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Top 20 Places to Visit in Rajasthan

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  • 05 May 2023
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Rajasthan the lovely destination of India is a worthy place to explore during the holiday and is one of the most visited locations of the country. This desert state grabs the attention of people due to various attractive sites and there are popular cities which owe unique architectural splendors. Apart from the Pink City Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Mount Abu, Pushkar, Jaisalmer, there are several amazing destinations that treasure various monuments, temples and many more that reveal the outstanding Rajput and Mughal construction style.

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Along with the night camps in the sand dunes and travelling on the ship of the desert there are various wonderful activities which turn this opulent state stand as a gem of tourist destinations of the country. The land of Maharajas carries the unique grace of Rajput culture in every part of it and travelers can experience the warm Rajasthani culture. There are various unexplored regions of Rajasthan which welcome travelers to see the classy attractions irrespective of the season.

Here are a few marvelous destinations that are to be explored during the vacation along with the mind-blowing attractions of Rajasthan.

1. Kumbhalgarh Fort

This is one of the outstanding constructions of the 15th century in the Mewar region and built by Rana Kumbh. This is one of the attractive places that reveal the style and artwork of Rajput rulers. The beautiful fort with huge walls is not just the attraction this place is surely a paradise for photographers. The magnificent construction is perfect to explore in august as the pleasing weather offers a wonderful vacation.

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2. Kuchaman Fort

This is one fort that is located on the cliff and is one of the attractive place of the historical city Kuchaman. The Meera Mahal, Jal Mahal, Sheesh Mahal and a few more are to be witnessed in the region. The stunning place stands proudly in Rajasthan and is easy to reach from Jaipur and Jodhpur.

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3. Barmer

Located in the west part of Rajasthan it is wonderful destination is a historical site and is nearby to Jaisalmer. There is an attractive fort and temples which are not just attractive, but owe a significant construction style. One must visit the Barmer Fort and the famous Kiradu temples which are a group of five as they are known for amazing art and architecture. Shopping in Barmer is actually a great fun and people can bang a few wooden carvings and handmade goods that are enchanting.

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4. Banswara

Another gateway to see the beauty and charm of Rajput constructions is the Banswara. The ruins of the place attract the visitors along with the majestic fort that is built following the Rajputana style. The Madarshwar temple, City Palace, Anand Sagar Lake are the wonderful attractions that are to be explored in the region.

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5. Mandawa

The opulent place of Rajasthan that reveals the elegance and uniqueness in the whole region Mandawa is a perfect place to explore during the vacation. This place is much close to Jaipur and the castle is a warm construction in the region.

This is a popular destination in the silk route and there are a few beautiful havelis in Manawa that are much impressive. The decorated havelis and other constructions are perfect to explore and one can bag a few worthy goods on the streets.

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6. Sawai Madhopur

Nearby to Jaipur Sawai Madhopur is mostly neglected by the travelers. Even after hosting various attractions, this is one such place of Rajasthan that is often missed by the tourists. The ancient constructions with awesome style are worth of witnessing and promise a memorable vacation. The finest market places and the nature beauty amaze the travelers and this place enchants the travelers.

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7. Dundlod Fort

This is one attractive place of Rajasthan which turn much appealing during the Gangaur festival. The place is perfect for people who love to enjoy a cultural tour can happily explore the land. The havelis, paintings, amazing artwork, furniture are seen in forts and in the temples that are to be explored during the holiday. Apart from all this the place is much vibrant during the festival and one can feel the culture in the ambiance of the region.

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The above are a few attractive places which are most often missed by the traveler's due to hectic schedule or not in the tour plan. So, pick a tour plan which includes these places or even plan in such a way where you can cover witnessing the beauty of the magnificent destinations.

The home of various traditions, Rajasthan reflects the opulent culture every moment and there are several unexpected wonders waiting for every traveler promising a memorable vacation. So, plan for a vacation which is not just restricted for witnessing the beauty of Lake Pichola or other popular forts in the land of Rajput rulers Rajasthan.

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8. Bharatpur

Bharatpur is an ideal place in Rajasthan for birdwatchers and history seekers. Keoladeo National Park or Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is the first place everyone visit in Bharatpur. This avian sanctuary is home to nearly 230 species of birds and also recognized by UNESCO World Heritage Site. Especially, in winters uncountable number of migratory birds can be seen in the park.

Apart from the bird sanctuary, there is a great history for Bharatpur. Many kingdoms failed to conquer the seat of Bharatpur still many forts and palaces show the signs of the war zone. Lohagarh Fort, Deeg Palace, Bharatpur Palace and Museum are some of the significant historic monuments of Bharatpur.


9. Chittorgarh Fort

Chittorgarh Fort is like an epitome of pride, love, and sacrifice of Rajputs. This majestic fort is one of the largest forts in Rajasthan which was once the seat of Mewar rulers. There is a great history behind the walls of this fort. Rani Padmini and royal women self-martyred in Jauhar to secure their respect without getting into the hands of enemies.

The fort comprises a number of temples, beautiful palaces, water bodies, gigantic gates, towers and a lot. But the water bodies are the major attraction of the fort. Also, this fort was said to be a haunted place in Rajasthan.

10. Sam Sand Dunes

As everyone knows, Rajasthan is a desert state. So, exploring the desert state without experiencing the Thar desert is a big mistake. For this, Sam Sand Dunes is the right location to get experience and witness the environment of harsh Thar desert. This place is perfect to enjoy different adventurous activities.

From Camel riding to safari rides everything will be interesting and accelerates tourists to enjoy a lot. Here must-try adventurous activities are paragliding and quad biking rides. And desert camping also the best thing to get communicate and experience the desert lifestyle with cultural performances and cuisines.


11. Shilpgram

For art and craft lovers, Shilpgram in Udaipur is a fantastic place. Shilpgram of Udaipur reflects Rajasthan's true traditional architectural styles and culture with a wonderful setup. The whole complex will look likes a tribal village with huts and beautiful handicraft items. Most importantly, huts are the major attractions of the site. They will depict the cultural styles of different regions.

The major attraction of Shilpgram is the Air Amphitheatre. It has the capacity of 8,000 visitors at a time. Festivals and performances of folk and tribal people will be organized in this theatre only. Camel ride at this complex is the best thing to do.


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12. Mandore Gardens

Very close to Jodhpur, Mandore Garden is an important tourist spot which was of the times of the 6th century. This beautiful garden comprises a number of royal cenotaphs and many architectural wonders. The architectural styles of all cenotaphs and monuments in the garden make everyone to leave in shock. Such brilliant craftsmanship will appear in them.

The notable attractions of the Mandore garden are 33 crore Hindu Demi-Gods temple, Hall of Heroes and Government Museum. Lush Garden area with a number of mighty trees is another great attraction. Mandore Garden is a perfect place for a picnic spot in Rajasthan.

13. Bikaner

Bikaner is one of the important tourist places in Rajasthan. The city surrounded by the great Thar Desert made it fame as the “Gateway of the Thar Desert”. Bikaner is quite popular for its numerous temples, palaces, forts, and architectural attractions. The city is also known for good handicrafts arts.

The famous sights to cover in Bikaner are Karnimata or Deshnoke temple, beautiful Lalgarh Palace, Junagarh Fort, Laxmi Niwas Palace, and more. But Deshnoke temple is a must-visit place to experience a weird thing. Yes, this temple completely filled with thousands of rats which were believed as sons of Karnimata.

14. Ajmer

Ajmer, the land of spirituality and hospitality. Ajmer is a famous holy city in Rajasthan, notably for Muslims. Dargarh Sharif is the popular sight of Ajmer city. This dargarh is home to the shrine of Sufi Saint Moinuddin Chishti.

Apart from Dargarh Sharif, the city is also the best place for tranquil seekers. Because the city was surrounded by Aravalli and Naag Pathar ranges. To enjoy the natural attractions of these ranges and Ana Sagar Lake, a number of tourists visit Ajmer.

15. Bundi

A well-known place for step-well reservoirs in Rajasthan means, Bundi is the first city comes in the list. For many ancient architectural structures and monuments, Bundi is very famous. Here in this city, numerous forts, palaces, lakes, and step-wells stand as the major tourist attractions. In every historical monument, the uniqueness of ancient architectural styles can be seen.

Taragarh Fort is the best place to explore the wonderful architectural styles of Bundi. But never forget to see different step-wells or step-reservoirs of Bundi. Because they are the key attractions of Bundi to witness the old methods of water harvesting. Nawal Sagar, Bundi Palace, Sukh Mahal, are the other tourist attractions of Bundi.

16. Kaylana Lake

In Jodhpur, Kaylana Lake is the famous tourist point and also this lake was the major water source for this city. Kaylana lake was commissioned in the 19th century to meet the needs of people. During winters, the beauty and charm of this lake double with a number of migratory birds from all corners of the world. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful views of the lake with migratory birds. Boating is also allowed, so tourists can roundup the surrounding attractions of the lake.

17. Alwar

In Rajasthan, Alwar is said to be the most haunted place. Why because, Asia’s most haunted place Bhangarh Fort is located in Alwar. Bhangarh Fort in Alwar is the key attraction for history buffers and haunted stories enthusiasts. Without considering the Bhangarh Fort, Alwar is a beautiful place to enjoy the tourist attractions.

Here, Sariska Tiger Reserve is also an important tourist attraction to have a chance to see a Tiger. Greenery and natural attractions of Alwar attract any type of travelers. Historically and weirdly, Alwar is an important place in Rajasthan to visit.

18. Shekhawati

To get mesmerize with beautiful and colorful havelis and many buildings of Royal families means, you have to visit Shekhawati region. This region is well-known for innumerable havelis and royal mansions with mind-blowing arts. Every haveli in this region will definitely teach about a mythological or historical story through fantastic paintings.

Overall, every part and building in this region is marvelous and architectural splendor. Laxmangarh Fort, Badalgarh Fort, Chirawa, Harsh Nath temple, are some of the must-see tourist places of Shekhawati region. No doubt art lovers will never like to leave this place.

19. Nakki Lake

For Rajasthan, Mount Abu hill station is like an Oasis with plenty of natural attractions and sources. In this hill station, Nakki Lake is one of the important tourist attractions. Nakki Lake is a very pleasant place to get spare some time to relax. According to myths, this lake was dug by Gods. But Nakki Lake is the best place to have talks with friends and boating. So, never forget to take a boat ride on the waters of Nakki.

20. Pali

Pali is an interesting place in Rajasthan with rustic looks. The city looks very rough and rug with hills and plains. If anyone wants to explore the best offbeat places in Rajasthan means, Pali is the best choice to pick. Even though it looks rough but the tourist attractions made the place known to many people.

Important tourists attractions of the place are Ranakpur Jain Temple, Jawai Leopard Champ, Chhatra Sagar, Om Banna Temple, etc a lot. This place is also best-known for Hiking and trekking activities. Here desert safaris will also be operated. Overall, Pali is a different place to explore in Rajasthan.

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