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Khajuraho - Groups of Ancient Temples

How about taking a time-machine and moving back to ancient India? Well, scientifically, it is not yet practical and in the field of tourism, all it takes is a trip to Khajuraho. This heritage land is famous for the group of temples. The most iconic element of Khajuraho is its spiritual structures and the connection of its culture with dance. Dance is considered as a language between human and divine power. The land has taken much pain in preserving the last remains of many ancient almost-forgotten mighty kingdoms and architecture style. Many tourists from around the world visit this titillating region to capture that ancient part of the land.

Top Luxury Trains Covering Khajuraho

Maharajas' Express Train

Highlights Of Khajuraho In Luxury Train Tour

  • Highlights Of Khajuraho In Luxury Train Tour.

  • Enjoying an authentic spa session.

  • Watching the light and sound show inside the temple complex.

  • A cultural evening with Dances of India show.

Specialty of Jodhpur

  • Architecture

    The architecture of Khajuraho monuments were some of the ancient styles of architecture of India. Most of the temples in this group were built between the 10th century and the 11th century. The iconic element of these architecture styles are intricate sculptures made on stone structures.

  • Spiritual Heritage

    The spiritual heritage of the land describes the religious tolerance of ancient Indians. The temples in this group belong to Hindus and Jains. Top Hindu temples of this group are dedicated to Shiva, Ganesh, Sun, and Vishnu. The Jain temples are dedicated to Tirthankar.

  • Cuisine

    The cuisine of the town is very similar to the traditional Madhya Pradesh cuisine. The climatic conditions of the region add more vegetables and other ingredients to the plate. Do you know that the cuisine of the land has a spectrum of colors, thanks to the large variety of ingredients? Top dishes to try here are poha, bhuttekakees, dal bafla, seekh kebabs, palakpuri, goat curry cooked in pepper-infused gravy and so on.

    Mughal cuisine is also quite famous in Madhya Pradesh. This cuisine has a unique style of dining, where almost all the main course dishes are usually served with sweet porridge made with rice, milk and other ingredients. Starting from spicy biriyani to breakfast items is served with a side of dessert.

  • Festivals

    The iconic celebration of this region revolves around dance. The Khajuraho Dance Festival is an important celebration, which attracts dancers and danceenthusiasts from around the world. This festival is seen as a traditional and cultural elements of the country. The dance festival pays tribute to every traditional dance of the country. Apart from this, the local festivals of certain temples are also celebrated in this region.

  • Culture

    The ChandelaRajputs who ruled Khajuraho have infused the land with deep roots of culture and tradition. Spirituality is considered as an important element of the culture. Many festivals are celebrated in a grand manner. Every celebration and activity is linked to dance. The folk dance of this land is called as Diwari. Faag, Alha, and Lamtera are the top folk songs of the region. The luxury train itinerary covering Khajuraho gives more importance to the dance and cultural elements of the land.

  • Shopping

    It is better to stick with government emporiums while buying souvenirs. Top souvenirs to buy in Khajuraho are handloom, miniature stone replica of the statues of the temples, brass articles, silver articles, handicraft items, tribal handicrafts and, others.

Climate of the land

The climate of the land is generally warm and humid. Summer starts in March and ends in June. May has the highest recorded temperature and it can go as high as 42 degrees C. The place is very humid during summer. The monsoon starts in July and ends in September. The winter starts in October and ends by February. Winter is the best time to visit the place as the climate is pleasing and warm. Moreover, the monsoon rains would wash up the monuments, giving a brighter color and contrast for photography.


The luxury train itinerary gives a lot of options for the day so that the tourists can choose the style of vacation that they are about to enjoy. Generally, it is recommended to choose cultural activities over others. Some of the exotic activities of the land are one-of-a-kind and cannot be experienced at any other destination in the world.