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Five Best Luxurious Tour Options in India

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  • 17 May 2023
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India is luxurious with beaches, wildlife attractions, coral reefs, exotic culture and a spectrum of colors in every aspect of vacation. India is a very diverse land with numerous styles of vacation. You can scale this region in a shoestring budget and, in the richest way possible in the world. Are you looking for a lavishing vacation in India?

Here are top five tour options to enjoy a luxurious Indian vacation.

Luxury Train Tour

India presents numerous luxury trains like Maharajas’ Express, Palace on Wheels and others. With these trains, it becomes possible to choose a route and enjoy a pampering train tour covering every destination along the path. Inside the train, the tourists are bombarded with top-notch amenities and services.

At each destination, the tourists will be taken on a road trip to attractions in the region in a comfortable vehicle. Options will be arranged for enjoying the culture of the land, cuisine of the land and for shopping. There are numerous Indian luxury trains covering different locations and routes.

Choose your itinerary after comparing all the options. The itineraries vary in time, style of vacation, elements focused during the trip and others. You can learn about each itinerary in detail by visiting our website.

Know more about the luxury trains:

Luxury Cruise Tour

Just like the train, you can enjoy the coastal attractions via cruise ship. You will be riding in a lavishing cruise ship, which is loaded with all top-notch amenities and services. You will be served with a crew of dedicated representatives. Inside the ship, you can enjoy breezing scenery of the coastal area and the ocean as it moves from one destination to another. Moreover, you can enjoy many services like spa, restaurant, bar, game room and many others. These amenities changes with the service provider.

If you are looking for a short cruise tour, you can choose sunset cruise that provides a sunset ride on the waters and an evening of dance and party. On the other hand, the most luxurious options hold exotic elements in it like casino, shopping complex and others. The itinerary, cost, style of vacation and others change with service provider.


Luxury Spa Tour

Are you looking for a relaxing vacation? You can spend your entire vacation in bliss, lush with natural beauty and topped with technologies. There are many spa retreats and rejuvenating centers, which provide many signature therapies and activities for relaxing and rejuvenating tourists. You can find wellness programs, crafted menu and skilled trainers by your side throughout the vacation. Luxury spa is not just one style of vacation. Within this genre, you can find many styles of vacationing like Ayurveda retreat, natural spa vacation, Yoga/ meditation centers and so on.

Usually, these centers will be located in the middle of a lush location for you to enjoy the wildlife and natural attraction of the region. These centers also provide signature therapies and elements throughout the stay.


Heritage Tour

Are you looking for a luxurious vacation? How about spending it like the kings of ancient times? Hundreds of kings of different reign, culture and religion ruled India. These kings built several palaces for their queens, for vacationing and for the purpose of safeguarding their region. These palaces are good spot for sightseeing. Indian tourism has taken an additional step in providing the luxury element.

With heritage hotels, you can stay in the master suits or the king bedroom, which were used by the kings of ancient times. The decor and services will be similar to that of the royal reign. You will be presented with a fleet of representatives who provide exclusive service for you throughout the vacation. If you choose to enjoy sightseeing, you can seek help from the hotel’s travel desk and get every element arranged in prior.


Plantation Stay

This is a new style of luxury vacation, which provides a lush stay in the middle of an exotic plantation like cardamom, tea, coffee and others. This style of tour provides an eco-friendly, nature-rich bungalow or luxury hotel. Every activity allocated to you will revolve around nature during this vacation. You can also enjoy exotic activities inside the plantation, which are not open to other tourists. It is not just about strolling through the plantation. You can find numerous other activities like picking the produce from the plants, watch them being processed, enjoying a traditional farmers lunch in the middle of the plantation and much more. Some prefer staying in vineyards for a booze filled vacation.

Apart from these, you can enjoy hot air balloon tour, island vacation, ski resort trip and much more. It is all about enjoy exotic elements of the region as you are pampered with richness of services and amenities.


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