15 Fastest Trains in the World

Imagine a train flying over countries and oceans! Of course, trains are not flying like airplanes but the trains of this latest era are super fast like the speed of an airplane. One year ago, a Japanese bullet train tested the speed of 1.1 miles per 10.8 seconds scaling new heights in top fastest trains in the world. However, this is not yet available for rides for customers but there are other trains that you can travel that will give you thrills.

Here is the list of the 15 Fastest Trains in the World including the royal carriages that will surely fascinate you.

1. Hokuriku Shinkansen E7 : 161 mph

With a total of 12 car sets 934 travelers can sit and travel in various service levels that includes (i) Green Car, (ii) Gran Class and (iii) Ordinary Class. It is designed to travel at a top speed of 170 mph or 275 km per hour it operates at max 259 km per hour or 161 mph. With the first ride that operated this route over Japanese Alps, the travel time was reduced by half and tickets for the E7 series Shinkansen high speed train were sold out within a record 25 seconds!

Hokuriku Shinkansen E7

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2. Thalys : 186 mph

This is one of the fastest trains running at 186 mph on a daily service basis on one of the most important railway lines for business travelers as well as leisure travelers. The Thalys connects Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Cologne and has both types of travelers onboard with in an even categorization.

One of the most significant run – Brussels to Paris is highly important and makes over half of the business. The international high speed train has peak speed of 229 km per hour or 186 mph running on a dedicated high speed train line that gets electrified at 25 kV AC OHLE. Kids below 12 years cannot travel without an adult on this train.


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3. THSR 700T : 186 mph

The Taiwan High Speed Rail based on Shinkansen series 700 a Japanese build but T stands for Taiwan. The train cuts the travel time between cities of Kaohsiung and Taipei to only 1.5 hours or 90 minutes. The spacious high speed train has 3 total cars that supply power for the other 9 cars of the high speed electric train that sports a multi engine system.

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4. Maharajas’ Express : 150 kmph

This luxury train is one of the fastest luxury trains in the world that covers several top tourist destinations in India on various trips. It travels at a speed of 150 kmph and is popular as the ‘Richest Train in India’ making the travelers feel like they are traveling in kingly ambiance.

Guests who like to see India need not worry about food and accommodation as all are included in the fee. There are basic amenities such as attached washrooms with running water, various accommodation categories, 2 top restaurants onboard, a bar and a fitness cum health spa center on the Maharajas Express train.

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Maharajas Express India

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Know about the Maharajas Express:

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5. Elettro Treno Rapido 500

This high speed train popular as ETR 500 is from the branch of Italian high speed and bullet trains running from 1993 which is now run by Trenitalia on RFI tracks. It is famed as one of the fastest trains in Italy and consists of four major cabins which are Business class, executive class, standard class and premium class of this Frecciarossa train. Moreover, the cabins are sound proof and also provide free Wi-Fi.

Elettro Treno Rapido 500

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6. Renfe AVE : 220 mph

Travel from Barcelona to Paris is now just six hours due to the high speed rail as the fastest train of Spain Velaro E connects major cities of Spanish and beyond. This is the family of Velaro E high speed trains made by Siemens the German engineering corporate and this is the Spanish version of the train called AVS 103 that runs through Madrid and Barcelona at a max speed of 220 mph and accomplishes this travel time in just 2 hours 30 minutes. The total seating capacity of the eight traveler cars is 404.

Renfe AVE

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7. Harmony CRH 380A : 236.12 mph

This fastest Chinese train is the second fastest running train in the world with a speed of up to 236.12 mph for commercial travel. The regular service operates between the Shanghai – Nanjing route and boasts of total vibration free bogies with the front design like a ‘fish – head’ in low weight Aluminum Alloy Body lessens the aerodynamic pressure while traveling.

It accommodates 494 passengers with facilities such as e-display, reading lamp, power port, with a VIP sightseeing section near the driver’s cabin and a dedicated car for food and beverages for customers.

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Harmony CRH 380A

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8. Haramain Western Railway : 217 mph

This high speed train that covers the routes and holy cities of Saudi Arabia runs through 281 miles. It helps accommodate 3 million travelers annually including many pilgrims to Hajj and Umrah pilgrims on the Mecca – Medina stretch. Running at 217 mph and full operating services from 2018 the construction of this high speed railway line also helps traffic congestion by accommodating several passengers on this line.

Haramain Western Railway

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9. Deutsche Bahn ICE : 205 mph

The Inter City Express runs at an impressive 205 mph sporting its white and silver with sharp red cheat line along the picturesque countryside of Germany. The Siemens design high speed train which is similar to Renfe AVE train of Spain is built to get through the Channel Tunnel. The newest addition is a latest railway line to connect the cities of Berlin and Munich. The highly futuristic German Deutsche Bahn Inter City Express has later plan to run through various routes like Frankfurt to London.

deutsche bahn ice train

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10. Deccan Odyssey

Deccan Odyssey offers several facilities from high speed internet to soft beds to sleep on in these imperial carriages based on the theme of the Maharajahs of Yore. This semi high speed luxury train takes guests through the heritage sites of India, famous western coasts, old churches, centuries old temples, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites in fully air conditioned cabins done up richly.

There is everything luxurious onboard including an Ayurveda Spa center, restaurants that serve delicious food, a panoramic view from the window, different accommodation cabins to suit your requirements, washrooms with full amenities, etc. It may not be the highest speed train but takes guests to tour the oldest and fascinating tourist spots in India.

Deccan Odyssey Luxury Train


Complete details of Deccan Odyssey:

11. Korail KTX : 190 mph

This is another train that may not be in the top list but is very significant as it has a rank as one of the fastest trains. While the KTX starting operations in the year 2004 the latest addition is the route that connects Incheon International Airport to Gangneung and stops at Seoul.

This was introduced in time for the Winter Olympics 2018 connecting the west airport to the eastern coastal town with one stop on the way. This high speed railway line in South Korea reduces the travel time from six hours to just 2 hours to get to Pyeong Chang ski slopes.

Korail KTX

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12. Eurostar E320 : 200 mph

The E20 series is the number one top to tail makeover of the Eurostar train in the history of the company. The E320 trains and famed for the top speed of 200 mph or 320 kmph. These series that are 20 km per hour faster than their predecessors of E300 series trains accomplish travel time of 15 minutes reduced trips of Eurostar 2 hours in routes like Brussels, Paris, London, and plans Amsterdam in the near future.

Eurostar E320

13. SNCF TGV Duplex : 198.8 mph

The speediest train service of France that is capable of high speed of maximum 198.8 mph debuted in December 2011. the TGV Duplex run by the SNCF Railway company is a double decker high speed train connecting prominent cities in France. It seats a total of 508 passengers and holds rank as one of the most comfortable trains in Europe with 3 major types of travel – TGV Pro Class, First Class, and Standard Class. There are comfortable seats, a bar buffet, and snack vending machines in the standard class.


14. TALGO 350 : 220 mph

Popular in Spain as Pato due to the shape of the front car as a duck’s beak, this high speed train is capable of running at a peak speed of 350 kilometers per hour especially on Madrid – Valladolid and Madrid – Barcelona train lines. This light articulated high speed train is designed for maximum pressure waves handling. There are twelve power cars for travelers with two power cars and improved brakes with additional primary suspension.


15. Palace on Wheels

This luxury train that may not be one of the top fastest trains in the world but is special in a luxurious way. It has two restaurant cars, a bar, a lounge, various accommodation cabins to suit the guest’s needs. The Palace on Wheels takes guests to popular tourist destinations in India, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, palaces and monuments like the Taj Mahal, Agra Palace, etc.

Guests also go on off-board sightseeing tours to such places as the train makes its way to other station where they board. In addition, guests can also go on a wild safari in India, engage in interesting activities like camel ride, etc. Book tickets for Palace on Wheels earlier to avoid any last minute rush!

Palace on Wheels

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Some Information of Palace on Wheels:

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