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What Are The Facilities Offered By Maharajas' Express To Their Travellers?

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  • 12 Sep 2023
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Maharajas' Express, run by Indian rail is one of the most luxurious arrangements conducted by Indian rail for the trip all around Rajasthan. The luxurious train is facilitated with all types of luxurious amenities including internet, porters, hot water bathing facility and some of the outstanding accommodations too.

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Here is a brief of the facilities offered by Maharajas' Express for boarders

Maharajas' Express Dining Car

The luxurious arrangement of Indian Cuisine is arranged jointly by Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal and is having every amenity you can think about in a luxurious restaurant. The food conducted by the rail authority and the restaurant's authority jointly to provide the best features and relaxation.

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The hall can accommodate 42 passengers at most and comfort in terms of food and relaxations has been maintained with total care here.

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Here are the top features of the dining car facilities for you :

  • Both Mayur Mahal, named after the Indian national bird and Rang Mahal are the royal houses with excellent accommodations and an outstanding mix of colors.
  • Both the houses are having a capacity of accommodating 42 boarders at a time.
  • There are two types of allotment feature in the house, wherein one hand there lies the two persons’ sitting arrangement and on the other hand there are the four persons’ sitting arrangement too.
  • There are different cuisines available in the Maharajas' Express restaurants which you can have other than your fare, but the meals served at breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are all included in your Maharajas' Express fare.

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Maharajas' Express Safari Bar

The train is also having a luxurious bar inside with all types of classic wine that you can think off, from all corners of the globe. Excellent sitting arrangement and cuisines will never allow you to think that you are sitting inside a train. Rather you will feel that you are there at some royal bar and enjoying your drink.

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Safari Bar is having an excellent bar counter with classic drinks from all over the world.

There are a perfect luxurious sitting arrangement and a chilled weathered compartment for the guests to enjoy their sips over their wine.

The sitting arrangement is attached with a Maharaja club, which is filled with excellent arrangements of sitting, game boards and even for a small party inside the compartment.

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Maharajas' Express Royal Lounge

The Safari bar is attached with the excellently designed and aristocratic lounge at its side where the guests can relax on the well-arranged and maintained royal sofas and also can engage themselves in some board games.

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The royal lounge is attached with outstanding Rajah Club, which is the accommodation for you to sit down and have your drinks.

There are excellently decorated board games for you to remain engaged and alongside with the finely decorated seating accommodation with enchanted comfort.

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Select here departure dates of Maharajas' Express to book tickets for 2019, 2020.

Maharajas' Express Royal Bedrooms

There are altogether 14 passenger carriages Along with that, there are 20 deluxe cabins, 18 junior suites, 4 suites cabins and 1 presidential suite. All the rooms are arranged with excellent royal amenities and with 2 beds of royal arrangement.

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Luggage keeping arrangement and wardrobe facility in the room adheres with electric points for international adapters. LCD TV screen, DVD player, temperature controller and internet are available in each of the suites.

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Every suite is attached with a luxurious bathroom with all amenities there too, including geyser accommodation and showering aids.

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Shop and Relax

To enjoy the luxurious train you can visit awesome Lounge, Observation Car and Treasure Chest. If you love to read you can sit and read some books at the library. You can shop from stores available in the train and can socialize with people there.

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More About Maharajas' Express Train

Transport Maharaja Style

You can get complementary maharaja style transport at every destination. Transportation comes complimentary for off train outings at every goal. Though the visitors in Deluxe Cabins and Junior suites are obliged in select mentors for touring, the visitors in Suites and Presidential suites are furnished with vehicles.

Here you can read Terms and Conditions Of Maharajas' Express.

Every one of the vehicles has complimentary units which incorporate confections, shoe uppers, tissues, bottle coolers and different things.

Maharajas' Express Itinerary

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Have you any question about the train, check here Maharajas' Express Faq.

Other features of Maharajas' Express

Along with the other things, here are some of the additional features that are there for the passengers:

1. There is an arrangement of porting for each of the passengers and their luggage.

2. Electric points in the suites are of 110/220 V and hence can be perfect for charging laptops and Smartphone.

3. Electricity connection and switchboard are availed at each of the rooms separately. So lighting and temperature control can be individualized.

4. Each of the suites is added with a personal butler, who would be attending the passengers 24x7.

5. Each of the suites is added with telephone, which you can use for inbound calls and for outgoing calls, you will be billed separately.

6. Library, observation rooms and internet connection within all things combined are going to give you some exposure that you will love in this train. These are all the facilities and the amenities and all the accommodations on the train.

7. Now is the time to engage yourself in the rides and make your journey excellent by all means.

8. Enjoy the High-speed internet access which is on board the train. Be that as it may, the signal of the internet can shift in the moving train yet improves when the train is at a stop.

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