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5 Unique Food You Must Try This Year!

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  • 08 May 2023
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Like the old saying goes ‘ the way to a person’s heart is through his stomach’, food enthusiasts are now touring the world with this latest traveling trend – food tours. India is one favorite country for such food enthusiasts.

No guesses required here as the country is known for the widest variety of foods from various corners. Maybe one of the foods listed below would make your next choice for a delicious outing – any part of incredible India.

The melting pot of various cultures also has different types of foods brought on the table from different cultural backgrounds. Be it the tangy softy Vada Pav or the translucent fruity Agra Petha melting in your mouth, there is simply too much to choose from.

Below are the hot favorites among several domestic travelers that you should certainly taste in India.

1. Dal Bati Churma, Jaipur

While Rajasthan is crowded over with tourists from around the world for the monumental wonders it houses, the tour would be incomplete without plunging your teeth into these soft bread baked over cow- dung cakes / bare firewood.

It would be natural to say that the culture of Jaipur is incomplete without the combination of three foods - Dal Bati Churma especially in family get together, weddings, celebrations, etc.

The dough is pressed out and roasted over heat for Battis. Electrical gadgets like tandoor, baking oven, etc. are used and kandas are used in the villages. This is dipped in Dal specially cooked with lot of ghee and spices. The Battis dough that remain is then deep -friend in ghee/ oil, crushed and mixed with jaggery/ sugar to make a delicious sweet to wrap up the meal.

Feast on the delicious three course meal combination – Dal Bati Churma on your next trip to Jaipur.

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2. Vada Pav, Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the busiest city in the country with people starting out early to schools, offices, colleges, etc. The mornings are filled with people eating this famous and tasty street food- Vada Pav.

There are several vendors and shops who sell the common man’s humble and tangy snack. The ‘Pav’ is actually a tiny loaf of bread served with chutney and best eaten alongside Chai/ Tea for breakfast.

However, it is a tasty snack at any time of the day. The Vada -part of it is sandwiched between the bread and is mostly made out of potato and heavy tangy spices crushed together.

There are different variations of the same snack that has made its way to all parts of the country as a tasty, quick and convenient snack.

Tickle your taste buds biting on this tangy snack Vada Pav, when you visit Mumbai.

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3. Chole Bhature, Delhi

Several Punjabi Dhabas & Delhi eateries prepare and sell this lip- smacking & healthy dish that is popular in most Indian households. It is a very healthy and tasty dish while it has slight variations on taste depending on flavoring agents added. Bhature is an unleavened bread pressed out that is made with fermented dough.

This makes it feather- soft in the mouth while it's nutrition value is doubled in the process. Chole is a traditional term for chickpeas which are crunchy whole grains with great nutritional value. If you visit the national capital state of Delhi, make sure to try out the lip -smacking hot & spicy Chole Bhature for once.

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4. Kachori Sabzi, Varanasi

Its origins are from the popular pilgrimage site- Varanasi and it is a popular dish in several states in India. This mouth watering kachoris are stuffed with pungent vegetable curry. The most popular stuffing is made from he humble potato curry.

However, there are different vegetables that are used in the curry or Sabzi flavored with traditional spices that fills the area with a robust aroma. The steaming hot Kachoris are the best breakfast for a cold winter morning in India. The yummy dish is also a perfect tea time snack for guests too.

Explore the stiff and crusty Kachoris taste when served with dips.

5. Petha, Agra

The tempting vegetable candy is like the Taj Mahal in Agra in more than one way, the white shining marble like look and its royal origins from the kitchens of Shah Jahan. This appetizing factory produce is made from water, sugar and the scientific veggie Benicasa Hispida (Ash Gourd/ White Pumpkin/ Winter Melon).

The vegetable is said to originate from Malaysia although it is famous in India for a long time, as per food researchers. It is cooked, softened, and caramelized in sugar solution and then cooled before it is shaped & served as a delicacy at grand functions. This translucent treat looks like speckled marble and is soft and fibrous like the -jujubes in texture.

This whitish sweet now has color and flavor variations including Kesari Petha and Angoori Petha. They are also sprinkled with nuts sand Kewda essence & silver foil.

Once in Agra, don't forget to let the silky soft Agra's Petha melt in your mouth. Try the food of Agra by travelling through the luxury trains such as:

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