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Indian Railways is Getting World-Class with Train 18

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  • 17 May 2023
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ICF of Chennai has announced the new introduction to the Indian Railway family. The Indian Railways has introduced ‘Train 18’ for inter-city travels. The train gets its name from the year of its launch on the tracks. These are engine-less, self-propelling train, which travels at a speed of 160 km per hour.

The first set of this train is all set to replace the legendary Shatabdi Express. The Train offers numerous amenities for the passengers. According to Piyush Goyal, the Railway Minister, the train is set to scale the tracks by June of 2018. This train is a part of Prime Minister’s initiative, ‘Make in India’.

This train is made in India, in ICF of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Every single part of the train's skeleton and decor is made in India. The overall cost of the train is half of the cost of a similar train imported to India. The first batch of ‘Train 18’ holds 16 coaches, which includes 2 executive coaches and 14 non-executive chair cars.

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The executive cars hold 56 passengers and non-executive will hold 78 people. The train is built with a stainless steel body and has a continuous window for a panoramic view.

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The interior is lit with diffused lighting and has many amenities including infotainment, Wi-Fi, GPS passenger information system and others. The train features automatic doors and footsteps.

The interconnection doors are also automatic. Apart from these, the train has concealed roller blinds, halogen free rubber flooring, LED lighting and much more.

The train's restroom runs in zero discharge bio-toilet. In addition, the toilets are touch-free settings thereby guarantying hygiene. The luggage rack is also maximized to allow passengers carry a heavier load than usual.

There is also more space for parking wheelchairs. This initiative is made to create a user-friendly atmosphere for deferentially abled passengers.

For the betterment of travelling, comfort is kept as the main concern here. With aerodynamic drag and improved air ducting, you can enjoy a comfortable ride throughout the travel. Moreover, the train does not need engine reversal process and thus, the train can easily increase and decrease speed. This can considerably reduce the time duration.

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