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New Time Table by Indian Railway with 271 Trains Speeded Up and 49 New Trains

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  • 25 May 2023
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The railway government has brought in new changes in the system. The Ministry of Railways announced their new time table for 2019-2020 and this newly implemented system will be effective from 1st July 2019. As a significant part of Mission Rafter, the railways have increased the speed of about 261 trains by 110 minutes according to their zones. This will prove to be highly beneficial to passengers looking for faster transportation.

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Earlier in the year 2016 when the railway budget for 2016-17 was announced, Misson Raftar was introduced. The Ministry of Railways had presented a visualized target of doubling the average speed of cargo trains and escalating the average speed of non-uptown passenger trains by the speed of 25 kmph. The plan was focused on the next five years.

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About 49 trains have been added in the new time table. These trains have already been introduced by the ministry. The list includes trains like Vande Bharat Express train, 34 Humsafar Express trains, 11 Antyodaya Express trains, 2 Tejas Express trains and 1 Uday Express train. Some trains will now provide 40 new services, an additional 21 services, and there will be an increase in the frequency of about 8 services. Everything has been mentioned in detail in the newly introduced time table.

Tejas Express Other Routes 

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The railways have also reinstated 141 short distance passenger trains by Mainline Electric Multiple Units (MEMUs) and Diesel Electric Multiple Units (DEMUs) in 2018-19. This is set out to increase the entire movement of the railway system in India. The movement of 27 couples of trains is said to be vindicated with the assistance of neighboring/satellite terminals. This is done to prevent the requirement of locomotives. About 4121 couples of significant long-distance trains have been introduced with LHB coaches. The main idea is to perk up the travel experience and comfort of passengers.

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