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10 Reasons Why You Should Take an Indian Panorama Journey of Maharajas Express

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  • 23 May 2023
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The World's Leading Luxury Train Maharajas' Express Train offers five exquisite journeys to top destinations.The guests can enjoy the luxurious trip to royal destinations of India. From these four journeys, there is a distinct tour of the Maharajas' Express called the Indian Panorama Journey.

This is a spectacular tour for many tourists who see the diverse regal cultures, history and heritage of incredible India. There are several reasons why this specific tour delights the tourists and you can know it best by traveling in the luxury train on the Indian Panorama.

These are the top 10 reasons given here.

1. Tour Covers the Top Destinations in India

The tour starts and ends in Delhi covering the greatest destinations with top heritage monuments and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site at Khajuraho. Other regions are Jaipur, Ranthambore, Fatehpuri Sikri, Agra, Gwalior, Khajuraho, a pilgrimage site where pilgrims take holy bath called Varanasi and Lucknow.

It is a totally new experience to see the great architecture while traveling for eight days and seven nights in sheer luxury with incredible interiors of the carriages of Maharajas Express train.

2. Off-Board Luxury Experience and Sightseeing Tour

Guests can enjoy the royal hospitality on-board the world's leading luxury train but on the off-board excursions too at the five-star hotels where there are other activities.

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Some examples are a health or beauty spa at a hotel as an optional activity, high tea at the Taj Khema, champagne breakfast and also other interesting things. They can try to paint an elephant while sightseeing which is a memorable experience for guests.

3. A Local Shopping Experience in the Itinerary

This is one of the top attractions of the Indian Panorama Journey on the Maharajas' Express Train in India. A Luxury train itinerary to give some time to guests for shopping or add the major shopping attractions on the tour!

Jaipur is known for the busy markets where there are several international visitors shopping as there is everything from fabric and footwear to leather goods, blue pottery, mini marble structures, etc. There is time to shop while you tour the busy markets of the holy pilgrimage site called Varanasi also.

Some Information on Maharajas Express:

4. Experience the Wildlife Safari

This tour helps guests to see all the great forts and structures and also go on a thrilling wildlife safari trip. Guests can spend a couple of hours in the wild to spot a tiger during an off-board excursion trip. Spotting wildlife in their natural habitat or going on a wildlife safari is one of the best things to do in India.

Such adventure trips such as the Ranthambore National Park is included in the luxurious Indian Panorama Journey. After a tiring and exciting trip at the safari you can get back to a hospitable environment on-board the Maharajas' Express Train.

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5. Witness Historic Forts and ancient Monuments

This tour takes guests to see the incredible monuments around the country that date back to many centuries earlier. The forts are of great historical significance and take a long time to explore inside. Some examples include the Fatehpuri Sikri which is a city with several beautiful places of interest inside the fort.

It was built as a defense city and called a victory city for the battle won there. Other places like the Ranthambore Fort which is how the surrounding wild region got the name Ranthambore National Park the wildlife safari trip and the iconic world-famous marble structure of romance – Taj Mahal.

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6. Taste the Local Cuisine of the Land

The royal dining cars of the luxurious Maharajas Express serves mouth-watering delicacies of various cuisines. The kitchen is stocked with fresh ingredients picked up at certain destinations such as the spices and food items specific to the region. They impeccably serve the tasty local cuisine on the menu for guests to relish in traditional style.

In addition to new local foods on the menu each day of the week-long luxury trip, there is more to it. The guests can also enjoy a lavish dinner or lunch at a top hotel while on an off-board day trip. Sometimes they get to have snacks or high tea or even Champagne Breakfast at a top hotel as well.

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7. See the Land of Different Cultures

India is a land of so many different cultures, religions, and languages spoken here. In this trip of the Maharajas' Express Indian, Panorama guests can see different places where many people go as a pilgrimage site. You can also find the various Islamic monuments and structures in the region of Lucknow.

There are also Jain and Buddhist temples and many near the ancient caves of India. You can also see hundreds of spiritual seekers taking a dip in the Ganges near the Varanasi Ganga Aarti etc.

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8. A Unique Culture Learning Tour

This specific journey called the Indian Panorama Maharajas' Express has a unique and special feature on the trip the culture tourism. The luxury tour is unique and one of the top Indian luxury tour experience to select due to the impeccable hospitality and top customer service and culture special tour.

On the final week long luxury tour there is a cultural evening organized within the train carriage. Certain off-board sightseeing structures also organize a special 'sounds and lights show' to help guests understand about the history, rich Indian heritage and culture.

9. You'll be Surprised at Unusual Happenings or Events

You may have read or researched thoroughly about the overseas country that you wish to travel and explore. But when you are here exploring there are many more new learning experiences so do not get surprised at something new about culture, behavior, events, people or even scams!

The luxury train trip Indian Panorama is a guided tour where you get a new learning experience. So, you will not be on your own exploring a new place. There are also extended packages if you like to stay and explore the land of different cultures of Incredible India.

10. Indian Panorama helps You Enjoy All Under One Roof

The Indian Panorama luxury tour helps you to experience all of the above and Top Reasons To Visit India under one roof. Wildlife enthusiasts, culture seekers and historians or a holiday to India – you may be anyone but this journey helps you experience all the different elements in India you did not know about.

In addition to exploring the ancient land ruled by various kingly rulers, you can taste the traditional cuisine, enjoy local shopping and go for new interesting and exciting activity like coloring an elephant or rejuvenate with a health beauty spa.

The Maharajas' Express Indian Panorama Journey is an enhanced travel experience that allows you to witness kaleidoscopic scene of the country in sheer luxury. If you're not sure which journey to choose this tour is ahead of the other week long luxury tours for its unique reasons.

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