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Tejas Express Offers Luxury Train Travel from Chennai And Madurai

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  • 22 May 2023
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The new Tejas Express is all set up to get on tracks to serve the people with its luxury elements in coming days. Fortunately, first the train was reserved to Northern Railway but finally, it was allotted to Southern Railway.

Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF) started work for the renovation of Tejas Express new coaches with all modern and luxury elements. In coming days, the train will be going to chug on the Chennai to Madurai route. This train is going to be the first luxury train connecting Chennai Egmore with the Southern districts. And also, ICF stated that fortunately, first the train was reserved to Northern Railways but finally it was allotted to Southern Railway.

In 2017, the train rendered it services through Mumbai and Goa. Now, it is under renovation to start new innings as the luxury train between Chennai and Madurai.

Here are the complete details about the new innings of the Tejas Express:


Features are the prior things everyone wonders about the new luxury trains. Now the coaches of the Tejas Express will be equipped with all luxury amenities and facilities like fully air-conditioning, sliding coach doors, FRP interior panels, GPS information system, modern toilets, CCTV cameras and easily accessible way for a coach to coach transit.


Totally, 23 coaches are equipped for the new Tejas Express with all modern and classy amenities. Overall, 18 air-conditioned chair cars and 2 are executive air-conditioned chair cars and 2 cars are meant for power supply.

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The amenities of the upcoming Tejas train are near to world-class equality with classy and luxurious seats, WiFi facility, personalized lights and behind of every seat with a display system, audio equipment, and USB charging ports are the best-class amenities of the Tejas Express.

Seating capacity

The new Tejas Express is coming with 56 passengers capacity in the executive class chair cars and 78 passengers capacity in regular air-conditioned chair cars. Totally, 134 passengers can travel through the train at a time.

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Ticket Fares

There is no clear clarity about the ticket fare of Tejas Express because its services are not started. But according to some sources, the ticket fare will be 20% higher than the fare of Shatabdi Express. Based on this, one chair car seat may cost 1,000 and executive class seat may cost 2,000. But exact ticket fare of the train was not finalized.

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Speed of this train will reduce the journey time between Chennai and Madurai. According to the senior official of Southern Railways, average train speed will be 70 km ph. And, it will circuit through Chennai and Madurai for 5 days in a week.

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Upcoming Schedule

As per the sources, the train will start from Chennai at 6 AM and it will reach Madurai by 1 PM and comebacks to Chennai again by 9 PM. Through the journey, halt at the Kodai Road will be going to the best tourist attraction. By 12 PM, the train will reach Kodaikanal and tourists can visit the hill station and by 3 PM train will return.

But the complete details and ticket fares of the new Tejas Express is not completely out. 

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