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10 Most Spectacular Cruise Destinations in the World

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  • 17 May 2023
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Cruise is not just about the water and the ship experience. According to avid cruise travelers, it is about experiencing the land in a different perspective. You ought to choose the right cruise itinerary and route to enjoy the vacation as you please. Here are the top ten classic and trendy cruise destinations around the globe, rated by many organizations and magazines.

1. St. Petersburg

Once into the city of St. Petersburg, you ought to understand that the city is more exciting when the lights are on. The ancient Soviet styled buildings, exotic country palaces and churches make only one part of the city. The other part is enjoying the city from a little distance, on the water.

Overnight cruise is most commonly chosen in St. Petersburg to enjoy the illuminated skyline of the city on lush waters. You can spot many impressive memorials in the light.

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2. Paris

Paris is all about sightseeing. More than what the land could provide in terms of monuments, greenery and beauty, the place can mesmerize you with its water beauty. Mild waved waters make the best for those who plan to take cruise for the very first time. Every cruise that you choose in Paris has a route that covers the Eiffel Tower. The routes are all mesmerizing and almost the same.

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The difference comes in the service. Some cruise focuses on food, providing the finest chocolates, best of the wines and baguettes. Some focus on booze and partying in the French style. You can also find romantic cruises that fill the right place as a wingman.

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3. Castaway Cay

Do you love aesthetically pleasing locations? You ought to take a cruise at Castaway Cay Island. This Island is owned by Walt Disney and is specially designed for Disney Cruise travelers. It is a tidy island spanning 1000 acres of land with the most colorful and aesthetically pleasing beach. The greenery is very rich and glowing here. This island with white sand and turquoise water is the best place to click postcard photographs.

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4. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the top destinations for numerous types of vacationing. This includes a stylish cruise vacation screening the bay and an escape to Alcatraz. You ought to enjoy the California fort in summer. The demand for cruise during this season is very high. If you manage to get hold of a decent cruise vacation in summer, you are in for luck. The whole place has an eccentric vibe that commands more beauty to the journey. Most of the cruise service providers provide local seafood delicacies as a part of the cruise menu. You ought to try the fresh dishes of the local cuisine.

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5. Kauai

Cruise in Kauai focuses on the natural beauty of the land. This region has more beaches per each mile of the rugged coastline than any other coastline in the world. This means, you get to see more exciting scenic spots than any other route.

Most of the land area of this region is impenetrable. Thus, what you are about to witness is pure nature with zero commercialization. Some cruise drives you into the islands through rivers to watch the cliffs, gorges and other regions. This region has been a part of more than 60 different movies around the world. This is the physical definition of beauty.

6. Glacier Bay

Cruise is not just about watching the green beauty from the white water. It is about photogenic spots as you glide through velvet water. When in Alaska, cruise means more white-regions than ever before. You can sail through rain forests, sheltered fjords, spot glaciers and much more.

This is one of the best route to enjoy wildlife. Yes, you can easily spot humpback whales, sea otters, bald eagles, black bears, grizzly bears, brown bears and much more roaming in raw wilderness. You can get as close as possible to glaciers and sometimes, you can reach out and touch one. Have you ever touched a glacier?

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7. Andaman Island cruise

How about enjoying a Hollywood style cruise in tropical regions? Andaman Islands of Indian Ocean is the right place to enjoy a classic Hollywood-styled cruise in a glass bottom vessel. It is a haven for those who love underwater beauty. With the glass-bottom, you get to scale the coral reefs, thousands of colorful tropical fishes, exotic sea animals and much more. The climatic condition is another plus for this vacation.

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8. South Caribbean

Located 50 miles away from Venezuela, there are numerous lesser-known islands, which are gifted with natural beauty, exotic sea life and smooth climate. You ought to take an adventure cruise ship to this region for enjoying a lot of adventure activities related to water like kite boarding, fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing and much more. If you are up for some land activities, certain regions of the islands provide mountain biking, horseback riding and much more.

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9. St. Maarten

Located in the same Caribbean region, the cruise of this Eastern Caribbean region is very different than the southern one explained above. This is the place for partying and shopping. You can enjoy the best Caribbean styled beaches, mountainous islands and shopping spots here. This is the place to buy exotic liquor, interesting souvenirs and cheap electronics. You can always find lounge chairs to relax as you gaze into the blue sky and water while your better half enjoys shopping.

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10. Cozumel

This region receives more than a million cruise travelers every year. This accounts to around 8 ships per day. There should be a concrete reason to why people are attracted to this region. The sandy beach untouched by commercialization is just one reason. On the other part of the region, you can enjoy duty-free shopping, diverse water spots, spectacular coral reefs, sunny spot and delicious Mexican cuisine.

Apart from these, you can find interesting cruise options around the world. Each destination is famous for a specific element of tourism. It is up to you to choose the right destination and time for your cruise vacation.

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