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Khajuraho - Groups of Ancient Temples

The city called Khajuraho situated in Madhya Pradesh rulers of Chandela Dynasty built several temples. The specialty of these temples is that both religions Hindus and Jains worship at these religious places. You may think how the UNESCO World Heritage Site got the name of the fruit Kajur, a local name for date palms. The name is derived from Kajur –Vahika which means Date Bearing. This is because the numerous temples were enclosed inside a huge wall with eight gates. They planted date palm trees along the walls which made the fruit plenty. Legend has it that only 20 have emerged though destruction of time from originally 85 temples. Some visit this place only to view the scenic Pandav Falls/ Raneh Falls of the Ken River that contains over eight species of crocks.

Major Attractions of Khajuraho:

  • Panna National Park :

    This is a picturesque natural habitat to over 200 various birds. It is Panna Tiger Reserve for the big cats. Located in Panna and Vindhyan forests you can find the King Vulture and Hawk –Eagle are a couple of them.

  • Chaunsat Yogini :

    Meaning the number ‘64’ meant for 64 Yoginis, the oldest temple in Khajuraho dates back to 9th century. This was exclusively for female attendants called Yoginis.

  • Brahma Temple :

    This is one temple that is different from the rest of them. The temple has a pyramid shaped rooftop. There are five depictions of Shiva with composite image of his powers.

  • Chitragupta Temple :

    Each temple has a kind of exceptional art. This temple has architectural depictions of elephant fights and hunting sculptures.

  • Kendriya Mahadeva Temple :

    This is the largest temple of them all consisting of 872 various statues. Built in 1025 AD – 1050 AD it means ‘Great God of the Cave.’

  • Devi Jagdamba Temple :

    There are three bands of sculptures significant of meditation, spiritual teachings, kinship, wrestling and other art.

Best Time to Visit Khajuraho

It is best to visit during the months of December to March if visiting for Panna Tiger Reserve /Panna National Park or Water Falls. During April /May it is too hot as temperatures can go up to 47O Centigrade. So anytime during winter October to March is the best time to visit Khajuraho.

How to Reach Khajuraho

  • By Air

    There is Khajuraho Airport with domestic flights to major cities in India.

  • By Road

    There is wide bus network with intercity regular, private, deluxe, semi deluxe, A/C, Non-A/C busses. Or simply hire a taxi from airport to reach your destination.

  • By Train

    By rail there is famous Khajuraho-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express to the Khajuraho Railway Station. From here take auto or hire a cab to your place. The Mahoba Junction located 75 km away has well connected rail network to major cities. Famous trains include Udaipur Khajuraho Express, Bundelkhand Express and Mahakaushal Express. Take cab or auto to the destination from here. There is another luxury option to reach Khajuraho by Maharajas Express train which is the World's leading luxury train.

Shopping in Khajuraho :

Khajuraho is famous for Kandariya Art and Culture and various other handicrafts and jewellery. There are other textile and handloom shops too. You can get brass, stone or iron sculptures depicting Khajuraho statues available on Jain Temple Road.