Angriya Cruise is Now Open for Booking Between Mumbai and Goa

Indian sea lovers do not have many options available when it comes to cruising the massive blue seas that surround the country. They usually have to quench their dreams of seafaring aboard the short distance government ferry rides that ply to and fro the popular beach cities and tourist spots.

While they may be fun, but they are no cruise ship! But all that is about to change with the newly refurbished cruise ship Angriya that is set to sail between Mumbai and Goa. The redesigned stellar beauty opened for bookings and began its voyage of operations in India on October 20, as India’s foremost luxury cruise ship.

Angriya Cruise

The venture is an effort to further boost the Indian tourism sector and earn revenues for economic welfare. Cities like Kochi, Chennai, and Mumbai are preparing to build the basic infrastructure for supporting these services in place.

Angriya Cruise Price (Ticket) cost

As per the reports of popular newspapers, the ticket prices for the cruise is expected to start at INR 7,000/- and can rise up to INR 12,000/-. The tickets can be availed at the newly unveiled Angriya website as well. The massive beauty ready to take on the western seas was built in Japan and will feature a total of seven decks onboard, with a total length of 131 meters and the total width of 120 meter.

The cruise ship will be led by Captain Nitin Dhond who is a veteran in the field of merchant navy and has captained many massive ships in his time. The Angriya is decked with all the lavish amenities like infinity pools, bars, open lounges, spas and the two restaurants on board Ancora and Coral Reef.

Ancora and Coral Reef

Ancora and Coral Reef

It is the best way to enjoy Goa. But, the first choice is of course the luxury trains. Popular luxury train which covers Goa are:

Passengers joining onboard can reserve their accommodations as per their needs from the available 8 categories of rooms. There are special family rooms, couple rooms, buddy rooms, dorm rooms and luxury pods available with all necessary amenities and increasingly lavish features. The ship will have 26 marine personnel and the hospitality staff ready to serve passenger 24*7 will be 60 in total.

Cabins in Angriya Cruise

Cabins in Angriya Cruise

A family room, featuring a double bed with two bunk beds.

A Family Room, featuring a Double Bed with Two Bunk Beds

Data suggests that the previous year witnessed 1.5 Lakh people boarding cruise ships out of the 2.6 crores of people that ventured abroad. Despite having surrounded by massive oceans and boasting one of the largest coastlines of over 7500 km India only has 128 ports as compared to Japan and China that boast 2400 and 1100 coast lines respectively. It is now time to utilize the Indian coastline effectively to boost the nation’s revenue. Experts suggest a successful utilization with optimum infrastructure at the ports can boost India’s revenue by 50 percent.

Those voyaging aboard the Angriya will be able to witness spectacular views of the largely unexplored by tourism, western waters while journeying from Mumbai to Goa.

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