its Jaisalmer fort. This town has been named from the maharawal Jaiswal Singh, a Rajput ruler who had established the town in 1156 AD. This city every year hosts its annual course competition that may be a major crowd puller.

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Palace On Wheels Day 6 Tour - Jodhpur

Also known as Blue city and also as Sun City, Jodhpur was the erstwhile capital town of the dominion of Marwar. Currently a well-liked traveler destination, this town is sort of far-famed for its proximity to the Thar Desert and for its glorious forts. It is dotted with countless attractions, worth visiting.

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Palace On Wheels Day 7 Tour - Bharatpur / Agra

Considerable to be an inviolable town, Bharatpur was the former capital of jat kingdom and now it is a noted traveler destination. It also referred to as Lohagarh, this town homes the terribly well-known Keoladeo African country parkland or Bharatpur building. This sanctuary may be a heaven for bird lovers.

Situated on the blanks of watercourse Yamuna, the Mughal town of the city additionally finds its mention in the Hindu epic of Mahabharata. The city homes three UNESCO World Heritage Sites along with the Taj Mahal, Agra, one amongst the Seven Wonders of the World.

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What Next :

Safdarjung, New Delhi is the final destination for Palace on Wheels reach and passengers have to leave the luxury coaches of Palace on Wheels right after morning meal which is served in the train Restaurants itself. If a passenger has to take flight or stay in hotel then they can book cab, cheaper auto-rickshaw, taxi from the station to reach the desired destination.

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