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Experience Unique Culture of Gujarat with Maharajas' Express

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  • 11 Apr 2023
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India being a vast nation has diversities in every aspect that speaks about its uniqueness. It is where the real beauty of India reclines. India offers its visitors so much to uncover! Here, we will help you to gain knowledge about the Siddi community of Gujarat and its lesser known dance form called Dhamal Dance.

Tourists from Africa, fond of exploring the local culture of India should plan out a trip on India's much celebrated luxury train- Maharajas' Express and enjoy holidaying in India.

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The majestic Indian lands have immense compatibility within the diversities, while maintaining harmony. Every Indian state is known for its vibrant culture and picturesque beauty. The lands of India are known for its unique ethnicity. Not only this, India is also known for its culinary differences and variety of cuisines. India also has enriched architectural wonders and the blend of various languages and dialects.

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In addition, India is famous world-wide for its vibrant festivities. Every state of the nation has a unique dance form of its own but is not so popular. The Dhamal Dance of Gujarat is one such lesser known dances of India. The Dhamal Dance is performed by the tribals of Bharoch region, in Gujarat to express their joy.

The Siddi community of Gujarat performs this dance, celebrating their success in an excursion of hunting. You will be surprised to know the fact that a group of Africans came along with the Portuguese and formed the Siddi community.

Dhamal Dance of Gujarat

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Therefore, this community celebrates its happiness in a distinctive way. The dance has been named as Dhamal Dance because the male dancers, tap their toes on the beats of Dhol (they call it Dhamal) with fierce expressions on their faces and sing in African Swahii language.

This electrifying dance includes some acrobatic moves and walking on the burning coal rocks. One of the most attractive parts of this dance form is when the dancers crack coconuts thrown up in the air with their heads.

Indian tourism is growing rapidly that includes lesser known places, attraction and communities, adding charm to tourism and providing opportunities for the tourists to explore more.

We recommend you to board one of the leading luxury trains of the world - the Maharajas’ Express, to go around the mesmerizing destinations of India in a luxurious way. This impressive and lavish train has bagged World Travel Awards in four consecutive years and therefore marked a niche in luxury tourism.

The Maharajas’ Express passes through the well-known tourist destinations of the country that includes the lesser known and less explored places like Balasinor. It is a state which was founded by the Babi Dynasty, in the 18th century. Balasinor is a charming city, which is included in one of the four exclusive journeys- The Indian Splendor, under the Maharajas’ Express Train. This tour comprises of an 7 day voyage on board through the royal Maharajas’ Express train that takes its guests through 7 enchanting cities of India and providing opportunities to experience the Dhamal Dance performance. This will become an international event soon.

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This luxury tour commences from the capital city- Delhi. Its first stoppage is Agra, the city famous for its white mausoleum- the Taj Mahal. It was built in the 17th century by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan and exquisitely designed by Ustad Ahamad Lahouri.

To experience the exotic flora and fauna of India, the tourists will be allowed to disembark the train and pay a visit to the lush greenery of Ranthambore. Being amidst the nature, one can also spot the royal Indian tiger. The next destination will be the “Pink City” and the capital of Rajasthan- Jaipur. The extensive itinerary includes Udaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner.

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The Maharajas’ Express Train aims in creating magical memories while providing the tourists with the glimpses of Indian heritage, which is beyond imagination. Get hassle free booking of your tickets to experience the royal treatment on board by contacting Orient Rail Journeys. We are here to bear all your worries and to provide you impeccable services during your luxury tour.

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