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10 Most Expensive Trains Ride In The World

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  • 12 Sep 2023
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There are many famous tourist destinations in the world, people from around the globe want to discover a beautiful and luxurious culture. For the tourist, it is recommended that they should book tickets in most expensive trains in the world to visit the mesmerizing destination in most Royal style.

These trains are equipped with 5-star amenities that provide the most comfortable stay. Look at some of the most expensive and luxurious trains in the world.

1. Maharajas' Express, India - $23,700

Maharajas' Express needs no introduction as it is one of the most luxurious trains of India. Many domestic and international travelers especially take this trip due to its quality hospitality, delicious cuisine, lounge and bar, luxury suites and a butler for your service. The travelers share the experience of India generosity and royal feel to each member traveling in the train.

In years 2012, 2013 and 2014, consecutively it won the title of ‘World’s Leading Luxury Train’. The Maharajas' Express operates from October to April and with different routes.

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The extravagance Maharajas' Express is definitely mesmerizing feeling. Take this tour and witness palaces, heritage sites and forts. The idea behind introducing Maharajas Express is to attract tourist to India’s heritage being on board.  The Presidential Suite is equipped with all the luxury that a 5-star hotel can provide.

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Q. Which is the most expensive train in India and the World?

A. Maharajas' Express is the Most Expensive Train in India and the World.

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2. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia - $16,995

Golden Eagle operated luxury train travel across Russia from east to west. It is the second most expensive train with charges $16,995 per journey for single occupancy. The suits are classified in Imperial Suites, Gold Class, and Silver Class that is furnished with a King Size bed along with dedicated seating area, guest also has a dressing table and large power shower.

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The train takes 15 days/14 nights journey to cover routes between Moscow and Vladivostok. Each of the classes is equipped with a wardrobe, audio and video entertainment, AC. Guest can enjoy the bar, lounge cars along with Dining Cars. Guest have 24X7 on-board cabin attendants’ serves delicious food and beverages.

Q. Which is the second most expensive train in the world?

A. Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express, Russia is the second most expensive train in the world.

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3. Royal Scotsman - $3021.58

Royal Scotsman is operated by Orient-Express Hotels and the train takes 8 days/7 nights to travel across Great Britain. Only 36 guests can travel on the train so need to book tickets as early as possible. The Scottish luxury train has 14 twin cabins with two double and four single State Cabins.

The cabins are furnished with lower beds, private bathroom with shower along with.  Adjustable room temperature control with opening windows. The cabins have superior toiletries and amenities.

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Q. What is the best way to visit Great Britain?

A. Orient-Express Hotels operated Royal Scotsman train is the best option to see Great Britain.

4. Rovos Rail Pride Of Africa, South Africa - INR 23,350


Rovos Rail Pride of Africa takes you to Cape to Cairo trip is most luxurious Royal suits. The rains run between Pretoria and Cape Town weekly and 72 passengers can enjoy the trip. It is one of the expensive and luxurious trains with costs as high as $ 286.38 per night for single occupancy.

The train offers sleeper coaches for with lounge car where 26 guests can be accommodated. The suits are categorized as Royal Suites, Deluxe Suites, and Pullman Suites. All suites are equipped with world-class amenities includes twin or spacious double beds, beautiful bathrooms with stylish toiletries and hot showers.

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5. Venice Simplon Orient Express, Europe - $3,342



The Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) is the best way to explore Europe as this train take you to the major European destinations. Orient-Express Hotels operated Venice Simplon Orient Express takes 6-days/5-nights tour between Paris-Istanbul and Istanbul- Venice.

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This train is considered to be one of the most expensive trains in the world. The VSOE has 17 stylish first-class carriages along with Cabin Suites and Double Cabins. The train has all stylish amenities like Bar, lounge and à la carte menus.

Q. Which Train is Best to Explore Europe?

A. The Venice Simplon Orient Express (VSOE) is the best train to explore Europe.

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6. Eastern & Oriental Express, Asia - $3,100


The next in the list is the Eastern & Oriental Express which operates through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Laos. Its take you to the most amazing place Singapore with huge price of $3,100 per journey.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express is sister train and it also customized with Pullman Cabins, State Cabins, and Presidential Cabins. The cabin looks majestic with beds, beautiful sofa, the guest also enjoy the royal bath with en-suite shower and lavatory.

Large observation windows are also given in the train for guest so that they can enjoy the view while traveling. The train has two Restaurant Cars that serve delicious food to the guest. To beautify your looks guest can also visit a saloon car and boutique.

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7. Danube Express - $9,295

The Danube Express operates in Europe and it is one of the private luxury and expensive trains. The amenities on the train is equivalent to 5-star hotel and therefore it is also known as hotel on Wheels. The cost to stay on this luxury hotel is as high as $9,295 per person per journey. Travelers will explore some of the most exotic destinations in Europe. The train provides all the luxury amenities from restaurants, lounge and classic royal sleeping car for the passenger to take rest.

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8. Deccan Odyssey - $6,734


Deccan Odyssey is known and famous for its luxurious and beautiful cabins. Its hospitality gained its fame and makes it one of the luxury trains India. Its interior gives you feel of Royal and ancient India when Royal people ruled India with grace. it is apt to call Deccan Odyssey a 5-star hotel on wheels that brings the real essence of Indian culture and takes you to some of the exotic places of India.

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Travelers will feel like a king as they will get Royal welcome and treatment throughout the journey. The cabins are equipped with royal amenities and the interior is like palaces of India along with grand lounge. The restaurant on Deccan Odyssey serves multi-cuisine dishes to the guests along with guest can use conference car, an onboard spa. Its ultramodern amenities and Royal interiors make it India’s most luxurious trains and in the world as well.

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The Deccan Odyssey provides its services October to April and it runs in 6 routes with a duration of 7 nights, 8 days. Check here Deccan Odyssey Departure Dates.

Q. Which is Asia leading luxury train?

A. The Deccan Odyssey is Asia leading luxury train.

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9. Palace On Wheels - $4,550 Per

Interiors of deluxe room in Palace On Wheels will take your breath away as it has the royal interior and luxurious amenities that make your stay worth. It was re-launched in the year 2009 to promote the tourism industry in India. The train is equipped with royal interiors and Luxurious cabins with beautiful wallpapers. Guest can enjoy their stay with a well-stocked bar and the gracious hospitality make the trip really fun.

The interior in true sense displayed the culture and history of India by the artistic use of paintings and handicrafts. The Palace on Wheels is true providing attribution to the Royal families of India and recreate the era of kings and Maharajas. The Palace on Wheels starts its journey from September to April with 7 nights and 8 days tour to some of the most exotic places of India.

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If you wish to concur Rajasthan then book your tickets on Palace On Wheels now as it will take the route:  DelhiJaipurSawai Madhopur – Chittorgarh – UdaipurJaisalmerJodhpurBharatpurAgra – Delhi. Its hospitality and amenities make it 4th best luxurious train in the world. Choose Palace On Wheels Departure dates for booking.

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Q. Which is the 4th luxury train in the world?

A. Palace On Wheels is voted no. 4 luxury train in the world.

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10. Golden Chariot - USD 4200

The last on the list is The Golden Chariot which is one of the most loved Indian luxury trains. There are many luxurious trains that operate in India but it gained its popularity because it takes you to some of the most famous tourist places in South India. The Golden Chariot luxury train launched in 2008 to promote tourism in South India and it got popular due to its flawless hospitality.

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The train is equipped with fully AC chambers that decorated with royal interiors. The guest can enjoy their time on the train with amenities like luxurious bars, multi-cuisine restaurants, gym for fitness freak guests, Ayurveda spa to revive your body and soul and many other 5-star amenities.

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The Golden Chariot has been awarded as ‘Asia’s Leading Luxury Train’ of India for its hospitality in the year 2013. The trains operate from October to March with a duration of 7 nights, 8 days and run in two different routes.

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