Indian Railways Uday Express – What You Need to Know

Utkrisht Double-Decker Air-Conditioned Yatri Express (UDAY Express) is present India’s most renowned double-decker train. On June 10, 2018, the first service of Uday Express was tracked. Uday Express is a fully air-conditioned chair car train and it was designed in a model of luxury train. The train circuits in between Coimbatore Junction and Bangalore. For business travelers, this train is a great advantage to reach far away places in time. At last, with Uday Express another luxury train was included in Indian Railways.

Uday Express

What is the purpose of running Uday Express?

Double-Decker trains will always run in crowded areas. In between the busiest routes double-decker trains likely to run. This makes more people can travel at a single time. The Uday Express comes with 10 coaches and have a seating capacity of 120 members per each coach and due to this 40% seating capacity will increase.

So, more people can travel in between Coimbatore Junction and Banglore. Overall the main purpose of Uday Express is carrying more number of people to their destinations in less time with the best luxury facilities.

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There are 10 coaches are available and 2 coaches are meant for power cars. The 10 coaches have adorned with mind-blowing classy interiors in sky blue color aura. In the 8 coaches, five coaches are capable of 120 members seating capacity and three coaches are capable of 104 members seating capacity. A dining car also adjusted that’s why three coaches were limited to 104 members.

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Every coach was equipped with all luxury elements like LCD screens, automatic food vending machine, Wi-Fi, and seats with snack tables, etc. Throughout the journey, passengers can enjoy the travel very well with all this.

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Uday Express Coaches

Luxury Facilities

Uday Express offers the best luxury facilities to its passengers. The train comes with full air-conditioning system, Wi-Fi based infotainment, LCD screens availability to check the next destination details, dining car, and automatic food vending machine. Among all the facilities, automated food vending machine is the best one to know in detail on the train.

This automated food vending machine works with tab operating system. We can choose what we want to eat on the list and we have to add them to cart. When you pay money for the food, automatically the vending machine will disclose your food items. Tea, Coffee, snacks, juices, drinks, etc can order. This automatic food vending machine is the key attraction of the train.

Automated Food Vending Machine

Automated Food Vending Machine


AC Chair car ticket fare will be applicable to the passengers of Uday Express. But based upon on age, ticket fares will be decided. Train fares go like this, mentioned below:

  • For 12 years above aged – Rs 610/-
  • Children below 11 and above 5 are subject to pay Rs 310/- and no ticket need for below 5 years child.
  • For senior female citizen – Rs 350/-
  • For senior male citizen – Rs 405/-

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Schedule of the Uday Express

The train runs in between Coimbatore and Bangalore. The service numbers of the train are 22665/22666. The scheduled time to cover the 419 kms distance between Tamil Nadu and Bangalore is 6 hours and 45 minutes. The train with service number 22665 leaves Bangalore at 14:15 hrs and reaches Coimbatore Junction at 21:00 hrs. In return with service number 22666 the train leaves Coimbatore Junction at 5:45 hrs and reaches Bangalore by 12:40 hrs. The train runs six days of the week.

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Route of the train

The train halts at 5 stations in between Coimbatore Junction and Bangalore. It covers the places Tiruppur, Erode, Salem, Kuppam, and Krishnarajapuram.

Overall, Uday Express decreased the time of traveling in between Coimbatore and Bangalore. Most importantly for business travelers this train is a big blow to make their journey smooth and saves time.

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