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10 Most Busiest Railway Stations in India

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  • 12 Sep 2023
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Railway stations are an important part of our life as it makes commuting easy but it is definitely not a place where you would like to spend your day. But the list will have Crowded Railway Stations in India, where you find a lot of people travel through these Railway stations.

1. Howrah Junction Railway Station

If you are in Howrah Junction Railway Station you will understand why it is called the busiest. The station is crowded with people as 210 unique trains provide services with 974 arrivals/departures per day frequency. It is one of the biggest railway stations that can handle the highest train frequencies. Here you will get AC waiting room and canteen that serve reasonable yet tasty food.

Other Details of Howrah Junction:

  • Code: HWH
  • Zone: ER/Eastern
  • Starting year: 1905
  • No. of Platform: 23
  • No. of Passenger daily: 10 million
  • No of Train per day: 617
  • No. of the track: 26

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2. New Delhi Station, New Delhi


As far as arrival and departure is concern New Delhi Railway Station is a second busiest station. Approximately 400 trains start, end, or passes through the station regularly.

Delhi is one of the most famous cities of India and that’s another reason for its being crowded. The railway station provides wi-fi, cloakroom, waiting room, retiring room, and restaurants.

Other Details of New Delhi Station:

  • Code: NDLS
  • Zone: ER/Eastern
  • Starting year: 1903
  • No. of Platform: 16
  • No. of Passenger daily: 500,000
  • No of train per day: 350
  • No. of the track: 18

Do you know? Many Luxury Trains such as Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels and Deccan Odyssey starts and end from Delhi.

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3. Kanpur Central


Kanpur Central is the busiest in terms of frequency of trains. It also holds the record for the largest interlocking route system in the world along with Delhi station and one of five Central railway stations in India.

The Kanpur Central has amenities like wi-fi, cloakroom, waiting room, retiring room, and restaurants for passenger.

Other Details of Kanpur Central:

  • Code: CNB
  • Zone: North Central
  • Starting year: 1928
  • No. of Platform: 10
  • No. of passenger daily: 2.3 million
  • No of train per day: 230
  • No. of the track: 14

4. Kalyan Junction


Kalyan Junction Railway Station is one of the major railway station of the Mumbai rail network.

There are 8 platforms at Kalyan station serving suburban and long-distance trains. Get amenities like Escalators, Waiting Rooms, High-speed 'Wi-fi', Canteen and Snacks corner.

Other Details of Kalyan Junction:

  • Code: KYN
  • Zone: North Central
  • Starting year: 1945
  • No. of Platform: 8
  • No. of passenger daily: 5 lakh
  • No of train per day: 850
  • No. of the track: 5

5. Patna Junction

Patna junction is famous for being most crowded railway station. It is one of the busiest rail routes because it lies New Delhi and Kolkata. The station has the capacity of handling 173 trains that starts, passes and ends here. It is the main railway's station that serving Patna fora long time. Get facilities like  wi-fi, cloakroom, waiting room, retiring room, and restaurants for passenger.

Other Details of Patna Station: 

  • Code: PNBE
  • Zone: East Central
  • Starting year: 1865
  • No. of Platform: 10
  • No. of passenger daily : 3 lakh
  • No of train per day: 200
  • No. of the track: 15

6. Vijayawada Junction


Vijayawada Junction Railway Station serves more than 400 freight and passenger trains that’s why it is 5th busiest railway station in the world which started in 1888.

In Vijayawada division, this railway station is one of the best stations and consider as an A-1 station in India. The amenities make it the perfect example of a clean green station. Vijayawada Junction provides facilities like free internet, canteen for your hunger, newspaper/magazine, locker/luggage room.

Other Details of Vijayawada Junction:

  • Code: BZA
  • Zone: South Central
  • Starting year: 1888
  • No. of Platform: 10
  • No. of passenger daily: 140,000
  • No of train per day: 400
  • No. of the track: 22

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7. Allahabad Junction

Allahabad Junction Railway Station is the busiest and very crowded railway station of Uttar Pradesh.  It is busiest because it lies between Howrah-Delhi mainline and Howrah-Allahabad-Mumbai line. Many passengers travel through these lines on a daily basis. Trains like Rajdhani Express and Duronto Express the fastest train run on these lines. It is one of the 'A' grade railway stations. The station provides amenities like 20-bedded dormitory, 3 double-bedded AC retiring rooms, 9 double-bedded non-AC retiring rooms and Wi-Fi.

Other Details of Allahabad Junction:

  • Code: ALD
  • Zone: North Central
  • Starting year: 1859
  • No. of Platform: 11
  • No. of passenger daily: 5 million
  • No of train per day: 245
  • No. of the track: 15

8. Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station


In Mumbai, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Railway Station is most of the most crowded and busiest railway station where 1250 locals travel daily which is earlier known as Victoria Terminus. It is major railway junction that connects Mumbai with other states. The station provides a facility that includes the cafeteria, STD booths, luggage room.

Other Details of CST: 

  • Code: CST
  • Zone: Central Railway Zone
  • Starting year: 1887
  • No. of Platform: 18
  • No. of passenger daily: 3 million
  • No. of trains per day – 250
  • No. of the track: multiple

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9. Vadodara Junction

In Gujarat State, Vadodara Junction is the ninth busiest railway station and it is main railways station where major trains stop of the western railway zone of Indian railways. It is the biggest railways junction that connects Gujarat state very well. Get amenities like wi-fi, cloakroom, waiting room, retiring room, and restaurants for the passenger at Vadodara Junction.

Other Details of Vadodara Junction:

  • Code: BRC
  • Zone: WR/Western
  • Starting year: 1861
  • No. of Platform: 7
  • No. of passenger daily: 5 million
  • No of train per day: 170
  • No. of the track: 9

10. Lucknow Station


In Lucknow, the Charbagh Railway Station is one of the most crowded railway stations of India opened on 23 April 1867. Almost 300 trains starts, passes and end on this railways station. Enjoy world-class amenities that include waiting room AC/NON AC, Food stalls, a battery-operated vehicle for patients and physically challenged passenger.

Other Details of Lucknow Station: 

  • Code: LKO
  • Zone: Northern
  • Starting year: 1867
  • No. of Platform: 8
  • No. of passenger daily : 3 million
  • No of train per day: 300
  • No. of the track: 11

If you are visiting any of the platforms get prepare to experience the crowd around you. Mumbai Central, Sealdah Railway Station, Itarsi Junction, Mughal Sarai Junction, Ahmedabad, Chennai Central, Nagpur station, Jhansi and Katni Junction railway station are some of the less crowded but comparatively quite a busy stations of India.

Frequently Asking Question on Railway Station

Q. Which Indian railway station has the largest number of platforms?

A. Howrah Junction (Kolkata) has 23 platforms and it is also the busiest station in the country in terms of passenger volume.

Q. Which railway station has the most platforms in the world?

A. Railway station with the most number of railway platforms is the Grand Central Terminal of New York City (USA). It has 44 platforms in two underground levels.

Q. Which is the biggest railway station in Asia?

A. The largest railway station of the continent is in Shenzen of China. It is also the continent’s biggest underground station (second biggest in the world).

Q. Where is the longest railway platform in India?

A. The longest railway platform of the country is located in Gorakhpur Railway Station. The platform spans for 1.366 km.

Q. Which is the biggest junction in India?

A. The biggest railway junction of the country is the Mathura Junction, which has 7 routes departing from this station. It has ten platforms.

Q. Which is the fastest train in the world?

A. The fastest train in the world is Shaghai Maglev of China. It runs at a speed of 267.8 mph.

Q. Which is the busiest railway junction in India?

A. The busiest railway junction of the country is the Patna Junction railway station. More than 173 trains touch this station, every day.

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