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Explore the Indian Sojourn Journey with Deccan Odyssey for 8 Days

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  • 23 May 2023
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Among top 5 Indian luxury trains, Deccan Odyssey is one of the best choices to experience a fine luxurious abode on the train. Compare to all luxury trains what's the specialty of Deccan Odyssey is its itinerary packages. Why because means, it covers all major tourist parts of India just not confining to a particular area.

So, if anyone wants to explore Indian tourism without missing a single part means, they have to embark Deccan Odyssey.

Through Indian Sojourn, you can explore the most iconic tourist attractions of Western and Northern Indian parts in a span of just 8 days. You will get in touch with historical attractions, serene places, and wildlife adventure through this package. Overall, the journey of 8 days with all grand and luxurious facilities and equipment makes your trip to India as an unforgettable memory with Deccan Odyssey.

Let’s have a look how your Indian Sojourn journey will be carried out with Deccan Odyssey. The Indian Sojourn journey covering Mumbai, Vadodara, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Agra, Sawai Madhopur, Jaipur and Delhi.

First Day in Indian Sojourn

Your first day will be started at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus by a traditional welcoming ceremony to start your journey with Deccan Odyssey train. Then you have to complete all your boarding formalities to check-in. After all this, you will set free to explore the interiors and opulence of the train. Finally, the train starts its journey to Vadodara.

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Second Day in Indian Sojourn

You will be reached to Vadodara. It is a prominent tourist attraction of Gujarat tourism known for its great history and heritage. After having your breakfast onboard you can vacate the train to explore UNESCO World Heritage site Champaner Pavagadh Archaeological Park. The site comprises religious buildings, water installations, palaces, agricultural and military structures. Then you can have your lunch onboard of Deccan Odyssey.

After lunch, you will be opted to visit the Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum which was once the school of Royals children. Here you can witness different artistic wonders such as magnificent paintings, marble sculptures, etc.

Mainly, the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma grabs everyone attention towards them. Later followed by relishing tea party at Laxmi Vilas Palace and then special folk performances for guests entertains you very well.
Finally, you will get back to train for the overnight stay to ahead for your next station Udaipur.

Third Day in Indian Sojourn

By early morning the train will enter into the “City of Lakes” Udaipur. After your breakfast onboard, you will set free to discover the beauty of the romantic city. Your first visit will be routed to City Palace on the shores of Lake Pichola. The Palace complex is an architect marvel clustered with numerous palaces, courtyards, temples, etc but among all, Crystal Gallery is worth to visit.

After enjoying the admiring attractions of City Palace, have a boat ride on the waters of Lake Pichola. If possible visit the islands of Lake Pichola also. Then after delicious lunch onboard you can get ready to visit the Old City of Udaipur to shop different types of handicraft items. The best handicrafts to pick here are pottery, paintings, cloth lanterns, brassware, jewelry, puppets, wooden boxes, and terracotta sculptures.

At last, doing all this you will get tired. So you can back to your board and get pleasures of Deccan Odyssey facilities. And then train moves to the next destination, Jodhpur.

Some Information on Deccan Odyssey:

Forth Day in Indian Sojourn

Your 4th day with Deccan Odyssey will begin in Jodhpur. It means you stepped into the land of Rajputs so you can explore the royalty and bygone era of Rajasthan through many historical monuments. After a pleasant breakfast on your board you can start exploring the history of Jodhpur. First of all, you will have two choices, one is relaxing in a luxury hotel with spa sessions or sightseeing tours in Bishnoi village.

Better to choose Bishnoi village tour because this village is very popular for its eco-friendly conservative system. Here you can experience the weavers and potters lifestyle and also many things here attracts everyone. After having lunch onboard get start to visit mighty Mehrangarh Fort amid Thar desert.

The fort is an iconic attraction of Jodhpur for its marvelous architectural styles and museum. In the museum, you can see a number of royal belongings such as palanquins, paintings, armory, costumes, arts and crafts. And also explore the streets of Old Clock Tower Market while visiting Mehrangarh Fort to witness some beautiful havelis and blue houses.

In Jodhpur, evening will be planned in a royal courtyard at Mehrangarh Fort to serve the delicious Marwar barbecue delicacies. As usual get back to train for an overnight stay to reach Agra.

Fifth Day in Indian Sojourn

By early morning, the train will leave you in the city of love, Agra. For everyone, it's time to get in love with the beauty of Taj Mahal and Mughal emperor architectural wonders. After pleasing breakfast onboard, no one restricts you to visit Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world. Enjoy the feast of eyes by capturing every bit and corner of Taj Mahal's glory. 

This time lunch will be arranged at a City Hotel and the day will be followed to visit Itmad-Ud-Daulah tomb which is also called as “Baby Taj”. This marble mausoleum is also a wonderful architectural significant marvel. An interesting this is the architectural styles of this tomb is very close to Taj Mahal that's why the mausoleum was popular as Baby Taj. The next visit in Agra will follow to Agra Fort which is an epitome of Akbar's brilliance. This magnificent fort was served as great military storage and the walls of the fort were designed in a way which is impossible to defend them.

After covering the major attractions of the city, you can opt for spa sessions in a luxury hotel or you can go shopping in local markets. Anyway, at last, you will get back to train for an overnight stay and train leaves to Sawai Madhopur.

Sixth Day in Indian Sojourn

Day 6 will start to experience the wildlife of Ranthambore. This day will be very exciting to everyone onboard to enjoy a new phase in their traveling life. After breakfast sessions, you will be taken to wildlife safaris through gypsies to explore the wildlife of Ranthambore National Park. You can spot many endangered animal species especially tigers can easily spot in this national park.

Nearly, you can see 272 different species of migratory birds and some animals like Chital, Sloth Bear, Nilgai, Sambar, leopard, wild boar, etc. After exploring the national park, you will get back to train for lunch. After lunch, the day will be followed to the village tour. Here in this village, you can experience the innocent faces of people and their traditional cultures. At evening you will be served with tea party by the royal family in the hunting lodge.

After completing all tours in the village, you will get back to train for dinner and overnight stay. Then train leaves to Jaipur.

Seventh Day in Indian Sojourn

By day 7 most of the tour comes to end by disembarking in Jaipur. The Pink City and by the way the Capital City of Rajasthan is a must visit place to get witness many forts and palaces of erstwhile Rajputs. After breakfast on board, you will be taken to visit Amer Fort.

In Rajasthan, Amer Fort is one of the most significant forts known for its massive structures and architectural styles. Then the day will be followed by visiting Hawa Mahal which is an interesting architect marvel piece with unique architectural styles. The latticework of the palace makes everyone to stun in amazement.

Then next visit in City will be City Palace, the best place to explore beautiful architectural styles, and the Palace complex comprised of numerous palaces, courtyards, temples, and museum looks very fine. Lunch will be served at a City Hotel and after it, you will visit Jantar Mantar. It is an important astronomical observatory to get educate a lot about some astronomical instruments.

At last, you can go for spa sessions or for shopping in Jaipur. The best things to buy here are jewelry, bangles, and handicrafts. As usual by evening get back to train for dinner and overnight stay.

Eighth Day in Indian Sojourn

Finally, with the 8-day journey comes to end by reaching Delhi Cantt Railway Station by early morning. After finishing the last breakfast on Deccan Odyssey you can leave the train with your packed bags.

Book the Deccan Odyssey train tickets online to make your seat confirm in advance.

Choose from the other itineraries of Deccan Odyssey: 

For more details about the fare of Deccan Odyssey and and departure Dates click here.

In this way, your 8 days journey of Indian Sojourn will go on with the Deccan Odyssey by enjoying tourist attractions and luxurious facilities of the train.

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